Jimmy Johnson Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $40 million

Profession/Career: American Football player, Football coach, Commentator, Actor, Businessperson

James William “Jimmy” Johnson popularly known as Jimmy Johnson is a well established American Football coach and former football player. Started his career serving Oklahoma State University then moved on to the University of Miami followed by National Football League. At present, he is involved in Fox NFL Sunday, a pregame show.

Early life:


Jimmy was born on July 16th, 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas. He completed his graduation from Thomas Jefferson High School and took his degree from the University of Arkansas. In this university, he became a part of local football team, which included various high personalities from this background such as Ken Hatfield, Jim Lindsey etc. This team included all the shining stars that became head coaches for the national team afterwards. He was entitled as Jimmy Jump Up during his football practices as he never used to stay down his legs on the ground and always used to jump around. His personal life is quite interesting. He got married to Linda Kay Cooper in 1963 and the couple together had two sons. They got separated in 1990. Again in 1999, he tied knot with Rhonda Rookmaaker.

Back to back shifting:

He started his journey in 1965 being an assistant coach at Louisiana University. Followed this position he planned to make a shift from this university to Memorial High School in Mississippi. In 1967, he was offered to train a team at Wichita State University. In 1970 he took a transition from assistant coach position to line coach at the University of Oklahoma. Here he got the opportunity to work for Chuck Fairbanks and Jim Dickey. In 1973, he served Arkansas University as defensive coordinator. He was in a hope that he would be declared as the next head coach after the retirement of Broyles but all the efforts were in vain. In 1977 and 1978 he served the University of Pittsburgh as the assistant coach. He used to train Hugh Green, Randy Holloway, etc. And came into contact with Dave Wannstedt. In 1979, Oklahoma State kept him busy for five seasons till 1983.


His journey with various teams:

  • University of Miami: Replacing Miami’s former coach Howard Schnellenberger Johnson took the responsibility of the team in his hand. His initial start was really fantastic with his record of 8-5 on the very first season. He was there with the team for five years, giving them the record of 52-9 and won the national championship. During his reign he gave full freedom to his players where they were allowed to show their talent in each and every field. The team of Miami lost several games during his tenure and due to this various question was raised on his coaching capabilities. He was also chosen as the Hall of Fame for the University of Miami in 1996.
  • Dallas Cowboys: In this he replaced Tom Landry and headed the team as its head coach. After joining this team he led the Dallas to the Championship league several times. He remained as the coach till 1993. He had written his name in the history of the NFL who led his team to Super bowl for consecutive two years, i.e. 1992 and 1993. He made several records during his tenure with Jerry Jones but finally they both decided to separate due to some clashes.
  • Miami Dolphins:  in 1996 Jimmy after getting experienced as a TV analyst worked as a coach for Miami Dolphins replacing Don Shula. During the tenure of Don, Miami had a very low expectation year (1995) so they all were happy to find Johnson as his replacement.  But his winning percentage was only 55.3%, which was lower than Don Shula. In 1999, he gave his resignation letter from Miami but after one day he again took back that position.jimmydolphin


Worked as TV Analyst:

His interest towards analyzing each and every minute detail of the game took him to pursue his further career in the Television Industry. After resigning from Dolphins he started working as a TV analyst for the FOX Sports channel. At present he is engaged in Fox NFL Sunday as on-air member. On the Fox Channel he was seen as a host along with Chris Rose in the Bowl Championship Series. He also worked as guest actor in various shows such as The Shield, Johnson wreckers and also in the movie The Waterboy. Johnson was the big time fan of Survivor: Nicaragua show earlier so he gave the auditions for its new season and got selected.  This was its twenty-first edition in late 2010 of which he became the part. But unfortunately he was voted out on its eighth day and got 18th rank overall.


Endorsements, property and his assets:

Jimmy currently resides in Islamorada in The Florida Keys. He has a quiet spacious apartment there in the city with all the luxurious facilities. He has made several endorsements with different brands which includes Procter & Gamble. He also made his appearance in various advertisements such as ExtenZe, male enhancement pills. He is the owner of the restaurant called Three Rings which was established after being awarded for the three championships. He was having one restaurant in Oklahoma also but now it is no more. He has one fishing boat which was also named as Three Rings. This is not enough about his property. His property includes bars and clubs in Key Largo, Florida



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