Jerry Rice- Net worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $55 million

Profession: Retired American Football Wide Receiver



Jerry rice is a famous name in the football world. He is a retired American sportsperson who played in the National Football League for twenty seasons as a wide receiver in the football world. He has made his name as one of the richest and most successful NFL player in the history of the football world. In the year 2010 he was chosen as the greatest player in the National League Football history in the list of “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players”. He has been on the top position in the touchdown receptions, yards and receptions. He is that one NFL player who is missed in the football field. Rice has played for many successful NFL teams which include Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers. In the year 2006 he took a retirement from a glorious career of 20 years in the NFL field.



Jerry gave birth in Crawford in Mississippi on 13 October in the year 1962. Jerry didn’t see a luxurious childhood. His father was a brick mason and according to Jerry it is through working with his father as a mason he has developed the strength and the hands required by a football player. He was interested in football since his childhood days and was an ace player in the high school. He went to Mississippi Valley State University from the year 1981 to 1984. He got his name “world” during his college days and he was so called as there was not a single ball in the whole world, Jerry missed to catch. He has made many records which include NCAA marks for 1,450 receiving yards and 102 receptions. In the year 1999, his school changed the name of their football stadium to Rice- Totten Stadium from Magnolia Stadium to honor their two ace players Rice and Totten.


jerry rice life

On 8th September in the year 1987 Rice got married to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell. After a successful and happy marriage the couple decided to get divorced and finally in the year 2009 they got separated. They have three children named Jaqui Bonet (7 June 1987) Jerry Rice, Jr. (27 July 1991) and Jada Symone (16 May, 1996).

Apart from his interest in football, Jerry also played golf for around twenty years. He has made many TV appearances by participating in commercials like All Sport, Gatorade and Visa. During the 2005-2006 season of Dancing with the Stars, Jerry participated in this reality show. He has made appearances in other reality shows which include “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” and “The Biggest Loser: Families”.  He has played small roles in television shows like The Game, Rules of Engagement and The Class.



Jerry Rice has mainly earned his money through playing in various NFL teams for 20 years. He has a total worth of 55 million US dollars which makes him the most victorious NFL player.  He has not only earned wealth through the football games, but also through TV commercials and TV serials. He recently sold his luxurious Bay Area estate which has six bedrooms, movie theater, and gift wrapping room, pool house and eleven bathrooms for 9 million US dollars. It is a smart home as the owner can operate all the appliances in the home from anywhere in the world. His annual salary during his NFL career was around $ 4,500,000. In the year 1996 he made a seven years contract with the San Francisco 49ers worth $32 million and in the year 2006 he signed a $30 million contract for six years with Oakland Raiders.



In his grand and victorious career, Jerry won many awards for being one of the greatest players in the NFL history. He has played 303 games which is the highest number in the history of NFL played by any punter or even a non- placekicker. Some of his awards and achievements are mentioned here:

  • He was selected for the Pro Bowl thirteen times in the years 1986- 1996, 1998 and 2002.
  • When he was playing in the San Francisco 49ers team he won three Super Bowl Rings.
  • He has been the fastest player to reach the 12,000, 13,000, 14,000, 15,000, 16,000, 17,000, 18,000, 19,000, 20,000, 21,000 and 22,000 receiving yards.
  • He has the record of the “Most Career Receptions” and the “Most Career Touchdown Receptions”.




Here are some of the words and the quotations by Jerry Rice:

  • “I think I just went into a system that was willing to utilize me and gave me opportunities and i felt fortunate to be able to go to Oakland and put the silver and black on. I wanted to prove to everybody that I could still play”.
  • “I went out there to play my game for the fun of it and never based my career around records”.
  • “If I should get selected into the Hall of Fame, I’d be able to say ‘thank you’ to all the legends that are in the Hall of Fame”. And also say thank you to my teammates, and also to all the fans. It’s going to be like a dream come true”.
  • “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t”.


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