Cyndi Lauper Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $15 Million

Profession: Singer, Activist, Song Writer, Singer

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper was born in the year 1953, on June 22nd. Cyndi Lauper’s full name was Cynthia Ann Stephanie “Cyndi” Lauper. Cyndi Lauper grew up in Ozone Park of Queens situated in New York City. Cyndi Lauper mother was with the Italian American descent whereas her father was with the German and Swiss descent. Cyndi Lauper belonged to a Roman Catholic family. Cyndi Lauper at the age of five faced a family separation problem, her parents gets divorced and separated soon.  From the childhood only she was tempted towards listening the Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, the Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald’s song tracks. Cyndi Lauper was not the only girl child of her parents, she had one brother and one sister; her brother Fred whose nickname was Butch, was younger than Lauper whereas her sister Ellen, was elder than Lauper. Cyndi Lauper started writing songs and putting music in them by playing guitar. That guitar was gifted by Cyndi Lauper’s sister, Ellen to her.  Cyndi Lauper wanted to become a rockstar and use to take care of her looks, she use to give herself different looks, hairstyles and keep on trying different hair colours. In the special public high school, Cyndi Lauper’s application was accepted as a student on the basis of her talent. Cyndi Lauper wanted to make her career but was confused to choose which field in her life. She left her home when she was 17 years old, in search of her skills and interest in particular field. Cyndi Lauper spent sometime in the woods, along with her guard dog, Sparkle. She was gone to Canada for studying arts. Cyndi Lauper joined Johnson State College for arts course. Along with studies, she engaged herself in some part time jobs to finance herself for her needs. Cyndi Lauper in the year 1970, as a vocalist worked with Doc West and Flyer, the New York brands. Her singing hits include Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane. Although Cyndi Lauper was giving hit songs, then too she was not satisfied with this. Cyndi Lauper wanted something more in her life. In the year 1972, Cyndi Lauper passed with a very tragic moment of loosing her vocals, she consulted many doctors but from all she got the same answer that she will be unable to sing further. But she did not let it go like this. Under the training of Katie Agresta, Lauper tried to regain her vocals. Thereafter she never looked back and keeps on steeping the upper next steps of her career. Cyndi Lauper felt like she got her second birth.


Blue Angel


Cyndi Lauper’s manager Ted Rosenblatt fixed a meet of her and John Turi, the famous saxophone player in the year 1978. This meet proved to be really beneficial for the Cyndi Lauper since she and John Turi made a band with him named, Blue Angel. They both then recorded the track of their song formed. After this they contacted Steve Massarsky, the manager of The Allman Brothers Band and requested him to listen their track recorded.  Steve Massarsky gets impressed with the Cyndi Lauper’s vocals in the track. Steve Massarsky entered into a contract with the Blue Angel Band of $ 5,000. Massarsky became the band’s managers after this. Cyndi Lauper was getting many offers but she wanted to raise her Blue Angel band. Polydor Records signed a deal with the Blue Angel and then in the year 1980, the band released an album with the label. The album was not a hit and chaos created in the band leads to its breakup. They fired the band’s manager, Steve Massarsky due to some clash. This clash lead Cyndi Lauper into a big trouble since, Massarsky filed a petition against them and won the case. The petition claimed $80,000 which left Cyndi Lauper bankrupt. After Blue Angel band’s break up, Cyndi Lauper was too broken down. She started working as a helper in the retail stores and along with that started singing in local pubs and clubs. All music critics knew that she had the stamina and potential and talent of becoming the good singer. Once again, Cyndi Lauper’s luck shined and she met David Wolff in the year 1981, when she was performing in the local bar of New York. David Wolff signed her as the manager of the Portrait Records.


Personal life


In the year1981, when she was working in the New York bar met with the David Wolff. David Wolff signed her as Portrait Record’s manager and thereafter she came close with him and started dating. In the year 1991, Cyndi Lauper gets married to David Thornton. In the year 1997, Cyndi Lauper and her husband David Thornton got blessed with the baby son, Declyn Wallace Thornton. Although she was born and raised in the Roman Catholic family but she never practiced that religion. In fact she also attended Catholic School but she considered herself as the “Recovering Catholic”.


Net worth


Cyndi Lauper was with the American nationality. Cyndi Lauper enjoy her life at full. She had total $15 Million net worth. Cyndi Lauper is a Grammy Award winner. Cyndi Lauper had sold more than 50 million copies of her albums. Her successful career was not for a short period; in fact it stayed for four decades. Cyndi Lauper never let her dreams go like this. She was very talented and multi-tasking person. Cyndi Lauper was also a good person too, since she was very active in the work of welfare for the society. She financially supported many AIDS camps and Gay communities. Cyndi Lauper was so kind that she transfers some part of her earnings in such organizations at regular interval of time.


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