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Born in Gary, Indiana on December 11, 1954, Jermaine Jackson was an integral part of the music band Jackson 5. He used to play the rhythm guitar and was the leading singer but then he switched to bass and took vocals as back up. He was one of the ten children in the Jackson family and brother to the world famous Michael Jackson.


Childhood days

He was a son to Katherine and Joseph Jackson. He was their fourth child. From the childhood day, he was brought up in a musical environment which made him take his career in music industry. His mother, Katherine was a pianist and an aspiring singer, his father, Joseph player guitar and was also a part of the Falcon group with his brother. However, music did not help them pay their bills. Joseph had to work in U.S. Steel. Jermaine with his brothers, Tito and Jackie spend their days writing their own songs. When their father knew about the trio practicing music he was impressed with their passion and encouraged them. Jermaine and his elder brothers founded the famous Jackson Brothersin 1965. Later on, the group had two more Jacksons, Marlon and Michael and the group was renamed to Jackson 5.

Marital status:

Jackson married Hazel Joy Gordy (daughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy) on December 15, 1973. The couple parented three children namely Jermaine La Jaune “Jay” Jackson, Jr. (born on January 27, 1977), Autumn Joi Jackson (born on July 10, 1978), and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson (born on March 17, 1987). Jackson was in relationship with Margaret Maldonado and later he went live in with her after getting divorce from Gordy in 1988. They had two children,Jeremy Maldonado Jackson (born on December 26, 1986) and Jourdynn Michael Jackson (born on January 5, 1989). Jackson was a man of romantic nature. After separating from Maldonado, he dated Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza and fathered two children daughter Genevieve and son Steven, Jr. they had three children together Donte Randall Jackson (born on June 13, 1992), Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson (born on July 25, 1996), and Jermajesty Jackson (born on October 3, 2000). In 1989 he converted into Islam and married Halima Rashid. The couple lives in Los Angeles. In 2012, Jackson also filed a petition to convert his surname from Jackson to Jacksun for some reasons which were told to be artistic which was approved on February 22, 2013.


Career track: group and solo

Career with Jackson 5

His career first took a high flight when the group won a talent contest held in Jackie’s school. From then since, he became serious about music and started practicing more seriously. During his career, he switched positions from lead singer to rhythm guitarist to bassist to back up vocalist. They put in long hours of practice and hard work and used to perform in some middle level nightclubs. They became renowned with the Amateur Night competition organized in the Apollo Theater, Arlem, New York. They not only participated but also won and had a deep mark on Motown CEO Berry Gordy who then proposed a record contract to the group in ‘68. From then since, the group produced few great songs which topped the Billboard charts.


His solo Career

Jermaine began his solo career in the year 1972. He also got married to Hazel during this time. He left the group when the group went to Bahamas for CBS records and joined Motown. His career as a solo singer was quite successfulin late 70s and 80s. Also his album, Let’s Get Serious was nominated for Grammy Award and his songs (“Daddy’s Home,” “Feel the Fire,” and “Let’s Get Serious”) became viral and secured no. 1 position at Billboard. He left Motown in 1983 and joined hands with Arista Records and gave few hits like Do What You Do” and “Dynamite.”


Shaking back hands with the Jackson family

He rejoined Jackson 5 in 1984 and performed in the 55-concert Victory tour which was named after their own newly released album, Victory. The reunion made them earn a net worth of 75 million dollars. They also set the record of the largest grossing on a tour. Jermaine was also caught up in a controversy in 1991 when his song, Word to the Baddcame out. The wordings of the song were an open attack to his very own brother and pop singer Michael Jackson. The brothers then met and mended the gaps between their hearts. The song was re written and the words were manipulated to give a different meaning. In 1992 came The Jacksons: An American Dream which fetched them many awards. The mini serial was based on the life of Jackson 5 and Jermaine’s own son played his role in the series. He also supported his brother Michael during his child abuse trial. Also on June 25th, 2009 he was the one to announce Michael’s death. He was deeply disturbed by his brother’s death and said to media that he wished his life was taken instead of his brother. At his brother’s funeral he sang his brothers favorite song, Smile by Charlie Chaplin.


Money issues but still flaunts his wealth

In 2011, he failed to pay his child support because of the lack of money, he was later found in Calabasas in California shopping. He also owes $30,000 to his ex-wife Alejandra Jackson. He is known to own the famous and stylish Rolls Royce. He is also the fan of the world famous brand, Gucci. He is been spotted several times wearing Gucci trainers and Gucci bag. He also has an expensive wrist watch, several expensive bracelets and necklaces which all point towards the rich lifestyle the singer lives in spite of the money issues he claims he has!

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