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Net Worth: $300 Million



Gene Simmons was born on 25th August, 1949 and is natively from Israel. He is a big fame in music industry and on the second count he is an entrepreneur too. He is popularly known by the names “The demons” and the most famous one, “Dr Love”. He is a very well-known Rock star in America. If we talk about the people in this country, they have a huge craze for music and dance which create a lasting influence on youth to develop their career in this field. This Israel artist was not far behind in the counts of his achievement’s, there is a long list and records which has shown that since he started his career graph success has never fallen down. Selling millions of copies from the known the rock band “Kiss” led him to make his everlasting remark in late 70’s. Having a huge fan following this guy has inspired a lot of youngsters. The other qualities that he posses are: he is a co-lead vocalist, a song writer, famous bass guitarist, and music producer, actor, and popular in having his hands placed on drums and keyboards. He has left his remark in every field because of the talent he had and the will to achieve something.

Early Life


This guy was not born as singer but was born to be a singer.  He was not born with the silver spoon and his family was so poor that he had seen hard times when he was young. He was born in Israel and had migrated to America. Talking about his earlier life he didn’t just made his start in career from music but had served in many ways. The first was to be an assistant editor for the famous magazine Vogue, he also served as an instructor for Sixth grade in a city of New York and he was also involved in trading. As discussed that this city “The new world” of lights, glamour and music has always influenced everyone and so it made an influence on him. The influence from was yet another famous band “The Beatles who had taken the rock music to a next higher level. Making money was what he wanted because of the poverty he had seen at the very young age so, he tried his hands on many things. Talking about the education, he pursued his graduation from County Community College located in Sullivan.


Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck Host Rocktoberfest Opening Night

Being in his teenage in 70’s Gene shifted from bands to bands but his first one was the band Lynx following with Long Island Sound, the first band he formed. There is a list of some other bands in which he served like Bullfrog Bheer and Wicked Lester. Wicked Lester was formed by his fellow mate Stanley who formed an album under Epic Records but unfortunately that album was never released. A set back in the career led them to tie their knots to search in for a new revolution. They reformed their band and added new member’s Peter Criss, Paul Ace Freshly which made them gave their group name as “Kiss”. This is where they made their mark. The main contract was with the Emerald City Records, the Album which had hit the first position on the list was “alive” and then there were many. “Rock and Roll All Night” and “Destroyer” also gained popularity. Simmons had a different art and way of performing on the stage, the persona and the makeover he carried influenced a lot of crowd all over. His style of Hard rock is famous all over.


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The net worth estimated is $300 million and has a huge property all over. He succeeded in starting his own clothing line, magazine. The most exciting was when he started his own talk show on the television. His net worth including his assets and salary in 2013 is $135,000. The money has flown into his bank account through the film he has worked in like “Detroit Metal City”, “Extract”. He has done many documentary and television shows like “Rush”, “Castle”, “The Fairly Odd Parents” and many more. “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” which is reality show is very popular among youngsters. His band charges $500,000 for one night performance.  He owns a house in Beverly hills in CA. He owns two cars, one is a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle which  has been given the look of gene himself and has a net worth of around $10,000 and another one is Kiss Mimi Cooper, which again have the signature look of Gene.


Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "The Impossible" - Red Carpet

Not only he is a great musician and an actor but he is good at languages and he can speak English, German, and Hebrew. He has been in a relationship for 24 years with an actress, Shannon Tweed and recently got married in 2011. Simmons has a son Nick Simmons and a daughter, Sophie. Nick Simmons is 25 and is an aspiring musician and wants to be a great rock star like his father. He is also a very famous comic book writer. He had many affairs with well known personalities like Diana Ross and with a beautiful singer Cher.

More about him

Simmons was awarded with the “Golden God” award recently. He has been nominated for his television show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” by the People’s Choice Award.  As he had an everlasting influence on American youth one of the museums decided to keep his axe bass by his name.

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