Bill Simmons net worth money and more

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Net Worth: $15 million

Career/Profession:  Sports Columnist, Author, Analyst, Podcaster

Bill Simmons possesses a mixture of talent. Being from a sports columnist at ESPN he has a well established career as an analyst and as a podcast at His style of writing is unmarked ably amazing which contains a tint of sports knowledge, references made to pop culture and also something related to his personal life.

Shining childhood:

Bill Simmons was born to Jan Corbo and William Simmons on September 25th, 1969. He was raised in Marlborough and Brookline and grew up by his stepmother after his parents got separated. He completed his graduation from Greenwich Country Day. But his post graduation got completed in Connecticut in Political Science. Since from his childhood, he has been fond of reading books and because of this his interest got developed in writing. His favorite book was The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstam. During his college career, he served as an editor for The Crusader, his school paper and also restarted the newspaper and magazine called The Velvet Edge. He also received a master’s degree in Journalism at Boston University. He started working for some odd jobs in Charlestown to earn his living.


Disappointed start took a bang:

The starting of his career was quite disappointing. He initially took a start with sports reporter at the Boston Herald. He continued this for three years till he got offers from the Boston Phoenix as a freelancer. But these jobs took him more into debt so he shifted his focus from writing to internet websites. He launched while continuing to work as a bartender in clubs. This work brought some success and fame to his career. He had about 10,000 viewers and 45,000 likes per days in 2001. and

The fame and popularity from these websites made him eligible for ESPN and luckily he got an offer from ESPN in 2001. Initially, he was asked to write a guest column, which includes ‘Is Clemens the Antichrist’. This column got maximum hit in one week and this became a reason for another stepping stone at ESPN. He was offered a separate section called Page2. After going Page2 into Simmons hand the viewership got doubled. He became the lead columnist for sports writing and known all over the world. His column has about 500,000 visitors. He also put forward the proposal for 30 for 30 series and became its executive producer. In 2007, he started a podcast called Eye of the SportsGuy for His podcasts were basically based on some themes. In 2002 he started writing for ‘ESPN the Magazine‘. ESPN is not only the one who brought him success. In this list has also served to its best. He was the chief editor for the website He used to work for the secret project on the particular website.


Journey with Jimmy Kimmel Live show:

He was uninterested in working for Jimmy Kimmel but as he needed some change in his life he agreed to his contract. Jimmy Kimmel wanted him to write for his late nights show i.e. Jimmy Kimmel Live. For this show he had to struggle a lot. He moved to California in 2003 and worked as a writer for the comedy department of the show. His schedule was becoming quite hectic, so he decided to quit the show in 2004.

Various books written by him:


Since childhood, he used to perceive a hobby of reading good novels and sometimes used to write his own too. In 2005, finally he got the courage to launch his first book in the market i.e. ‘Now I can Die in Peace’ in New York. It was a pool of his certain columns with the footnotes. It topped the list of best seller books in New York. The next target of Simmons was to complete his second book named The Book of Basketball. The book was released in 2009. It consists of description and details of bet player and team in the basketball.

Unique Style of Writing Columns:

Simmons style of writing was quite different and unique from other writers. He does not want to get into the minds of players being a sports columnist instead his focus is to get through the minds of viewers. His columns always used to be provocative and updated regularly with the helping forum going simultaneously. His columns main aim is to focus on sports knowledge referring to pop culture, to fantasize several teams etc. They also include details about a trip to Las Vegas and sports gambling too.


Personal Life:

Simmons is a diehard fan of Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. He was married to Kari Simmons which he used to call ‘The Sports Gal’ in his several columns. They together had two children, Zoe Simmons and Benjamin Oakley Simmons.

Investments and assets:

Bill Simmons had always been large investors in share market and earned a lot with it. He also owns a house in Mount Herman, Los Angeles. The area his apartment covered is about 3,300 square feet with 12 acres land, including four bedrooms and gardens around it. He also has a small company which started with just 20 members initially. He also has his own website called ‘Five Thirty Eight’.



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