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Net Worth: $10.5 million

Career/Profession: Military Leader, U.S Representative

John Sidney McCain is the senior most United States Senator from Arizona. A naval captain, war veteran, prisoner of war, McCain has a net worth of about $10.5 million. He has been in the post of Senator since 1987 and was Republican presidential nominee in 2008. He had a successful military career of 22 years as a pilot and an officer in the navy.

Followed his family Tradition:


John was born to John S. McCain, naval officer and Roberta McCain on August 29th, 1936. He belonged to a background of United States naval admirals. His family members used to follow his father to naval posting areas. Because of this he switched from one school to another. In 1951, he along with his family settled in Northern Virginia. He learned and expertise himself in wrestling and completed his schooling in 1954. Following the trends of his family, he joined the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. There he used to become targets for bullying. He also excelled himself in boxing. He has been very stubborn since childhood and did not believe in following rules. He completed his graduation in 1958.

The Vietnam War was the turning point in his life:

In Vietnam War, he exposed his skills and worked as a volunteer for combat duty. He also began flying attack planes on low attitude against the North Vietnamese. His A-4 Skyhawk plane was shot by the missile of the USS Forestal, which caused severe destruction and explosion. Again, during his 23rd air mission, he was accidentally shot down and got injured. Later on he was taken to Hanoi Hilton prison. After knowing his background they announced his early release but he refused as he did not want to violate the military rules and he knew that North Vietnamese were going to use his release and served it as a piece of propaganda against them.


Prisoner of War:

He was repeatedly tortured and beaten for about five and a half years in prison and finally got released with the other POWs in 1973. His bravery and patience made him earn the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. Even after so much patience he did not lose his determination and continued to serve as a naval aviator. After nine months of rest and rehabilitation, he again joined his flying duty.

Entered into Politics:

After flight duty reinstated, he was selected as the Commanding Officer of Training Squadron in Florida in 1976. After joining this he worked on to improve flight safety records and its readiness. In 1977 he was raised to the position of Navy’s liaison of the U.S Senate. This was his entry into the world of politics. After getting a very low treatment, he decided to quit Navy. His chances of being promoted to the class of full admiral were very low so he planned to leave the Navy and join politics as a Congress leader. According to him there he had a better chance of upliftment. He was entitled as a disabled and was awarded with disability pension. After quitting Navy, he moved to Arizona.

Easily winning a vote as U.S House of Representative he was elected in 1982 to political office. After the retirement of Barry Goldwater, he won the election and served as a conservative politician. In a period of 1987-1989 he underwent federal investigation being a member of Keating Five groups of senators. After investigation, he was cleared of all the charges, but investigators announced his disability as a poor judge.


Nominee for the Republican Presidential Post:

McCain after clearing out the matter again re-elected to the Senate. He was a reputed politician who has firm beliefs and people were impressed by his openness to press. He always worked in support of tobacco legislation and always urged to reform the campaign finance system. He was also nominated for the Republican Presidential post in 2000. In the New Hampshire, McCain won the elections by a large difference in votes. He captured the whole power of Michigan and Arizona. McCain also won several New England States and his leg power forced him to suspend the campaign. After surgery for skin cancer, he again came into politics.  He passed several bills and new laws which were based on the reformation of the system. The Supreme Court passed the bills in 2003.

His property:

John McCain ancestors had eight properties under them. After they John McCain became the owner of the whole property. But due to certain crisis, he sold five properties out of the eight worth $11 million. He also employed additional household in 2007. Out of the five properties three were in Phoenix. One house in Phoenix was the previous resident of Cindy McCain and John and it was sold for $3.2 million. McCain increased the budget of household employees from $184, 000 to $273, 000 in 2007.

Personal life:


McCain firstly got married to Carol Shepp in 1965. She was a model from Philadelphia. She was having her two children Douglas and Andrew, who was adopted by him. But the couple got divorced in 1980. After this he got married to Cindy Lou Hensley, who was the daughter of Arizona Beer Distributor in Phoenix. The couple together had four children, one of the child was adopted by them in 1993.


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