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Donald Faison was born on June 22, 1974 in New York, US. He is basically famous as an American actor and also best known as a stand up comedian. With time he became famous as a voice actor for his role in the drama, Scrubs. In the year 1995, he also played a small role in the film Clueless. His parents were also theatre actors namely Shirley and Donald in the city of Harlem. He is best known for his role in the famous TV series, ‘Scrubs’.


Early Life

Faison grew up in the city of Harlem seeing his parents working with the National Black Theatre. He showed his excellent talent for memorizing everyone’s lines very easily. Seeing this, he took up a decision that he would pretend to be someone else and would thus help to complete the picture. His mother Shirley was a talent agent and his father was a building manager. His first training was in the Children school, which was the theatre’s on-site community school. Faison graduated from the LaGuardia High School. By then, he gained experience of both stage and television commercials and was made ready through his training to go in Hollywood.




At the beginning of his career in the year 1991, just at the age of 17, he appeared for a commercial, Folgers Coffee. In this commercial, he played the minor role of the younger brother of a soldier who returned from the war. In the same year he was also called along with Malik Yoba in a show hosted by Peter Jennings in the ABC News special. His first debut was in the year 1992, with a minor role in ‘Juice’, which was a crime drama. Subsequently, he also appeared in the low budget stage drama, ‘New Jersey Drive’ in the year 1995. His first appreciation came for the movie ‘Clueless’, where he played the role of ‘Murray Lawrence Duvall’. This film was also converted in the television series in the span of 1996-1999 for which he became quite famous. Also he gave a box-office hit in the same year in the drama, ‘Waiting to Exhale’, which was a female-focused drama. Along with Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz, he was featured in ‘Big Fat Liar’. In the MTV animated series called ‘Clone High’, he provided his voice work for various characters. In the movies like ‘The Teenage Witch’ and ‘Sister Sister and Sabrina’ he had small minor roles. Involving his co-star Zach Braff he also produced ‘Punk’d’, one of the episodes of MTV series.  Not only this, he also starred in ‘Sittin’ Up in my Room’, one of the music video of Brandy in the year 1995, ‘Da Bomb’ by DJ fury and RX Lord in the same year, ‘Beat It’ by Fall Out Boy in 2008 and in Gavin Degraw’s ‘Chariot’. In NBA All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Game, along with other celebrities including Clyde Drexler and Chris Tucker, Faison also participated.

In the science fiction thriller ‘Skyline’ in the year 2010, Faison also starred with actors including Laz Alonso and Crystal Reed. Faison was also featured in the comedy pilot ‘The Odds’ in the year 2010. He was also featured in the movies including ‘Kick Ass 2’ in the year 2013, ‘A snow Globe Christmas’ in the same year, ‘Stag’ in 2013 , ‘ Pitch Perfect’ and also ‘Wish I was Here’ in the year 2014 and currently he is hosting the show ‘Who Gets the Last Laugh’, a TBS comedy show.


Television Career

His first television work was in the year 1996 namely ‘New York Undercover’, where he played a short role of James. Further, in the span of 1996-2000 he appeared in the seven episodes of ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ where he played the role of Dashiell. Following this he also starred as Marcus in the television movie ‘Supreme Sanction’. Next, he was featured as Tracy in about 23 episodes of ‘Felicity’. He also gave his voice in ‘Clone High’ for about 12 episodes. Not only this, he gave his voice in ‘Zeke and Luther’ and in ‘Adventure Time’ also in the year 2012.




Personal Life


Faison married his first wife, Lisa Askey in the year 2001. With Askey, Faison also has five children. But their marriage came to an end in the year 2005.On December 15, 2012, Faison married Cacee Cobb, his second wife. The wedding was organized and held at his best friend house, Zach Braff. Cobb was initially working as a personal assistant of singer Jessica Simpson, and she was the one who served as a bridesmaid on the big day.


Awards and Achievements

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There are many awards in his pocket. Starting with the year 2005, he won the BET Comedy Award for the category ’Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series’ for the TV series ‘Scrubs’. He had also received a number of nominations for the TV series Scrubs including  ‘Teen Choice Award’, ‘Best actor in a Comedy series’ at NCCP Image Award. He was also nominated for the TV series ‘The Exes’ in the year 2011.




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Donald Faison’s has a net worth of $10 million. He widely became famous for his role in ‘Scrubs’, a television comedy series. He starred in this comedy series for nine seasons, for about 179 episodes.

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