Most Expensive Wines Of the World

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Wine remains as one of the most proffered and sophisticated drink in the world, extremely rich in flavor yet simple. Its diverse taste comes from different grapes and from the manner it is produced. The most famous type of wines are white wines and red wines perhaps rich flavor wines like Portuguese wines are often used by chefs in preparing signature rich flavored dishes.
It is a known fact that older the wine the better it tastes and expensive it gets. Old vintage wines are choose n from most exceptional vineyards and at several occasions aged wines sell for thousands and millions of dollars per bottle. some of the vintage wine aren’t even drinkable, rather remains like a trophy piece for vintage liquor collectors.

For such wine collectors bellow is the list of most expensive wines which they might want to add to their liquor collection.

1) D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme ($43.64 Million)


World’s most expensive wine is created by Stuart Hughes is called D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme. After announcing Worlds most expensive whiskey and most expensive non alcoholic drink the legendary wine maker announced this wine.
This wine is from Antica Distillery Italy. And what makes this wine so special is its bottle which is truly luxurious. The cap of the bottle is studded with three diamonds which has combined mass of 13 carats. The cap of the bottle also dawns a Mammoth diamond of 18.5 carats which is considered to be the rarest diamond in the world. It is because of its cap diamond that this wine is the most expensive wine bottle of the world. The bottle is worth $43.64 Million.

2) Isabella Islay ( $6.2 Million)

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Liquor for the rich and the famous is Isabella Islay at number two. Ruwa is the company behind the World’s most expensive non alcoholic drink. Ruha has named it Isabella Islay. Isabella Islay remains the worlds most expensive and luxurious alcohol that is available in two editions. Both the bottles are handcrafted and is encrusted with 8500 diamonds and almost around 300 rubies and white gold dust. The company has also come up with a special edition bottle which is encrusted with diamond and gold lettering. The bottle is worth over $6.2 million and the special edition bottle is worth over $7,00,000.

3) Chambord by Donald Edge ( $3 million)

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At number three of the world’s expensive wines list shines Chamord. The bottle of Chamord is designed by world renowned luxury jewelry designer Donald Edge. This bottle is said to among the most expensive liquor bottles and the design of the bottle was reveled by designer Betsey Johnson at Fashion Week in New York sponsored by Mercedes- Benz. The bottle is jeweled with 1100 priceless,beautiful and brilliant cut diamonds. It also has a single emerald on the top of the bottle giving it a royal crown like look to the liquor bottle. This beautiful diamond studded wine bottle is worth $3 million. Donald Edge also announced that all the fund raised from this brilliant bottle will go towards breast cancer awareness foundations.

4) Master of Malt ( $1.4 Million)

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Master of Malt has a world record of being one of the finest wines in the world. It is 105 years old and is produced by the company called Malt Whiskey. This exceptional wine was discovered by a Scottish historian. This 100 years old wine was distilled in 1906 at Aisla Torten distillery situated in Highlands. The cask used to age the wine was a sherry butt and was kept in the basement for over a century. This wine was sold to Malt Whiskey company in the year 2010 and was bottled in 2011 to hit the market. Because of its age this exceptionally old flavor sum wine is worth over $1.4 million.

5) Screaming Eagle Wine ( $ 500,000)

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Screamin Eagle wine comes from the year 1992. The wine is beautiful purple in color and its fruity flavors lingers in the mouth for hours. This luxuriously flavor sum wine was sold at a charity event in 2008. The auction took place at Napa Valley and this aged wine fetched a whooping bid of $500,000. though it was initially sold for $500,000, later the price was discounted as the wine was meant for charity. However in spite of discounts this amazingly flavored wine is worth $450,000.

6) Chateau Cheval Blanc ( $ 304,375)

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Next on the list at number six is Chateau Cheval Blanc aged from 1947. This exceptional wine has been given a A- Class status by Saint- E million Wine. This exceptional wine from 1947 has a world record of a being a single bottle sold at an auction. Accord to wine experts, this is the only wine in the world which can be kept for another 50 years and it would still be drinkable without any problem. This wine bottle was sold at an auction held in Geneva for $304,580.

7) Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck ($ 275,000)

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The Shipwrecked is a wine derived from 1907 from the Hiedsieck vineyard. This is over a 100 year old wine and took over eight years to reach its destination from where it was packaged. This wine has an interesting story behind it. As the story goes, over 200 bottles of this wine were shipped to Russian Royal family in the year 1916, however these bottles never reached them and was lost in the middle of the sea until it was discovered in the year 1997 by a ship driver. Finally now this wine is satisfying the taste buds of several rich guests at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow. Each wine bottle is worth a whopping $275,000 and the rich guest loves to spend their money on this divine aged wine.

8) Chateau Lafite-Rothschild ( $232,692)

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Number eight on the list is Chateau Lafite Rothschild from 1869. Three of this 150 year old wine was sold at Mandarian Oriental Hong Kong auction for $232,692 each. The fact that this bottle was rare and came directly from the the Chateau’s cellars was enough to raise the price bar. It is also the oldest wine available in the world. The wine is worth $232,692.

9) Chateau Lafite 1787 ($160,000)

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Another aged wine from Chateau’s cellar is Chateau Lafite’s 1787 wine bottle at the number 9 position. This bottle was originally bought by Thomas Jefferson in France in the year 1787. Although the wine is no longer drinkable as it has turned into vinegar because of its age, it remains as a vintage Liquor for wine collectors. Initially it was sold in London for $160,000 in spite of the fact that it is not drinkable.

10) Romanee Conti 1945 ( $ 123,900)

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Romanee Conti from the year 1945 has a special place in fine wine auctions in Geneva as it is a rare wine. This 1945 wine was produced during the World War 2 and only 600 bottles were created. Although the wine is not drinkable it fetched a whopping $123,900 for one bottle in a auction by collector from the United States.

Apart from these expensive wines other aged wines like 1865 Vintage Chateau Lafite is worth $111,625, Chateau d’Yquem is worth $123,000, and Petrus Vintage wine from 1961 is worth $144,000.

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