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Net worth: 20 million dollars

Career / profession: television actor, stand-up comedian

Born on 24th Jan 74 as Edward Parker “Ed” Helms is worth 20 million bucks! Famous as a comedian, he is world widely known for his work on his daily soap as Andy Bernard in The Office (U.S. version) and also as Stuart Price in the Hangover series. It is due to these shows that Ed Helms was able to gather few noteworthy roles in his account like the one of a dentist, Stuart Price in the comedy movie Hangover. It was with this movie he showed the world his real acting talent and his caliber. Soon he appeared in funny movie Cedar Rapids. But the movie could not stand long at the box office as compared to The Hangover Part II. Later that year, he did major roles in movies like The Duplass Brothers’ Jeff, Who Lives At Home. He also contributed his voice in the animated movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Starting his career as a stand-up comedian, he did various commercials and voice overs. When he is free, he likes listening to music, especially Bluegrass, he is also a good banjo player.


Early life: Childhood days

He was interested in theatre since his school days; he was involved with theatrical arts in his high school. He went to Westminster High School in Atlanta, Georgia with Brian Baumgartner who was also his co actor in the series The Office (2005). He also played guitar when he was in Oberlin College in Ohio. He was doing his major in geology which he later switched with Cinema. He graduated in the year 1996 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Film Theory and Technology in hand. He did various performance pursuits, he also sang in a capella group named The Obertones.

Causes he works for

  •   Artists for Peace and Justice

Founded in 2009, Artists for Peace and Justice was established by Paul Haggis and his friends. The aim of this organization was to raise awareness for social justice and enfranchisement. It also raises funds to help the poor and needy. Over the past few years, it has works to support various schools like schools in Haiti with the help of Father Rick Frechette. These schools provide children with moral values and a chance to live a better life. It has also organized various relief camps to support the people who lost their livelihood in the earthquakes.


  • Malaria no more

It has a very simple mission:” to end deaths due to malaria”. This disease remain on no. 1 to kill enormous no. of people throughout the world especially in Sahara and Africa where it has taken 1 million lives. The organization involves people from various sectors of society, private sector to help families in need. It was founded in 2006, it is one of the leading Non-Profit Organization which works in collaboration with President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), UNICEF,  American Red Cross, the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Millennium Promise, United Way of America, United Nations Foundation, the Global Business Coalition, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.


  •  Tony Hawk Foundation

Tony Hawk Foundation aims to make such improvements in society which lasts for long. It works to empower the youth and supports them in various aspects. It does this by providing various assistance, recreational programs, events and financial grants. These events are organized in public parks

Richly possessions

  •  Posters from various Hollywood series

Ed has a hobby of collecting posters from few great movies like The adventures of Captain Underpants, Cedar Rapids, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Evan Almighty, Everyone s Hero, The Hangover Part 2, High Road, I ll Believe You, Jeff Who Lives at Home, The Lorax, Meet Dave, Monsters VS Aliens

Semi Pro, Smell of Success, The Goods: Sell Hard, Live Hard,Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Blackballed, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Someone Marry Barry, Lower Learning, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, They Came Together, We are The Millers.


Rich quotes

  • “I try to explain to people that you get the roles that are right when they’re right. If you have a nerd character but you’re kind of a cool guy, you’re probably not going to get the nerd part. The nerd is going to get the nerd part. You know, someone like me.”
  • “If I’m in a bar, frat boys will usually try to buy me shots. But I’m not much of a boozer anymore. I certainly had my share of ragers during my 20s, but I think it had more to do with geography than age. I lived in New York City for most of my 20s, and then I moved to Los Angeles when I was 32 or 33. L.A. is all about automobiles, and New York is about public transportation or taxis. So alcohol consumption isn’t as automatic as it was when I was in New York.”
  • “Mindy Kaling embodies the trifecta of being brilliant, wonderful and hilarious. Because that is statistically impossible, it can mean only one thing: she was created by an evil scientist to lull us into a giddy stupor in order to control our minds. To be made fun of by Mindy is to feel special.”


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