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Kristen Stewart best known for her role as the very famous Bella of the twilight series has enthralled hearts. Born in California, she started her acting career at the age of 8. Ever since, she’s been successful in her career. Owing to her acting skills she has done films of different genres from horror to comedy to romance. This elegant lady is full of talent!!!



Kristen Jaymes Stewart was born to Jules Mann Stewart and John Stewart. Her father John worked as a stage manager and TV producer for different organizations whereas her mother was a script supervisor. Well, interestingly that explains her acting career. She has 3 siblings, Cameron, an elder brother and two adopted brothers Dana and Taylor. Talking of interest she never initially wanted to be an actor she rather took interest in writing and aspired to be a screenwriter. Luck had other plans!!! Her acting career started when she was noticed by an agent in a Christmas play in elementary school. The first role that came her way was a small, nonspeaking one in a movie of the Disney Channel, The Thirteenth Year. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in the movie Cold Creek Manor.



It was on November 16,2007 that Summit Entertainment announced and confirmed her role of Isabella Swan in the movie Twilight. This film was based on the novel written by Stephenie Meyers. She was cast opposite Robert Pattinson who played the role of her on screen vampire boyfriend. This film came with mixed reviews about Kristen some saying she was perfect for the role while others criticizing her for being expressionless!!!Well, she was still cast for the series of Twilight, The New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. She has attracted extreme publicity from this role . All thanks to her role Bella she was tagged as the highest earning female in Vanity Fair’s 2010 Top Hollywood’s Top Earners List. So in a way Twilight has worked wonders for Kristen!!!



At first she was known to date Michael Angarano, her co-star in the movie Speak. But ever since Twilight she is romantically linked with Robert Pattinson. Though initially she denied any such link ups but media and paparazzi plus the eyewitness accounts confirmed something else. In July 2010, she confirmed the news admitting Robert to be her boyfriend. This couple has attracted wide publicity. Later on Kristen was reported cheating on Rob with the director Rupert Sanders for which Kristen apologized publicly. At present their relationship is on a roller coaster ride!!! Their status cannot be revealed whether split up or still in love.


kristen stewart money

She has reportedly earned a lot of money at an early stage of life. Known as the Hollywood’s highest earning actress, she charges $8 million USD per movie. Adding on she even receives a part of the revenues of the movies. She also endorses products like perfumes which will for sure increase her bank balance in future. Talking of assets she is a proud owner of two houses, one is the Bel Air Mansion located in the west side of Los Angeles, California costing $6 million while the other is the Los Feliz Home costing $2.2 million. Further she owns two cars, the Mini Cooper and Dodge Magnum plus a pick-up truck, Toyota Tacoma. No wonder she was number one on the Forbes Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck. Kristen has a long way to go when it comes to money!!!


kristen stewart lifestyle

Earning lots of wealth, it reflects in her lifestyle too. She often wears a pendant of the famous jeweler Cartier who is known to concentrate on international luxury brands. Also owns the very famous sunglasses made by Paul Smith who is best known for his work in the fashion industry. One of the most treasured items in her wardrobe is her Balenciaga motorcycle jacket which she owns in three colors being red, yellow and black which cost $1,625 each. Apart from this she is involved in a few charities and also supports philanthropic organizations like Oxfam, Red Cross and Shoe Revolt. She has actually donated her pair of shoes for raise funds for the victims of trafficking. Her hobbies include reading novels and swimming.


kristen stewart fun facts

Kristen is a lover of animals. She owns three dogs and one cat. She keeps her cat with herself when at work for company. She loves cooking from which apple pies are her favorite. When not at work she loves to surf. She is quite sensitive at heart and is quick to defend other celebrities too when in controversies. She confesses that when it comes to fashion she and her on screen role of Bella stand wide apart. Bella being her most famous role but Stephenie Meyers is not her favorite author she prefers science fiction author, Kurt Vonnegut. Naturally she has green eyes had to wear brown lenses for her role of Bella. If she wasn’t an actress she would love to go to school and study literature. When it comes to men, she does not admire her twilight co-stars instead she looks up to Brazilian filmmaker Walter Salles and actor Sean Penn.

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