Dolce and Gabbana Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $ 2 Billion each

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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the creators of the worlds most powerful and influential designer label Dolce&Gabbana has an estimated net worth of $2billion each. Domenico Dolce was born in 1958 in Sicily and Stefano Gabbana was born in 1962 in Milan. Fashion was in Dolce’s blood as his mother use to sell clothes and fabrics and his father was a tailor. Because of this Dolce was able to sew from an early age of 6. At the young age of 19, Dolce went to Milan where he found a job in Giogio Correggiari’s fashion house. The two iconic fashion designer met over the phone for the first time when Gabbana had called the fashion house which Dolce was working for regarding employment. Gabbana too got hired by the fashion house and soon Dolce took him under his creative wings and taught Gabbana A to Z of operating a Fashion house. From then the Designer Duo started working together and finally in the year 1985 the decided to form their own fashion house called Dolce&Gabbana. However getting into luxury fashion industry was not easy for the duo. They accepted every chance to showcase their talent. The showcased their work at fashion week as well as at fast food joints. Back then the duo could not afford models, hence they asked their friends to model for them and used bed linens as shoot curtains. Designer duo’s hard work has definitely paid off and today they are renowned for their designs and for their ability to showcase the beauty of a female body artistically. Designer duo’s creation is today considered as a highly elite. They have been credited for raising the parameters of fashion designing. The pair’s flashy lifestyle complements their status of being the premier designers of the World. Several Hollywood celebrities like Sophia Lauren, Monica Bellucci, Madonna have dawned the designer duo’s creations. Some of their iconic and all time favorite creations includes the gangster boss strip suit and underwear as outerwear. Dolce & Gabbana operated in two different lines of fashion called Dolce&Gabbana and D&G until 2012 when they merged them both and named it Dolce & Gabbana. Dolce&Gabbana specializes in luxury items and is more formal and timeless in theme. The line sells sunglasses, purses and watches. and in mid 2009 they also launched cosmetics and fragrances. D & G was their casual line and was urban themed. This line focused more on young blood and is considered as more flamboyant line. D & G line sells clothing as well as watches. Dolce & Gabbana’s custom made mobile phones were also available in 2006. The brand collaborated with Motorola to produce Dolce & Gabbana special edition phone. Later they partnered with Sony Ericsson and produced a 24 karat gold detail phone.




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Dolce&Gabbana today is one of the richest fashion house in the world. The fashion house has an estimated net worth of over $4 billion. Dolce&Gabbana earn their high bank balance from women’s clothing and accessories. Women’s clothing over the year have remained as a backbone for the company. In the past few years even the men’s fashion line has shown a growth. Domenico Dolce’s individual net worth is $2 billion as of 2014 and Stefano Gabbana’s individual net worth is $2 billion as of 2014. The designer duo owns several homes in splendid locations like French Riviera, Milan and Europe with combined worth of over $100 million. The duo’s money making giant status ensures that both the designer afford to lead a lifestyle every common individual dream of. The duo owns several sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and also owns luxury wheels like Cadillac, Maybach, BMWs and more with combined worth of over $100,00,000. World renowned fashion designers also jointly owns a yacht called La Regina d’Italia. They purchased the yacht in 2006 and mostly uses it as a venue for their parties and also uses it for travelling to exotic locations. This custom built Italian yacht is among the top luxury boats in the world. The yacht possesses enough room to fit 10 crew members and 12 guest at a time. The yacht features a Jacuzzi, a spa, a swimming pool, a huge customized water slide. The bathroom is equipped with gold taps that are studded with sapphires and rubies and gold veined floors. The yacht is worth over $400 million. D&G’s most expensive product is Dolce & Gabbana shades. The brown tinted shades are framed in real gold and has detailed diamond work on the sides. This luxury shades are up for sale for a whopping $383,609.




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The designer pair has been outspoken and is quite often witnessed advocating gay rights and gay right causes. The duo has also campaigned to increase the public profile of gay people in the community. However the two has differences on issues like gay parenting and because of it the two shared friction between them in the past time. The duo met each other in 1980 and fell in love with each other. After few years, the same sex couple decided to commit to each other for a long term relationship. The relationship suffered a hitch in 2005 because of their difference of opinion. The duo worked hard to get back together and eventually got back together. However in 2008 they finally parted ways for good. In spite of their break up the two has maintained an excellent working relationship. They still work together on their marvelously luxurious creations and churn out best selling products. The two designers are currently single.

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