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Net worth: $5 million



Clay Aiken was born in the year 1978 on November 30. Clay Aiken full name was Clayton Holmes “clay” Aiken. Clay Aiken was born in the hospitals of Raleigh situated in North Carolina. Clay Aiken is an American Singer as well as song writer. He is also an actor, master, and an author.  From the childhood only Clay Aiken had interest in singing. At his school times; he used to sing in the school choirs, Raleigh Boychoir, used to participate in singing competitions, joined church choirs, and also joined the local theatre performances. Clay Aiken took admission in the Raleigh’s Leesville Road High School; thereafter he joined some courses at the Campbell University and then took admission in the University Of North Carolina at Charlotte. Then after completing his high school, Clay Aiken joined a local small band, Just By Chance and become the lead singer of that band. With his band he also co-hosted and performed on the show, Just By Chance and Friends took place in Dunn, situated in North Carolina. Clay Aiken was great performer and performed at various places like in the Smithfield at the Johnston Community College Country Connection, at the North Carolina Music Connection, in Garner and Benson at Hometown Music Connection. Clay Aiken also performed many times for the Raleigh IceCaps by singing national anthem; he also performed for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey teams. In the year 2011, Clay Aiken performed at the RBC Center at 2011 NHL All-Star Game. On Clay Aiken’s birthday present, her mother gifted him to record some demo pieces in his own voice with the help of studio. This took place soon before American Idol. At the age of 19, by taking his father’s (Vernon Grissom) permission, his mother’s and grandfather’s permission, he legally changed her surname from Grissom to his mothers surname, Aiken. At this time he also started working as a substitute teacher at the Brentwood Elementary School situated in Raleigh. Clay Aiken also took a part time job of working as an assistant to a boy with autism. Clay Aiken was not actually giving American Idol’s audition earlier due to his academics activities, but then he was motivated that autism child’s mother, Diana Bubel and then he gave the auditions. Clay Aiken in the year 2003, he completed his special education bachelor’s degree course.

Personal life


Clay Aiken in the year 2008 declared on his personal blog, the happiest news of his life. Clay Aiken was blessed by the boy child, Parker Foster Aiken. Clay Aiken said that he and the child’s mother Jaymes Foster are really happy because of Parker Foster Aiken’s birth. Jaymes Parker Foster was born in the North Carolina. Jaymes Foster was the executive manager of the albums of Aiken on the RCA label and was the sister of David Foster, who is the record producer. Clay Aiken was very happy with Jaymes since she proved herself to be a good caretaker and mother.  Aiken also launched his book, Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, during that time. In the September 2008, Clay Aiken revealed with the People magazine during the interview that he was a gay. Thereafter in the year 2009 in April in the New York City, he was honored by the advocacy group, Family Equality Council at its annual dinner. In the year 2010, on November 18, Clay Aiken on behalf of GLSEN stood up for anti-gay bullying at the Capitol Hill in Washington. D.C. He also has been through Liposuction procedure for his chin’s lower part. This happened when he was having the temporomandibular joint disorder’s treatment.

American Idol: his career booster

clay aiken

Aiken filled the application form of the reality show Amazing Race but then on insist of his friend, he filled up the form the American Idol season two. He first time appeared on screen at the time of auditions of American Idol. Since Clay Aiken did not pay attention on his wearing, he appeared as a nerd to all the judges and viewers but when he sang the song, Heatwave’s, everyone was tempted and thereafter Aiken was always appreciated in the show. His recording and the judges’ reactions clip was played numerous times during the show. He collected so much fame from the American Idol that he actually became a celebrity. During the show Clay Aiken made an easy way to round of 32 but then was sent home. Then again afterwards he was called back by the wild card entry and spread his magic all around. Clay Aiken then never came in “bottom three” because of viewers support. To gain more support, he fully changed his looks, his hair style and his dressing style, which really helped him a lot.




He is a very rich personality. He leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. He is a multitalented personality and he earns a lot of money through his professions. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His songs were quite popular and they made a lot of money of him. He owns a huge and beautiful mansion in North Carolina. The house covers a total of 9,392 square feet of area. The house encompasses six beautiful bedrooms and six full bathrooms which are fully equipped with all the facilities. The estimate market price of this villa is considered to be $2.5 million. The interior of the house is outstanding.















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