Enrique Iglesias Net Worth, Money and More

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NET WORTH: $85 Million

PROFESSION: Singer, Song-writer, Actor and Record Producer

Who wouldn’t love a really handsome and charming Spanish guy singing to them a lovely song, that too in a breathtaking voice?! Enrique exudes charm and soul. His music is so amazing and soothing, for most of the time. He has sold over 100 million units worldwide. Iglesias is also the best selling Spanish language artists of all of the time. The King of Latin Pop and The King of Dance are some titles that have been given to Enrique by the Billboard. Songs like Rhythm Divine, Bailamos, Somebody’s Me, Taking Back My Love and so on are famous worldwide.


Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born in Madrid, Spain, in the year 1970 to parents Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. Enrique is Steve R. McQueen’s second cousin. He has two older siblings: Chabeli Iglesias and Julio Iglesias. He is of Spanish and Filipina ancestry. Iglesias’ parents ended their marriage in 1979. Enrique and his siblings were raised in Miami, with their father, by a nanny named Elvira Olivares. He attended schools like Gulliver Preparatory School and studied business at the University of Miami. Iglesias is fluent in both English and Spanish. He earned his name solely by himself. He never wanted to use his father’s name for getting work in the music industry. He borrowed some money from his family nanny and recorded one Spanish and two English songs. Iglesias dropped out of college and went to Toronto to record his first album.


Enrique’s first musical album was released in the year 1995 and it was a rare success for him in the sense that it was not common for an album with songs in a language other than English to be a hit! Songs like Si Tu Te Vas, No Llores Por Mi, Por Amarte, Trapecista- topped the Billboard’s Latin charts. The album also caused Iglesias to actually win a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance.

In 1997, his fame had become kind of contagious and ever growing, with the release of the second album titled Vivir. He continued to release songs that were loved by all. His first concert tour tickets sold like hot cakes. He concerts happened in sixteen countries. In 1998, Iglesias released his third album called Cosas del Amor, which roughly translated to English means Things of Love. The concert tour for this album was sponsored by McDonald’s.

By 1999, Enrique had proved his musical ability by giving successful albums one after the other. From Spanish songs to English ones, his transition was very easy and smooth. During 1999-2001, Latin songs were really popular. During this phase, he released the more famous songs like Bailamos, Rhythm Divine, and a cover of the song Sad Eyes by Bruce Springsteen. In 2000, Enrique had a really good experience while performing at the Super Bowl along with other brilliant artists like Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton and Phil Collins. In 2001, the amazing album Escape was released. This album had really good songs like Hero, Escape, and Don’t Turn Off The Lights.

The following year, Iglesias released his fourth Spanish set of songs in an album titled Quizas. This album was very close of his heart and he gave a personal touch to the songs in the album as they talk about his strained relationship with his father. The album was a hit! The album won his a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. It looks like Enrique’s career was just shining and there was no looking back!

In 2007, Insomniac was released. The interesting fact behind the title was that it was recorded mostly at night time. This album saw a separate set of songs which were more intense and slightly different from his previous sung songs. This album had songs like Push It and Tired of Being Sorry. Songs like Do You Know? and Somebody’s Me were extensively popular and well liked in a lot of countries. Enrique’s song Can You Hear me was chosen as the official anthem song for the UEFA Euro 2008 football tournament.

Enrique Iglesias still continues to write beautiful music and the title of his next album is Sex and Love. This album was released on March 14, 2014.


Enrique likes connecting with the audience, be it through concert tours or promotional campaigns or advertisements. He has been a part of a lot of advertisements for companies like PepsiCo, Tommy Hilfiger, Azzaro Paris, Viceroy and so on.


– Miami Home worth approximately $6 million

– BMW X3


Enrique has lived a low key public life and has managed to stay out of the fangs of the media. He was dating Samantha Torres in 1997, a Playboy model. However, the relationship ended. But that proved to be one of the best things in his life as he met Anna Kournikova, the tennis star, and dated her for almost 12 years. It was reported that the beautiful couple split in 2013 but they were spotted together in early 2014, which leads us to question whether they are back together or had even broken up in the first place! In 2003, Enrique decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove the black little mole on the right side of the face stating that it might have become cancerous.




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