John Stamos Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $40 Million

Career/Profession: Actor, Singer, Drummer, Songwriter

John Phillip Stamos, a stunning personality who has tried his hands in every field whether it is acting, singing, writing etc. who has a net worth of about $40 Million. He is well known and recognized for his work in the TV series. He is an accomplished singer, actor and gained popularity as a drummer too. The winning career, he has got is all because of ‘Full House’, a TV series by ABC Productions.

His Profile:

John Stamos was born on 19th August, 1963 in Cypress California. He is an elder son of a swimsuit model Loretta and Bill Stamos. His last name was Stamatopoulos but his paternal grandfather shortened it to Stamos when they shifted to Greece. He has two sisters named Alana and Janeen and they both are teachers. Because of his father’s force he started working in restaurants at a very young age. He also started playing drums in his school John F. Kennedy High School’s band. He started pursuing his career towards acting and singing. He decided to drop his first semester in the Cypress College in 1981 due to some shots in his acting career. This decision was fully supported by his family.


Shining Career Started with:

‘General Hospital’, his first ever TV series was the first stepping stone towards his success. He featured the role as Blackie Parrish. It was the most appealing roles he played which got him a Daytime Emmy Award in 1984. Due to the popularity he gained he continued this role for two years and finally left that odd job in his father’s restaurant. He further moves on and played a lead role in the CBS sitcom named Dreams.

Transition from TV to Film:

After gaining so much popularity from TV series, he took a transition from TV to Film Industry. His first movie ‘Never Too Young to Die’ was flopped and earned low rates. In 2006, he performed in Wedding Wars where he played a role of gay wedding planner and his role emphasizes same sex marriages. He again cast in TV shows ‘You Again’ with Jack Klugman. After this ABC started a new family friendly show ‘Full House’ which was a big hit and solidified his career. His name in the first season was Jesse Cochran but in the second season to highlight and emphasize Greek heritage he changed it to Katsopolis. This series continued for eight seasons, but it had a negative impact on Stamos career. It was difficult for him to separate himself with this popular character ‘Uncle Jesse. He also starred in some roles in TV series’ The Thieves’ and comedy series of ABC production i.e. ‘Jake in Progress’. This appearance rejuvenated the TV industry, but due to some circumstances executives cancelled this show. He had also replaced Matthew Broderick in ‘How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying’. He sometimes tends to make guest appearance in several shows such as ER or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In the 13th season of ER he played a lead role of Dr. Tony Gates. In 2008, he simultaneously was working on another project on ABC production ‘A Raisin in the Sun’. He is a versatile personality who believes in charity and shares his profit to the nonprofit organization by working with Project Cuddle.


Passionate about Drums:

Stamos interest in playing drum is the main reason for the establishment of his band called ‘Destiny’. Before Destiny he used to perform with ‘The Beach Boys’ and also made an appearance in their video Kokomo. In this he played conga and steel drums. In 1992, he gave his voice for the remake of ‘Forever’ in the album ‘Summer in Paradise’. He collaborated with ‘The Beach Boys’ and started touring and playing drums in some of their hits. In 2010 he got to perform at the concert in Fort Myers with the same group. During the following year, he also worked with John Fogerty in one of the concerts where he got the opportunity to play three instruments simultaneously i.e. Drums, guitar and tambourine. He started giving stage performances in amusement parks and various parties. He continued his tours with The Beach Boys.

Performing World Wide:

He started performing in various albums like Shades of Blue along with Lanny Cordola and many other stars. He gave his performance on ‘Lullabye’ song by Billy Joel in the album ‘Unexpected Dreams-Songs from the Stars’ and in Marianas Trench song in Masterpiece Theatre. He was awarded with Gold Icon Award for his performance in Bye Bye Birdie where he acted as a character named Albert.

Personal Life:

Stamos love life with Rebecca Romijn was quite smooth for about 10 years. In 1994, he came in contact with Rebecca Romijn in one of the modelling show. After two months of contact they started dating and finally got married in September 1998. But this relationship last for only six years and they decided to separate in 2004 and got divorced in March 2005.



In 1982, he was awarded with Soapy Awards for General Hospital. Later on he was awarded with Young Artist Awards in 1984 for the same series. In 2007, he won TV Land Awards for Full House.

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