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Kohinoor Diamond : Priceless Diamond

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Diamonds are considered to be women’s best friend. However Our history shows that men too dolled over diamonds. Some of the most famous, expensive and best quality diamond known to mankind have been in possession of famous and rich male rulers.
Kohinoor Diamond is the most talked about, famous and expensive diamond in the history of the world. Currently the diamond is under the possession of British, glorifying the British Crown. Kohinoor diamond in spite of getting cut to fit the crown remains one of the largest and flawless diamond in the history. The original Kohinoor diamond is believed to be weighing around 186 carats, white in color and oval in shape. The size and the shape of the diamond resembled that to the size and shape of hen’s egg. However The Kohinoor was cut and now weights 108.93 carats.


Meaning & History

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Originally Kohinoor was called “Samantik Mani”. The name means king of all diamonds. However, in 1739, The king of Persia, Nadir shah invaded India and hold the possession of the diamond. Later he changed its name to Kohinoor which means “Mountain of Lights”. Although the history of the diamond is not clear it is believed that it was found more than 5000 years ago. Originally The Kohinoor diamond belonged to several Indian rulers and later became part of the crown jewels of England.
The first reference to Kohinoor diamond date back to 1200-1300’s were several dynasties possessed the diamond. The slave dynasty owned the diamond from 1206 to 1290, from them the Khilji dynasty owned the diamond from 1290 to 1320. the diamond transferred from Khilji dynasty to Sayyid dynasty to Lodi Dynasty. and it is said that all dynasties owned the diamond as a result of War and violence.

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In 1306, the King of Malwa owned the diamond however he was forced to give away the possession in the hands of the ruler of Kakatiya Empire. Soon the Kakatiya empire fell and the diamond was owned by the Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq.
In 1526 the Kohinoor diamond passed to Prince Babur after he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last Delhi sultan in first battle of panipath. Since then the diamond changed several owners until In 1739 Nadir Shah kind of Persia stole the diamond. Later after the death of Nadir Shah, Ranjit Singh King of Sikh Kingdom got the possession of the diamond in 1800. However Singh lacked vision and bravery and ultimately the British Conquered India and The Sikh Kingdom became the part of the British Empire. The British Governor General Lord Dalhousie took the possession of the Kohinoor for the British.
Soon in 1852, Prince Albert ordered that the Diamond to be cut from 186 carats to 105 carat to increase its beauty. And soon the Kohinoor diamond got its place on the British crown along with over two thousand other diamonds and jewels. Today the diamond sits in the British Crown safely kept in the Tower of London.




It is said that a Curse follows the Kohinoor every where it goes. The curse dates back to Hindu Sanskrit text in 1306. The curse reads as :


“He who owns this diamond will own the world,
but will also know all its misfortunes.
Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity.”

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The life and history of all the male rulers who owned or wore the diamond was filled with murders, violence, treachery, and torture.
It was believed that the British King owned the diamond without knowing how to use it property and hence the diamond became the mix of curse and blessing for the King.
The diamond is slow and belongs to Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet thus the diamond affects its owner slowly rather than quickly. It normally takes several years to start showing its effect and the diamond provides lucky only to those who knew the procedure to purify the diamond. If the diamond is not purified, then according to the curse the owner will loose his or her territory and home peace will get disturbed.
According to the curse of the diamond, the female owner of the diamond who failed to purify it will also becomes more self centered and self seeking which ultimately force them to lose some of their territory, and reputation. It may slowly result in end of kingdom and ultimately death. Princes Diana used the diamond in UN-purified form and it resulted in loos of reputation, her husband’s new marriage and her death.
Hence it can be said that the Kohinoor diamond has turned out to be unlucky for the queens as well as the Kings unless they maintain the purity of the diamond.
The British Royal family is now aware of the curse and because of it, since the reign of Queen Victoria, the diamond has always gone to the wife of the heir of the British throne.



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The Kohinoor diamond has never been sold. Hence the diamond has never changed hands through a well documented sale. The diamond has always changed hands via conquer or stolen or gifted. Hence it is very difficult to value the diamond. However The factors responsible to assess the value of the diamond are weight, cut and clarity. Adding its history to the Kohinoor it is said to be worth around $20 billion USD. however the history associated with the diamond makes the diamond priceless.

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