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Net Worth: $110 Million



Dr. Dre was born on 18th February 1965 in California. His birth name is Andre Romelle Young. He is not just a Record producer but is also a Rapper and an Entrepreneur. He started his career in year 1984. He can play almost all the instruments like Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer, drum machine, turntable, and sampler. He is the CEO of Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment. He is considered to be third richest man in this field. When he started his career he was the member of World Class Wreckin’ Cru. He was also the member of Death Row Records. In year 1996 he established his own studio and left Death Row Records. The name of his own label was Aftermath Entertainment. In the same year his compilation album named Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath was also produced. In year 1999 his solo album was also produced which was named as 2001. In year 1998 he signed Eminem who helped him in recording vocals. 50 cent was also signed for recording labels in year 2003. Apart from this Dre also worked in many movies as an actor. The movies in which he worked are The Wash, Set It Off, Rolling Stone, and Training Day.

Early life

early life

Theodore and Verna Young were the parents of Dr. Dre. His father also had a singing group which was named as amateur R&B singing group. After the birth of Andre, his parents got divorced. They first started living separately and after a year they got divorced.

Music Career


At his young age he was quite inspired by the song named The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on Wheels of Steels. At his young age only he attended many concerts and many club ceremonies where DJs and rappers used to perform. He used to get highly inspired by those people. His favourite club was named as The Eve after Dark. He started his career by becoming a DJ in a club. His initial name as a DJ was Dr. J. He kept this name on behalf of Julius Erving. Erving was the favourite basketball player of Andre.

Career in Film


He has also made a career in film industry. Apart from his singing career he has also worked for films. He acted in several films. In year 1996 he started his career with movies. He acted in the movie named Set It off. It was a movie which depicted a bank robbery. His acting was appreciated by the people and they accepted him as an actor too. After this film he appeared in many movies like Training Day and The Wash. In some movies his music was also included. He produced a song named Bad Intentions and this song was included in the movie named The Wash.



He is also a very successful entrepreneur. he manufactured head phone by his brand name in year 2008.  The name of the headphones is Beats by Dr. Dre. There are several other products in this line l Beat Tours, A circumaural Headphone, Beats Studio, Beats Spin, Beats Solo & Solo HD, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, Diddy Beats and Supra-aural headphones. He has also planned for the discharge of After Cognac and Vodka. He will also release Detox. For his business he had collaborated with HP too. Both the HP and Andre have planned a combo of HP laptops and his headphones. This idea further increased the sale of his headphones.

Personal life

personal life

He got married to Nicole Threatt. After their marriage they were graced with five children. Unfortunately one of his sons named Andre Young Jr died in year 2008. He has a wide network. All the big personalities are the colleagues of Dre. He attend all the high class parties in his state.

Awards and Nominations

awards and achievmnts

In year 1994 he was nominated for the award named Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. In the same year he won Best Rap Solo Performance Award for his work in Let me Ride. Then in year 2000 he was nominated for many awards like Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, Best Rap Album. He won the Producer of the Year award in year 2001. He even won the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group award for Crack the Bottle in year 2010.



Dre earns a lot of money and hence he has a prolific life style. He has a very beautiful woodland wills home in Los Angeles. The estimated worth of the house is said to be $3.2 million. The house has eight lavish bed rooms. The architecture of the house is quite mesmerising. He bought this house in 2008. The house covers 13,748 square feet of area. It has a swimming pool in its outdoor area which further enhances the beauty of the house. It has six stunning bathrooms. He parks his luxurious cars hi the four garages which are present in the house. He has a car named Hummer H2. The car has 6.2 litres V8 engine. It gives a very high range of Torque and 393-hp. It is a military style car.  The car has a bulky look but it is very comfortable. the estimated net worth of Dr. Dre is considered to be $110 million.

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