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Net Worth – $ 5 Million

Profession/ Career – Actor and Singer

Nationality – Korean


Kim Hyun Joong is a famed Korean actor and singer but do not confuse him with Kim Hyung-jun, another famous Korean celebrity. Kim hyun is also an entertainer and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501. He is best known for his role in Boys Over Flowers as Yoon Ji-hoo. Not only this, Kim Hyun joong is also a style icon member of the charity football team FC MEN in South Korea.

Instruments – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums and Violin

Early life and Career

The style icon was born on June 6, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. Hyun Joong used to play bass guitar in a band during his school years. To become a singer he was dropped out of the school though he was a diligent student, but soon rejoined it and completed his education after making his debut in band SS501 in 2005.  He is the eldest member of the band SS501. Soon after his debut in band he released his debut album titled Warning and after 5 months they released their second mini album, Snow Prince. The group earned popularity and established a fan club called “Triple S” in Korea and “Triple S Japan” in Japan. The band SS501 released several albums, Kokoro, Distance, Deja Vu and Lucky Days albums. Kim also worked as a waiter in a family restaurant located at Jamsil-dong. After completing his graduation in 2006 he enrolled himself for the course stage production management in Chungwoon University in 2011. In 2012, he also studied applied music in Kongju Communication Arts (KCAU).

Kim got his first leading role (Yoon Ji-hoo) in the Korean drama Boys Over flowers. While promoting Boys Over flowers in Yokohama, Japan, he got diagnosed with H1N1.Kim appeared in various television dramas (sitcoms and drama). Starting from 2005, he initially worked in two sitcoms – Nonstop 5 and Can Love Be Refilled? After 2005 he starred in various dramas, Hotelier (2007), Spotlight (2008), Boys Over Flowers (2009), Playful Kiss (2010), Dream High (20011) and Inspiring Generation (2014). The singer Kim Hyun Joong also sang various TV show Theme songs viz. My Head is Bad & Making a Lover with SS501 and A Thing Called Happiness for Boys Before Flowers OST (2009), One More Time for Mischievous Kiss OST in 2010, If You are Like Me for The Marriage Plot OST (2012) and in 2014 When Today Passes for Inspiring Generation OST. He also worked as a voice actor by giving his voice (Korean version) in the movie Shark Bait / Pi’s Story (2006).


2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou invited Kim to perform “Sunshine Again”. In 2011, he released his solo album titled Break Down. The album sold more than 70,000 pre-ordered copies in just 10 days. It was placed at #1 on Gaon Weekly Album Chart. In the same year he released his next solo album Lucky. In addition to these Kim also released his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy in 2012.after one week it sold more than a million copies in Japan and acquired a gold status there. In 2012 he released another Japanese single known as Heat and Tonight in 2013. In 2012 Kim released a full length Japanese album having 14 tracks. Besides these he released a few more alums – Round3 (Korean mini album, 2013), Korean Singles- Thank You (2008), Marry Me / Marry You (2011) and in 2013 The Reason I Live and a Japanese studio album Unlimited in 2013.

His charming looks attracted a number of companies who wanted him to advertise their products. Hence Kim appeared in various endorsements approximately 20 such as Lotte Milkshake, Samsung Anycall Haptic Pop, Dinamic Kin (Coca Cola), Hotsun Chicken etc. He is also an Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Millennium Development, March 2012.

Nickname – Kim DogCow

Personal Life

The South Korean entertainer has a nuclear family. His family consists of his parents and an older brother (Allen Kim).


Genres -K-pop, J-pop, Dance and R&B


Talented Kim got awards in every field he worked from music to drama to acting. First talking about his music awards, Kim received his first few awards in the year 2009 at Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards for the categories Korea’s Top Buzz Male Artist, Taiwan’s Top Buzz Korean Artist and Asia’s Top Buzz Male Artist. He won the same award in year 2010 for Hong Kong’s Top Buzz Korean Artist, Taiwan’s Top Buzz Korean Artist and The Best Search Asia Buzz Award 2010. He again received the Yahoo! Award for the third consecutive year for Taiwan’s Top Buzz Solo Artist, Korea’s Top Buzz Solo Artist and Asia’s Top Buzz Solo Artist. For next two consecutive years too he won the same awards for Hong Kong’s Top Buzz Solo Artist, Taiwan’s Top Buzz Solo Artist, Asia’s Top Buzz Solo Artist, Most Popular Artist of the Decade and Top Idol Award (2013).  He also received Mnet 20’s Choice Awards for most influential star in 2010. In 2012 he won Asia Song Festival Award for the categories Best Asian Artist Award and Best Artist Award- South Korea.  In the same year he won Miguhui Awards for Most Popular Overseas Awards. In 2013 he won the award for Male Solo Singer at Korean Entertainment Awards in Japan. For break down he won Best Male Solo Artist at Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2011 and for Heat Kim received Tower Records’ K-Pop Lovers! Awards for the category Single Daesang in 2012.

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing


Now switching over to his acting awards, Kim mostly won awards for his two popular shows viz. Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. He won TV Drama Newcomer Award at Korea Junior Star Awards, Male Popularity Award at Paeksang Arts Awards, Popular Actor at Seoul International Drama Awards for Boys Over Flowers (2009). For drama Playful Kiss (2010) he earned Male Popularity Award at MBC Drama Awards. He also received the best dresser award in year 2010 at Sky Perfect TV awards.

Besides these he is the owner of a number other awards. He also won awards for “We Got Married” and “Lucky”.

Assets owned by him

He is known to have the most expensive house ranked no. 4, located at Changdamdong in a Europian style villa. He purchased the house after his tremendous success of concerts in Japan worth $1.7 Million.

He also owns a white Ferrari, which he rarely drives.

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