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Angus Young is a mind blowing guitarist and musician who has acquired all his riches through his performances round the globe with his rock and roll band AC/DC. He has also gained wealth being a composer and record producer for films.



Angus was born on 31st of March 1955. He was born to the couple William Young and Margaret Young as the youngest of their eight children in Glasgow, Scotland. Eight years later, Angus along with his parents shifted to Sydney, Australia. Along with him, his others brothers Malcolm, George and his older sister Margaret too got shifted. He was not an enthusiastic student at school and showed his real interest in arts because it was only arts which allowed him his freedom of expression. He developed his interest in playing guitar slowly and started playing an old banjo like a guitar. But once when he had visited his friend’s house, he had got an opportunity to play a real guitar.

He was always motivated by the Gibson SG guitar. Every time he used to see the guitar catalog, he would look at Gibson SG and say that one day he would own it and play it. However his first real guitar was the Hofner Guitar which was given to him by his brother Malcolm Young. Angus was taught to play guitar most by his older brother George Young in between his tours with his band, the Easybeats.

Angus quit school when he was 15 years and later went to work with a soft porn magazine by name Ribald as a printer. He chose this job so that he could afford his expenses so that he can make a living out of it. But, destiny had written something else in his fate and was practicing guitar every moment, every day jamming around with his friends. Finally his mother Margaret bought him a cheap acoustic guitar. He never went to any formal coaching classes to learn guitar. He always preferred to learn by his own and he learnt everything through his trial and error method.



Once he was confident enough in playing guitar, Angus started jamming with a band by name “Kantuckee” which was later renamed as Tantrum due it is split. He was then 18 years old when he and his brother Malcolm Young decided to form a band. Some sources have mentioned that it was their sister who gave them the name for their band as AC/DC after seeing some Vacuum Cleaner or a sewing machine. She even gave them ideas about how to wear the dress while performing on stage. Such a supportive sister Angus had! According to her suggestion, Angus started wearing a school uniform type of dress during his performances. It gradually became an unofficial trademark for the band.

The band slowly became popular through out Sydney with their cutting edge single “Can I Sit Next To You”. Along with the Angus and Malcolm Young, three people joined the legacy; Mark Evens with a bass, Phil Rudd on drums and Bon Scott with Vocals. Angus with his band AC/DC released a number of super successful albums and songs which became famous not only Australia but also through out the globe.

In 1974, they released High Voltage and in 1975, TNT. The albums were produced by his older brother, George Young. The super success of the albums caught the attention of Atlantic Records which later proposed the band to sign a deal with them. Angus and the others signed and moved on to London except the bassist Mark Evans. He was then replaced by Cliff Williams. Later, in UK, Angus and his AC/DC released albums like “Let There Be Rock” in 1977 and “Powerage” in 1978 which took their popularity to a tremendous level in the UK and their next album “Highway to Hell” in 1979 became a chart buster. The album sold over million copies. The band was known to the whole world.

Later, Angus once again with AC/DC in 1980 came with another chart bursting album which made a record by selling more than 10 million copies in USA alone. This time, it was Brian in the vocals. Their next album “For Those About To Rock” which was released in 1981 was also a tremendous success. Slightly from 1981 to 1983 Angus and his band had seen a downhill in their career after which they came back to their positions once again. In 1995, their album Ball Breaker was once again a chart buster selling million copies worldwide.



Angus Young, according to many sources, has two homes; one in Sydney, Australia and the other in Dutch. Not much details are revealed about his Sydney Home till now as Angus is a type of person who have always preferred to keep his private information secret and confidential.

However, some information about his mansion in a small sleep town in Dutch has sneaked out of his personal sources. He has spent millions of dollars for the mansion and the mansion is famous for the controversies attached with it. The neighbors around his mansion in Aalten, Dutch are seemed to be a little not happy with the looks of the mansion as the mansion looks odd surrounding with the other small houses in the town. The mansion has a recording studio in the basement which is where he records all his songs. It also has separate bathroom and a number of guest rooms.


Angus is a musician who loves guitars and is famous for his collections. He has always used custom made signature guitars in his performances. Gibson SG, Jaydee SG are a few of his accustomed guitars which he has used frequently. Companies like Gibson and Jaydee have also come up with their custom guitars designed along with Angus himself. He has collaborated with many guitar corporations and has also designed his own pick up.

He is known for not using effects during his performances. But he does use heavy speakers and amplifiers like Marshall 1959 and Super Lead Plexi heads.



Angus got married to Ellen Van Lochem in 1980. His wife is from Aalten, Netherlands where her family runs a local blacksmith business. The couple can be easily noticed even in the huge crowd as Ellen in nearly 5 to 6 inches taller than Angus.

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