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Net Worth: $150 Million

If you are a Disney fan, then there is no doubt that you know Miley Cyrus and if this does not ring a bell in your mind then it is sure enough that you know Hannah Montana. Miley is a famous American teen actor and a pop star. Her sensational looks and her voice have made her popular among the adults. From being a sweet kid, she has now turned into a sexy adult. The last year of her life saw many changes and many controversies which she surely handled perfectly.




Miley Cyrus was born on 23 November in the year 1992 in Nashville to Billy Ray Cyrus who is a famous country singer. She has acquired her singing genes from her father. When Miley was a child, she started working as a child actress and appeared in a short role in the TV series “Doc” and also appeared in a film, “Big Fish”. Miley was lovingly called smiley as she used to smile a lot, which later was shortened to Miley. Miley has two siblings, Noah and Braison who themselves are known faces in the Hollywood. Noah is an actress and Braison became a guitarist.


hannah montana

Many teenagers won’t recognize Miley by her name but they know her by the name Hannah Montana. She has accomplished more than any other person can get at the age of 21 years. When Miley was 11 she started working for a television series on Disney which was about a teen pop star who lived a double life so that no one can recognize her. Though Miley was just auditioning for the role of her best friend in the series, but through her acting skills, she managed to get the main lead role in the show. Her show was aired in the year 2006, which became one of the most popular show on the TV and it helped Miley to earn name, fame and money. It is this show, which made Miley a teen idol and a popular pop star.



Miley Cyrus has a net worth of 150 million US dollars. Her wealth increased many folds after she started working in the Disney serial, Hannah Montana which not only helped her emerge as a successful actor but also as a singer and a songwriter. Miley signed a four album deal after the second season of her popular show, Hannah Montana finished with Hollywood Records which is owned by Disney. Since then she has done many tours, made many sound records and acted in many movies which has provided the vast chunk of money she owns. For every live concert that Miley performs in, she earns around $1.2 million. Her annual earnings is estimated to be around 54 million US dollars. She lives in a plush home worth 3.9 million US dollars in Studio City in California and also owns a beach facing home in Florida. She owns six luxury cars: Range Rover Sport, Infiniti G35, Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid, 2012 SL550 Convertible, 2012 McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche Cayenne. She has recently acquired a private jet for herself.


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In the year 2012, Miley grabbed the attention of all media channels by adopting a pixie look for herself. Her chopped locks and her edgy behavior gave rise to never ending criticism. The change of this sweet Disney star to a sexpot was not taken well by many people but many appreciated the change. Her launch of the new album “Can’t Be Tamed” shocked many people as they could not see the goofy, cheerful teen star, but what they saw resembled more to the sexy pop stars, Lady Gaga and Britney. It is said that she has turned to a scandalous songbird giving booty shaking shows, shooting nude albums and unleashing some provoking tongue actions. She has signed a contract with the RCA Records after her changed image and the first album released with them was Bangrez in October in which you can see Miley’s twerking with teddy bears and her tongue actions.



As a sensational and beautiful star, it is obvious for Miley to have many affairs. At a very young age, when she was not even ten years old, she started dating Tyler Posey but their relationship ended after two years. She was in a very stormy relationship with the singer Nick Jonas but, this relationship too didn’t last for a long time. In the year 2009 she dated a model, Justin Gaston but then broke up after nine months. The last relationship she had was with an Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth, for whom Miley was very serious and wanted to marry him. But like all her other relationship, this one also ended on a sad note after one year. Rumors say that they have started dating again and resolved all their issues.



Miley works for “Stand Up To Cancer”, a non profit organization which promotes people to fight against cancer and is in process to invent a medication in order to cure the deadly disease. She also supports the third largest health care charity in the United States, “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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