Burt Reynolds Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $ 185 million

Profession: Actor, Director and Voice Artist



The complete name of Burt Reynolds is Burton Leon “Burt” Reynolds. He was born on 11th February 1936.  He is a multi-talented personality. He is not just a well known actor but is also a very talented director. He has worked in many movies and television shows like Riverboat, Angel Baby, The twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Hooper as Hooper, Sam Whiskey, Dan August, Everything You always Wanted to Know about Sex, The man Who loved Cat Dancing, Silent Movie, Starting Over, Rough Cut, The Man Who Loved Women, City heat, The Golden Girls, Physical Evidence, Breaking In, Switching Channels, All dogs go to Heaven, Mad Dog Time and the Longest Yard


Early life


Fern H Reynolds and Burton Milo Reynolds are the parents of Burt Reynolds. Waycross, Georgia is the birth place of Burt Reynolds. His father was a part of Unites States Army. After some time his father became the chief police of Riviera Beach. This beach is adjacent to West Palm Beach which is located in north. He has completed his schooling from Palm Beach high School. In his school he used to participate in all the competitions which were related to acting and theatre. In his childhood he was a very intelligent student. He received a large number of scholarships. He completed his graduation from Florida State University. He was a great football player in his college days. He even won a scholarship for playing football. When he was in college he met with an accident. The accident gave him an injury and his football career ended with that accident. He never played football after that accident. He never thought of acting to be his career. After he ended up with his football career he aimed to become a police officer. When he got a scholarship to Hype Park Playhouse, he dropped his plan for becoming a police officer and went to New York for Summer Stock Theater. He found this job more interesting than the job of police officer.

Quotes by Burt Reynolds

Reynolds As Bandit


  • Marriage is about the most expensive way for average man to get laundry done
  • The moment you grab someone by the lapels, you’re lost.
  • You can only hold your stomach in for so many years.
  • I have always gotten along well with Texas. You’ve got to.
  • My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave



Acting career


Burt won Florida State Drama Award. Along with this award he even won a scholarship for Hyde Park playhouse. This playhouse is a summer stock theatre. Burt thought this scholarship to be a golden opportunity and so he accepted the scholarship. He started working at Hyde Park he met Joanne Woodward. After meeting Joanne he fell in love with her. The couple dated for many years. Carol Lawrence, Frank Gifford, Jan Murray and Red Buttons.


Personal Life


Reynolds is said to be involved with many women like Tammy Wynette, Susan Clarks, Lorna Luft, Tawny Lift, Sally Field, Christ Evert and Pam Seals. After so many affairs he got married to Judy Carne. But his marriage with Judy didn’t work well and they got divorced. After his divorce he got married to Loni Anderson. After his marriage with Loni he adopted a son. He named his son as Quinton Anderson Reynolds.

Awards and Achievements


awards and achievmnts

He is a very refined actor and director. His work received a lot of appreciation. He has won many awards for his incredible work. In year 1991 he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding lead actor in comedy series. He won People’s choice award for many categories like Favourite motion Picture actor, Favourite all Around Male Entertainer and Favourite Male Performer in New TV Series. In year 1980 he won American Movie Award for Favourite Male film Star. In year 1991 he won Viewers for Television Quality Award. He won many other awards like Best Buddies Canada Life Time Achievement Award, Taurus Lifetime Achievement Award, Atlanta Image Film and Video Award, Children at Heart Award, American Cancer Society’s Lifetime Achievement award,  Eastman Kodak Second century award, male star of the year Award, Golden boot Awards, Crystal Reel Award and Durex man of the year Award. His success can be tracked by the list of awards he has won in his career.



Burt Reynolds is a very rich personality. He leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession makes a lot of money for him. He is said to be the highest paid actor in the world. His estimated net worth is said to be $185 million. His annual salary is said to be around $58 million. His movies earn a lot of money. He has a beautiful house located in Florida. The house covers around 4 acres of land. The estimated market price of this house is $1.2 million. The house is located on a very beautiful sight. The presence of garden further enhances the beauty of the house. The interior of the house is quite mesmerizing. It house encompasses many facilities like it has a separate area for pool and a well equipped kitchen.

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