Billy Ray Cyrus: Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth – $50 million


Singer, Song-writer and Actor

If the popular rock star Miley Cyrus ever needs a person to look up to, to get inspired or to feel proud about, she doesn’t have to go far, Billy Ray Cyrus, her own father is a personality enough to be.  he has accumulated such net worth not because of having a talented and quite notorious daughter, but because of his own involvement into music industry. Cyrus is most popularly known for his country music, mullet hairdo and his hunky good looks. He is also a song-writer and a television actor.

Privy life

Kentucky born Billy was the son of a politician who started his career in singing gospel music in a group with his father. He formed a band,’Sly Dog’ in 1980 and also found significant success as a solo artiste in 1990. He is also a sportsman who used to play Baseball before switching over to music. He is married twice,to Cindy Smith and Finley Cyrus to both of whom he has now divorced. One  incident that he vividly recalls is sleeping in his friend’s car while trying to secure a good music label to jump start his career to a higher position.

Taking the centre stage

Billy’s first album, “Some gave all” in 1992 was a chart buster and climbed the music charts in pop and country music. ‘Achy Breaky Heart was an up-tempo song about heartbreak that mostly garnered him success in his first album. He then followed it up with another album,”It won’t be their last” in 1993 which was popular too among the crowds.Some Gave All was certified 9× Multi-Platinum in the United States in 1996, and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. He signed up with Mercury Records in 1990.

Post the first two albums, 1994 saw Billy release a new album,’Storm In The Heartland’.This was not as popular as the first two and was almost on the verge of being called a dud in the music industry. With a few solos that were damp squibs and failed miserably, Billy switched over to Christian music. which didn’t help his cause much either.His drooping career saw some light when he re-launched his career in 2007  by doing TV shows like ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’. He finished 5th at the end of the season after being partnered alongside Karina Smirnoff.

With his career climbing up again, Billy then started a new super group band called “Brother Clyde” and released  the album Change my Mind on October 23, 2012. His acting career started in 1997, as he played a small part in the movie, ‘Mulholland drive’. Followed by sharing screen space with his daughter Miley Cyrus in ‘Hannah Montana’ in 2007.


How did he make his money?

Billy  made his fortune out of country music and 1992 was the beginning of good tidings  for him. His massive recognition came from his platinum hit album, ‘Some gave all’. His TV shows fetched him the latter part of the money.The 8,299 square foot estate has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and it was purchased in 2007 for $5,838,000. When the Cyrus family purchased it, the listing price was $6,199,000. The whole estate is now said to be worth over $15 million.Most of his money came from the albums that were hits and his earnings dipped a bit when his career was not blossoming.

The 8,299 square foot estate has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and it was purchased in 2007 for $5,838,000. When the Cyrus family purchased it, the listing price was $6,199,000, and now they’re reportedly hoping to get $7 million for although he admits that his daughter makes more than him on an annual basis, Forbes has estimated his net worth to be  $ 50 million.

Even the singles that really hit the roof, still managed to do reasonably well,thanks to his popularity in the early 1990’s.He is currently working on a reality series with his son for the Syfy Channel.This could well be another source of income for Billy as he already reported to make around $250,000 for one season.If it turns about to be a hit, Billy’s net worth could be much more than just his tally of 50 million.

The probable TV show that bought the money to hos doorstep was ‘Hannah Montana’ ,along with his daughter,Miley. The father and daughter combo,not just acted but also composed the title track that bought him the big bucks.He even presented his daughter with a swanky McLaren for her success in Hannah Montana.With more than 10 music albums and had more than 40 successful singles, it is no wonder that Billy has made his money purely as a musician.With Achy Breaky Heart.The single was one of the best selling hits in Australia and the sales of it increased Billy Ray Cyrus net worth by a mile.

Thus, Billy Ray Cyrus achieved massive recognition and became the most known and the most successful country singer in the United States, which also meant the increase in his net worth.


‘Achy Breaky Heart’ won the”best single of the year” in 1992. Followed by awards like “Pop Record of the Year“,”Rising Star Award ” in 1992.


Billy has supported quite a few organisations which help children.The most prominent of them include,”Feeding America”,”Onyx and Breezy” and “Operation once in a lifetime”.These charitable organizations always received a small fortune each time Billy has made his money from his numbers.He also has a trust called the “Billy Cyrus Foundation”

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