Kevin Hart- Net Worth, Money and More

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Kevin Hart was born on 6th July 1979. He is 34 years old stand up comedian. Kevin Hart is fabulous when it comes to comedy. With his witty sense of humor he has won many hearts. From childhood itself, he was interested in mimicry and tried to develop his own art and style. He always gives a heart throbbing comic act and impresses everyone with his performance. He has superb comic timing and has done many stage shows and many roles in movies. He has released his own Stand-up album in the year 2008 “I’m a Grown Little Man”.



Kevin Hart was born in Pennsylvania in a middle class family. He is a single parent child as his father in his childhood was a cocaine addict; he was jailed many a times and had many offensive records. Kevin has one brother Robert Hart who is older than him. Kevin discovered his talent of making people laugh from very young age only. Kevin used to entertain people with the natural talent, and had an ability to win everyone’s heart with his amusing ways.  He had seen a lot of troubles in his upbringing days. He used his art as a mean to come over all the sorrows that he faced. He completed his high school education from George Washington High School and completed his graduation from Community College in New York. He served himself as a shoe salesman also. He finally ended up with his interest after giving a stand-up comedy act at a night club in Philadelphia.


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Kevin did many shows as a stand up comedian. His first appearance was in Philadelphia at The Laff House. The start of his career was not that good and many a times he was not appreciated for his work. The worst criticism he faced was during his performance when someone had thrown a chicken piece on him. He had seen many ups and down but decided to make his mark in comedy. He finally tried his chance in many comedy competitions and ended with the happy face. He has his own exceptional style of mimicry which is a mixture of several other acts performed by known artists like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle. He has performed at various places and with this in 2009 he started his tour. He presented his famous acts “I’m a Grown Little Man” in 2009, “Seriously Funny” and many more. The recent one in 2013 is a television show “Let Me Explain” which made him won many hearts. This was a million dollar successful show. He is active on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and blogs. He keeps on entertaining by his new acts.



He got married in 2003 with Torrei. She was also a stand up comedian. Their relationship started due to the same work interests they had. The marriage didn’t go well and the beautiful couple got separated after 7 years of their successful marriage. Kevin Hart has one daughter Heaven Hart and a son Hendrix Hart. Sources say that the couple is maintaining a healthy friendly relationship after the separation. His lovely mother died from cancer in the year 2006. Talking about his father he had developed a good tuning with him now. His father has improved and overcame with his habit of consuming cocaine. In 2013 Hart was arrested and was accused for drunk driving. With his habit he once meets with an accident. He was under three year of probation period because for his drinking habits.



He won many awards like in 2005 he got the “Best Actor” award from BET Awards for his outstanding performance in “Think like a Man”. In 2013 he won an award under the category of NBA- celerity. He has hosted many award shows.



The net worth property owned by him through his assets and Luxuries are $14 million. He owns a private jet. He has a luxurious cars and very fond of classy ones. The recent car he owns is the Range Rover of worth $95,125. He has earned over $9 million from his comedy shows. He has craze of accessories and his favorite is the Jewels from Shannon Saint Clair Jewelry. He has cars from Chevrolet too.



He had done many films and television shows. The Films he acted in are:

  • In 2002 he acted in films like “Paper Soilders” and “Scary Movie 3.
  • In 2003 he acted in “Death of Dynasty”.
  • In 2004 he did a role in “Along Came Polly” and “Solo Plane”.
  • In 2005 he worked in “The- 40- Year- Old- Virgin” and “In The Mix”.
  • In the year 2006 he acted in the movie “The Last Stand”.
  • In the year 2007 he worked “Epic’s Movie”
  •  In year 2008 he has done roles in “Fools Gold” and “Superhero Movie” “Extreme Movie” “Meet Dave” and “Drillibit Taylor”.
  • In year 2009 he acted in films like “Party Down”, “Not Easily Broken”, “ I am a Grown Little Man”,” Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire”.
  • In year 2010 he did films like “Something like a Business”, “Death at a Funeral”, “Little Fockers”, “Seriously Funny”.
  • In year 2011 he acted in “35 and Ticking” , “Let Go”, “The Precious One”, “Laugh at My Pain”.
  • In year 2012 he did films like “The Five-Year Engagement”, “Think like a Man”, “Exit Strategy”.
  • In the year 2013 he did film like “This is the End”, “Grudge Match”, “Let Me Explain”.

There is a list of television shows done by him, the recent ones are:

  • In the year 2010 “Cubed”.
  • In the year 2011 he did many television shows like “Untitled Burr and Hart Project”, “Little in Common”, “Modern Family”.
  • In the year 2012 he hosted a Music Video Award Show.
  • In the year 2013 he did shows like “Real Husbands Of Hollywood”,”Saturday Night Love”, “Wild ’n Out”.

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