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Net Worth : $ 600 Million.

Paul David Hewson, popularly known as Bono, the multi-millionaire member of U2 band has an estimated net worth of $600 Million. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, Bono managed to earn $110 million.

 Early Life & Career


Bono is a multi-talented man. He is an Irish singer, peacemaker, an activist and a philanthropist. Bono is popular because of his huge contributions in the field of music. Bono was born in Dublin, Ireland in a catholic family. When he was just fourteen, his mother died in 1974. Bono was very much emotionally attached to his mother. two years after his mother’s death, Bono joined an Irish band U2 in 1976. He became the front man for the band,however, his stage presence was more compelling than his singing. Soon within a year’s time band members began touring and released u2’s first album in 1980 entitled “Boy”. Many songs from the album like “Mofo”, “Lemon”, “I will follow” and “Out of control”focuses on Bono’s loss of his mother. where as other songs focused on comparison between childhood and maturity. Eight years after joining the band, success followed. In 1987, the band released the Grammy winning album “The Joshua Tree”. This album instantly made Bono a popular name in the music industry. Bono now writes lyrics for all the songs of the band and these lyrics are often rich in political and social theme. However soon in 1991, the focus of the songs changed drastically. U2’s band Achtung baby was released in 1991, and most of the album’s songs were highly inspired from the private lives of band members. In 2000 the band got back to its modern rock roots. That year their track “Beautiful Day” won a Grammy for Record of the year and another Grammy for Song of the year. Apart from this, singles like n”Sometimes you cant make it on your own” and “Vertigo” were commercially and critically fared. the songs made a great showings on the top rating charts and also managed to win Several Grammy Awards. U2 has been a successful band, and Bono used the band’s success in promoting social activities too. He used his music to raise consciousness with several performances at Net Aid, Band Aid and many others. In 2006, Bono’s band joined hands with a band called Green Day to record a cover song “The saints are coming”. This helped in rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
In 2011, after conquering Music, Bono along with his U2 band partner Edge turned towards Broadway. He worked on lyrics and music as well as served as a producer for his live theater show called “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark”. Apart from this Bono over the years, have met with several World leaders and politicians and took an active part in discussing issues such as World poverty and AIDS. Apart from his association with U2, Bono has collaboration with Bob Dylan, Johnny cash, Clannad, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Jenifer Lopez, and B.B.King to name a few. Apart from his music career, Bono has appeared in several TV Series like “Entourage”, “Classic Albums”, “American Idol” and many more. Apart from this Bono along with his band mate Edge purchased a 70 room two star hotel called “Clarence Hotel” and converted it into a 49 room five star hotel. Bono is also one of the board member of Elevation Partners. The company has a majority stake in Forbes media, and also owns a 1.5% stake in Facebook.
In total Bono and his band has won four Grammy Awards, One Golden Globe Award, and a Time Persons Award. Times Magazine ranked Bono at the number eight position on its Most influential people list. Bono is the only musician to appear in the top 10.




Bono got married in 1982 to his long time girl friend Alison Hewson. The couple together has two daughters, Jordan and Memphis Eve and two sons, Elijah Bob and John Abraham. Currently he enjoy his life with his wife and children at his home in Dublin.



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Bono is the Multi-millionaire front man of the band U2, he is now the richest musician in the world. He has an estimated net worth of over $600 million. Bono earns his tremendously high wealth from Singing and his other ventures in hotel industry and equity firm. He is a board of member of Elevation partners which owns 1.2% of Facebook estimated to be $1.5 billion.
Bono owns his large Manor house in Dublin. The house gets a tremendous view of Killiney Bay. This 22,000 square feet Manor is worth over $15 million.

Bono also owns an apartment in “The Sam Remo” building in New York. Bono purchased the apartment for himself for $15 million, but never moved in. The apartment is on 27th floor in a spread of 3500 square feet.

Bono owns a luxurious beach villa. The villa is four floor high. The lavish mansion is private and its living area starts five meters up from the beach. This luxurious villa is worth over $20 million.


Bono owns a luxury Yacht called “The Cyan”. This is a 140 feet long yacht. The yacht features six cabins and rooms that accommodate 12 guests. The yacht include an on deck Jacuzzi, a swimming platform and several other water sport area. the Cyan has a charter price of $255,000 per week.


Bono not only lives in luxury, he loves to cruse in luxury. He owns a 1980 Mercedes 450 SEL, Maserati Quattroporte, Volkswagen Tiguan, a ducati 916, and Tesla Roadster with combined worth of over $10,00,000.

Apart from spending his wealth on luxuries, Bono is associated with charitable organizations like DATA, EDUN, one Campaign, and product red.



Quote: “I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside. I want to reach out and touch the plains, where the streets have no names.”

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