John McEnroe Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $ 50 million

Profession: professional tennis player


John Patrick McEnroe, who was born on 16th of February, 1959 is a resident of New York city, New York, United States. He is a very famous and renounced tennis player (professional). He took birth in the hospital of Wiesbaden, West Germany. He is one of those players who play with their left hand and his height is 5ft 111 in i.e. 180 cm. He is ranked as World’s No. 1 tennis player. John McEnroe won three Grand Slams at Wimbledon and he also won four Glam Slams at US open. He is renounced for his artistry of making shot and his skills of volleying. He completed his school life from Trinity School and got graduated in the year 1977; thereafter he completed his college life from Stanford University.   John’s father, John Patrick McEnroe Sr. was stationed with the Air Force of United States in the Wiesbaden, West Germany and then in the year 1960, he and his family switched to New York City and there his father started working as an agent of advertising company. John’s father was of Irish descent and was a very hard working man since along with working as an agent in the daytime; he used to attend Fordham Law School at night. McEnroe begins playing when he was only eight years old and use to go Douglaston Club with his younger brothers to play tennis. In the year 1966 and 1964 he got two younger brothers. When McEnroe’s interest got developed in tennis field then his family sent him to Eastern Law Tennis Association. His efforts soon showed his abilities in this field since he started competing regional tournaments and soon started facing National junior’s tournaments.




McEnroe career started flourishing since when he started playing regional tournaments and then national tournaments. At the age of twelve he achieved 7th rank in tennis players of his age group. Since this was his big time achievement at this stage of his life, so for improving his skills he got enrolled to Port Washington Tennis Academy, Long Island which was situated in the New York City. At the age of 18, he played a mixed doubles game with Mary Carillo at the French Open and glad fully won that match. Thereafter he played a tournament at Wimbledon and left the match draw, and then in the same year he played a match of four sets against Jimmy Connors which he lost. But his performance was recorded as a best amateur performance during open era. During his college form Stanford University he won a match of singles titles of National Collegiate Athletic Association in the year 1978. Thereafter in the year 1978 he went out on a tour and got a deal signed with Sergio Tacchini which was his first professional deal. In the later part of this he achieved five grand titles which also includes his first straight sets match beating Arthur Ashe under Masters Grand Prix. In the year 1979, when he was just twenty years old, he won in the straight sets at US open by defeating Vitas Gerulaties, his friend and so received his first Grand Slam Singles titles. Not only this, he also achieved the tag of the youngest male winner which belonged to Pancho Gonzales since 1948, when he was also 20 years old. Thereafter his career was achieving heights. He won 17 doubles and 10 singles titles in the year 1979 which marked a record in open-era and he beat Bjorn Borg in five sets in the year 1980. He started getting fame and use to get bows from the audience while entering the court. During the matches McEnroe use to never lose his temper even if he is losing. He had no proud on himself and use to love to spend his weekends with his family.

Style of play


McEnroe’s playing strategy was not normal; it used to be different from everyone else. McEnroe was a left handy and use to focus on perfection like in order to make his shot perfect during running time; he got escaped from some of his professional tours and came back with his perfect shots. His way of serving was very different and unique. While serving he tries to make his opponent confused by making such posture in which he used to stand with his back  entirely to his opponent and around a meter away from the center. Most of the champions were used to known for theirs energetic games but here McEnroe was famous for his unmatchable volley skills and serving mastery.



John McEnroe is a very rich personality. He leads a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. The estimated net worth of Sutherland is said to be $50 million. He has received a lot of appreciation in his work. He is one among the highest paid tennis player in the world. He has invested his money in a Malibu property. The property covers a total of 2800 square feet area. The house has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bedrooms. He invested $3.345 million in this property. The presence of beach in front of the house further enhances the beauty of the house.

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