Bernard Arnault Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $29 billion

CAREER / PROFESSION: CEO (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)

With an approximate wealth of 29 billion dollars, Bernard Arnault is Europe’s richest person and is also therein the list of top 5 richest people of the Earth. He is the CEO of one of the biggest brand in fashion industry and has played an imminent role in the rise of the company. The man has a taste and a style which he carries with him very aptly. He is a lover of tennis and high class wine and loves to spend his leisure time with his close ones. He is also a pianist. The man also has a rich taste in hobbies. He likes collecting contemporary work in art and culture.  Every aspects of his persona reflect a classic style and sophistication. He is also the de facto cultural ambassador of France and has played a major role in mending the relationship between France and China. He has also been appreciated by highest civilian of France honor, Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor. As the CEO of LVMH, he has worked constantly to promote the status of the company by acquiring various other subsidiaries like Bvlgary. It is one of the most popular jewelry houses of Europe and has rich clients like Monarchies of Europe. He has set a very respectable image all over the world.

Marital status: Married

Bernard Arnault married in 1973 to Anne Dewavrin. He has two children with this marriage, Delphine and Antoine. But the two then divorced in 1990. Then in 1991, he was married again to Helene Mercier. He has three children from this marriage.


Possessions and property

  •  Le Cheval Blanc

It is a glamorous hotel built by Bernard Arnault for his personal as well as business interest. The hotel has been carved of edge cutting designs and beautiful interiors. Located in the areas of Courchevel 1850, which is the largest ski area of the world, the hotel has a variety of textures throughout including velvet, fur rugs, and leather and animal skin. The untreated wood further adds to the beauty of the place. The hotel has 34 luxurious rooms, one Chalet and one penthouse. Each room has a separate balcony to provide the spectacular view of the natural beauty outside. It also has a sauna, Jacuzzi and a gym. To add further to the richness of the place it also features Givenchy Snow Spa, a salon and boutiques of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

  • Chateau Cheval Blanc

This old castle which is 150 years old was bought by Bernard Arnault and Albert Frere in 1998. This place is surrounded by vineyards covering 41 hectares, it is also considered to produce one of the best wines in the world. The place also has nature surrounding it all over. It is located in north-west side of Saint-Emilion in Bordeaux, France. Bernard is often seen spending time with family here.

  • St. Tropez Mansion

Bernard owns a classic villa in France where he likes spending time with his loved ones. The villa offers an elegant look and is situated in the heart of France, Paris. The property also has a waterfront which makes the environment calm and peaceful. Lush green gardens and the mesmerizing scenic beauty further add jewels to this place.  The place also has a rich variety of flora. The exquisite interiors and exteriors are an eye delight.


  • Amadeus Yacht

The CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy owns a 229’7” long yacht which has vintage look attached to it. The yacht carries with itself a class and a tradition.


  • Indigo Island

The island has cost Bernard 35 million dollars. However the money is worth it because the island offers a mesmerizing look of marine life. Located in Bahamas, the island is 133 acre long and has villas situated on hilltops, features several beaches, it even has a tennis court.

  • BMW -7 series

Bernard Arnault owns the very classic and the very symbol of fashion as well as comfort, BMW-7 series.

  • Collectibles- Contemporary Art

Bernard is a huge fan of collecting contemporary art.


  • Foundation Louis Vuitton

Founded in 2006, and with the approximated cost of 140 million dollar, Foundation Louis Vuitton works with Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy with its subsidiaries to promote art and culture. The initiative dates long back to 1990. It is soon to become an Art museum of France.


Rich Quotes

  •  “What we do in our group is the opposite of the bad effects of globalization. We produce in Italy and in France and we sell to China, when usually it’s the opposite.”
  •  “I think in business, you have to learn to be patient. Maybe I’m not very patient myself. And I think what I’ve learned the most, to be able to wait for something and get it when it’s the right time.”
  •  “It is not enough to have a talented designer; the management must be inspired too. The creative process is very unorganized, the production process has to be very rational.”
  •  “If you deeply appreciate and love what creative people do and how they think, which is usually in unpredictable and irrational ways, then you can start to understand them. And finally, you can see inside their minds and DNA.”

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