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Jamal Mashburn is a retired American professional basketball player. He was born on November 29, 1972. He was a prolific scorer in twelve seasons in the league. He is famous with the name of ‘Monster Mash’ due to his unrealistic play, with a career average of 19.1 points per game. He is presently a famous businessman and an analyst. He is one of the richest athletes.

Early life

early life

Few decades earlier from now, around 1990 Mashburn has attended the Cardinal Hayes High School in Bronx, New York, where he helped the Cardinals basketball program to city championship during 1989-1990 season. After high school he ventured south to UK, where he was adored by the UK fans. At UK, he improve his skills and averaged 18.8 per game, which helped the team to make to final four and Elite Eight appearance. He left the UK with fourth highest point total, which has created a history. Mashburn then voted for the NBA’s All-Rookie team during 1993-94 season. But in 1995 he had suffered from a serious leg injury, basically left knee injury, which has cause a serious negative impact on his career. Due to injury he was unable to move fast or jump high, but he took that as an opportunity instead of considering it as a failure. During that time he played a limited role and his average was only 15.8 per game. After 4 years, in 2000 he made his way to the Charlotte, N.C., where he became the top scorer and served as leader of the young Hornets’ team. He maintained his consistency and thus made the NBA All –Star in 2003. In the next season, due to his injury he made the difficult decision to sit out. At that time his average reached to 20.9 points per game and made the decision to retire from the NBA in 2006.

Sports career

sports carrier

Jamal Mashburn is one of the Big Blue Nation’s most beloved basketball players who has earned his nickname Monster Mash during his marvellous playing years. After attending the Cardinal Hayes High School in Bronx, he had boost his career in college and started playing for the University of Kentucky. He was the fourth topmost scorer for the Wildcats and thus reserved his place in NBA in 1993. As a rookie he was quite successful, averaging about 19.2 points per game and thus beaten the Mavericks rookie records. He became the fourth youngest player to score 50 points in the NBA game. After that he had a serious knee injury, which had reduced his play. He had quit the game in 2006. After retiring from basketball, he has worked as an analyst for ESPN and launched a number of successful business ventures.



Being famous with the name Monster mash for his glorious achievement in sports, now he is famous as monster man for his monster success in every way, including being a consummate gentleman. With the natural habit of building a team, Mashburn took his skills straightforward to the business world, just after retirement. He quickly assembled the team of business specialists such as specialists in administration, finances, project management, insurance, and advertising. This team had quickly develop the ownerships models that resulted in interested business portfolios. Till date he has numerous restaurant franchises, around 38 Outback Steakhouse restaurants, thirty two pizza restaurants of Papa John’s, and three Donuts stores of Dunkin. He also has interest in car dealerships, so he is the owner of Kentucky’s Toyota on Nicholasville and Lexus Store of Lexington, and real estate and horse racing industry attracted him a lot. He is the partner in OI Memorial Stable and a founder, officer and director of the MAP Foundation and Mashburn Family Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation. Jamal is one of the biggest success stories who retires as a basketball player and became a famous businessman.



Being a successful sportsperson, true businessman, he is also committed to help others and giving back to the community. In 1993, on signing his first basketball contract he donated 500,000 dollars in order to provide a helping hand in establishing the Mashburn Scholarship Fund at the University of Kentucky. This scholarship fund firstly recognizes the ninth grade students in the Lexington, Kentucky and guide them to high school, and then provide them a full scholarship to attend the University in order to achieve their personal goals. He is also the founder, director and officer of the MAP Foundation which mainly focus on the mentoring of youth and Mashburn family Foundation which basically offers programs and support for Latch-Key children and children of alcoholic and single mother.



Jamal Mashburn has an estimated net worth of $45 million. While he was a professional basketball player, he had earned more than 75 million dollar in salary and endorsements. During his sports career he got the peak salary of about $ 10.075 million. Jamal has earned his net worth basically through his basketball play with Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, and the Phildephia. His Business career after his retirement has added significant amount in his net worth. He had done many successful post-retirement ventures and also a frequent analyst for ESPN. He one of the richest athletes and owns a dozen of restaurants and car dealerships throughout Kentucky.

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