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Net Worth: $80 million

Career/Profession: Author, Investor, Businessman, Financial Commentator


Robert Toru Kiyosaki popularly known as Robert Kiyosaki is a well known American Literacy activist, businessman, financial commentator and an eminent speaker. He with so many capabilities has an estimated net worth of about $80 million. He is renowned for being the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. It is an inspirational writing, which comes under the series of Rich Dad. His fame around the world was boosted by his interest in social promotion. He used to write regular blogs on Yahoo finance.

His Early Career with Marine Corps:


Robert belongs to the fourth generation of Kiyosaki and was born on April 8th, 1947 in Hilo Hawaii. He was born to Ralph H. Kiyosaki and Marjorie O. Kiyosaki. He was firstly married to Janet but they got divorced in 1981. In 1983, he came across Kim Meyer and they started dating each other.  The couple got married in 1986. He joined U.S Merchant Marine Academy after completing his schooling from Hilo High School. He was graduated as a deck commissioner. He used his talent in the Vietnam War as a gunship pilot for Marine Corps in 1972. He respectfully left his position in Marine Corps in 1974and was entitled to the Air Medal. After quitting Marine Corps, he worked as a salesman for Xerox Machines from 1974-1978.

Switching from small ventures to large one:

Robert dissatisfaction with this small job as a salesman led him to shift his focus from small business to industrialization. He established a company in 1977 that used to manufacture nylon and Velcro wallets. The company continually made profits, but as he went on greedier after compromising in its quality he went bankrupt.  In 1980s, he tried his hands on manufacturing T-shirts for famous rock bands such as Motley Crue. But this did not prove to be beneficial. After getting bankrupt, he was homeless and forcefully he started living with his girlfriend before he started another venture.  In 1997, he established Cashflow Technologies Inc. It was a business education firm which maintains and operates Rich Dad Brands. He also pursued his career as a financial adviser where his teachings mainly focus on financial education and generating opportunities from real-estate business. He used to teach the lessons of investing money without working for pay bills.

His Investments in various Business ventures:


Though he was the founder of Cashflow Technologies he continued trying his hands on other business ventures. These ventures made him open to all the sectors of the industries. Some of them are:

  • Mining:  initially he started with silver mine in 2002 in South America, which was followed by gold mine in China in the same year. He also owns some of the public firms from IPOs during 2000s. In one of his books he revealed that he currently owns a copper mine.
  • Metals and coins: in his childhood only he started making investments in metals and coins. He believed that by just investing a small amount of money in coins person can crack the world history by making a huge amount of money. He has various brands of gold and silver with him, which he used against government if misprinting of U.S dollar happens.
  • Real estate:  His major source of wealth is his real estate ventures. He has various real estate ventures, development department, which is located all across the United States. He also owns several hotels, some golf courses, complexes etc.  He also invested in condos in Maui from which he made a small profit. After gaining so many achievements in this business he decided to shift from small ventures to commercial ventures in this field and later on he moved to larger apartments too. He took retirement in 1994.
  • Oil wells and Solar Company:  His involvement with Oil Company remained hidden. But in one of his interviews he opened up his involvement and announced that he has some oil wells and oil drilling ventures in the United States. But he continued to maintain his distance from BP or ExxonMobil. He also invested in solar energy company.


Rich Dad Poor Dad:


Robert Kiyosaki is renowned for his writing skills. He has written several motivational and inspirational books and among them one of the well known write is Rich Dad Poor Dad. It belongs to the series of Rich Dad which always comes up with the new lesson to be given to audiences. Rich Dad Poor Dad comes up with the comparison between rich and normal peoples’ lifestyles. It focuses majorly on the issue of bankruptcy, which is due to business move rather than ill health and unemployment issues.  Its central idea is to demonstrate how people get involved in paying bills back to back. He has written about 15 books which have sales of 26 million copies.

Property and Assets:


His involvement with real estate venture is undoubtedly very large. He has invested in so many ventures which includes complexes, apartment, gold and silver coins.  These all are added to his assets. Due to these properties he makes a profit of worth $2 million after tax free. His assets include 1400 units of apartments till 2011. He has also invested his money in Triple net lease and warehouses which added to his property. His silver and gold mines in South America and in some parts of the United States also added to his property. The metal and coin dealing industry is responsible for adding a large amount to its net worth.


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