Brad Pitt – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth : $ 200 million


William Bradley Pitt, also known as Brad Pitt is an American producer as well as an actor. Born on 18 December, 1963 the 50 year old has secured his place as Hollywood staple. Having won five Academy Awards and one Golden Globe Award, he is known for his role in films like Legends of the fall, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Moneyball. 1994 proved to be a turning event in Pitt’s life where he was offered the role of a vampire in the film Interview with the Vampire. This took him to great heights of success. After this, the actor has never looked back upon his success.



Being brought up in a devoutly Baptist family, Pitt spent his childhood in Springfield, Missouri. His father William Alvin Pitt ran a trucking company whereas his mother Jane Etta was a school counselor. He is also elder to his other two siblings Doug and Julie Neal. He completed his schooling from Kickapoo High School, Missouri.  Initially he aspired to be an advertising art director for which he studied journalism at the University of Missouri. Later on, he realized that his interest lies in acting for which he dropped out from college in the last semester and headed towards Los Angeles to make a career. Herein he first came into television, appearing in the episodes of Dallas, the daily soap Another World, the sitcom Growing Pains and in the short­­-lived fox television series, Glory Days. After struggling hard for years with supporting roles in movies and guest appearances in television series Pitt had adapted well to his career



Along with his career the Hollywood heartthrob, Pitt has also been through ups and downs in his love life. A two-time winner of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive seems to have fallen in and out of love quite frequently. He was engaged to actress Gwyneth Paltroh, his co-star in Seven whom he dated for four years. After which he came into news for long time with the actress Jennifer Aniston from the television series Friends. They were reportedly married for five years but soon underwent separation. Henceforth he is in a live in relationship with the much talked about Angelina Jolie. Initially both denied any link ups with each other but the brangelina couple has attracted wide publicity. Ever since the couple is in live in relationship and plan on getting married only when the same sex marriage becomes legal as Brad Pitt is an advocate for the same cause.  They have a total of 6 children out of which 3 are adopted and the other 3 are biological. Their adoption has had a worldwide publicity.Alike their relationship their children too have gained considerable popularity in the tabloid media.


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A humble and down to earth personality Brad pitt currently has a net worth of $ 200 million. With tremendous praise for his performance in the highly successful crime drama Seven, grossed $327 million worldwide. He has not returned to movies ever since 2009’s Inglorious Bastards which earned a handsome amount of $ 320 million at the global box office.Still the ctor has not lost his global charm . Recently he supports the ONE campaign an organization is fighting for combating AIDS and poverty in the developing world.



Interestingly enough Pitt has always been the best at whatever he does.  He is known to have been good at school as well as an active participant in sports like basketball and golf.  Together the brangelina couple has secured the fifth position on the Forbes list of Top Earning couples. The picture of their first biorn twins was so much awaited for that it alone was sold for $14 million. Charity and donations are close to his heart. Owing to which he donated $1 million to the foundations Global Action for Children and Doctors Without Borders. Well, talking of good looks this handsome face has been named the Best Dressed Man after a survey conducted in this category to look for Hollywood’s Most Elegant Man. At the time of marriage to Jennifer he is known to have designed the ring on his own for the auspicious occasion. He is one of those actors whose hand and shoe prints are embossed in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theater for his powerful performance in the movie. His commercials have been banned in Malaysia as a reason for not making the people feel in inferior owing to his good looks. This man has nothing more to ask for!!!



How much ever you try eloping it but celebrities do confront controversies at some point in their lives. Well in this case our Greek god too has fallen a prey to them. A recent controversy regarding him was that the posters of the film 12 Years  A Slave, showed him and Michael Fassbender  as the lead roles which is simply out of the way as selling a black-centric drama using white starts is prohibited.  Well fortunately enough the company behind it has apologized as it was just an act for publicity of the film. Apart from this the actor stands clear on any other.

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