Lisa Bonet – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $16 Million


The actual name of Lisa Bonet is Lilakoi Moon and when she was born, her name was Lisa Michelle Bonet. It was during her later life that she came to be professionally known as Lisa Bonet. She is the popular American actress and the credit of her popularity goes mostly to “The Cosby Show” in which she played the role of “Denise Huxtable Kendall.” Another famous work of this American actress is “A Different World.”

Early Life


Lisa Bonet was born in the city of San Francisco, California. As far as her family is considered, Lisa Bonet’s father was an opera singer, Allen Bonnet and her mother is a teacher, Arlene. While her mother is Jewish, her father is an African American. Talking about her siblings, she has several younger brothers and sisters.

She has done her schooling from the Reseda High school, located in the Reseda city of California and she learnt acting from the famous Celluloid Actor’s studio. It was in this studio only that her career got a shape.

Personal Life


Lisa Bonet was married to the famous musician Lenny Kravitz in the year 1987 and her relationship survived till 1993. Rumours say that she eloped with the musician on 16 November, 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to her, they both had similar backgrounds and hence, they were both very much interested in each other and they thought they can spend their lives together. Lisa Bonet feels that her life is completely different from all the other American actresses and this is one thing she felt there was in Lenny Kravitz too. She admits that she trusted him more than she should have and it was not common for her to trust a man like that.

On December 1, 1988, Lisa became mother of a girl child. Following this, in the year 1992, Lisa Bonet changed her name so that she could be known as Lilakoi Moon, but still, Lisa Bonet was her professional name and she denied to change that.

Most recently, her relationship with the actor Jason Momoa was acknowledged. It was in the year 2005 that this news come up and there were many rumours to support it. Again, in the year 2007, she gave birth to a child with Jason Momoa. The name of this child was given as Lola lolani Momoa. Again, in the year 2008, she gave birth to a baby boy.



Lisa Bonet, like most of the American actresses, had to take part in many beauty pageants to get noticed. She also appeared on some of the popular television shows. After working in “The Cosby Show” and “Phylicia Rashad”, Lisa Bonet even worked in the movie “Angel Heart” and played the role of Epriphany Proudfoot. Since this role was opposite to Mickey Rourke and the famous Director of that time, Alan Parker, she got much recognition. She also did many revealing sex scenes in this movie which were later on edited by the editing movie so as to get an R-rating for the movie.

According to the rumours, Lisa Bonet left the show “A Different World” because she got pregnant and later on, when she returned to perform in “The Cosby Show,” she was fired again. After this, she accepted various offers from video releases and TV movies. Later, in the year 1998, her role in the movie “Enemy of the State” opposite Will Smith was appreciated. Again, after two years in 2000, she again won great applause from the audience for her role in the movie “High Fidelity.” Later on, in 2003, she did another popular movie “Biker Boyz” in which she played the role of “Queenie.” This was kind of special for her because she was once again performing with the star Kadeem Hardison, with whom she used to perform in “A Different World.”

Awards and Achievements


Lisa Bonet has done various movies. Her first movie was Angel Heart, in which she played the role of “Epiphany Proudfoot.” This movie was released in 1987. Later, in the year 1993, she worked in the movie “Bank Robber” and played the role of “Priscilla.” Then, in the year 1994, she worked as “Catherine Briggs” in the movie Final Combination. Talking about her other works, she has done “Enemy of the State” in the year 1998, “High Fidelity” in the year 2000, “Biker Boyz” in the year 2003, “Whitepaddy” in the year 2005 and “Road to Paloma” in the year 2013.

She has also worked in some popular television shows such as St. Elsewhere in the year 1983, The Cosby Show in the year 1984 – 1991, “Tales from the Darkside” and “ABC Afterschool Special” in the year 1985, “A Different World” in the year 1987 – 1988, “New Eden” in the year 1994 and many others. She also won an award for the best young female superstar for the movie “Angel Heart” in the year 1988.

Lisa Bonet is certainly a talented actress and her entire net worth is accumulated by her talent only. Since she had learnt the art of acting from the North Hollywood’s most famous studio, her acting cannot be questioned. Apart from her successful career, it is her relationships that have made her a topic of discussion among the Americans and for the people all over the world.

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