Larry Page – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $31.2 billion

Profession: Computer Scientist, Co- Founder and CEO of Google



Everyone who uses Google should know Larry Page, the founder of biggest search engine in the world. He might be the person because of whom you were able to find this post! Lawrence Larry page better known as Larry Page was born on 26 March in the year 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan in United States of America. He is a well known computer scientist who belongs to America and a successful Internet Entrepreneur who developed Google along with his partner Sergey Brin. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer of Google, the web giant. In the year 2002, Larry was titles as the “World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow”. In the year 2004 Larry and Sergey were awarded with the Marconi Prize. In the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering, Larry holds a position on the National Advisory Committee.


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Larry Page was born to a computer experts and was destined to be a computer master mind. Carl Page, his father earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science and he was a pioneer in this subject and Gloria was a computer Science expert too. Larry’s parents were computer science professors who taught in Michigan State University. Born to computer experts, it was obvious that Larry was inclined to choose computer science as his field. He has done his graduation from East Lansing high School in the year 1991. He has got his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Michigan and later he did his honors in Computer Science and his Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. Larry says he has spent his childhood in a home filled with computers and magazines on computer science all around him. He also said that from childhood he wanted to invent new things and that is the reason he was so attracted towards learning new technology. At the age of six he started using computers and he had a desire to start his own company.  He met his “Google” partner, Sergey Brin at Stanford University.


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The two founders of Google met first in the year 1995, when the new candidates of Ph.D. were having their summer orientation. Brian was already in the program for two years and he was assigned the task to show the campus to the new students. This was the start of the friendship between the two big computer minds. Sergey and Larry developed a PageRank algorithm in order to convert the back line information into a useful measure for a given page. The backline data was taken by the BackRub’s Web Crawler. When they developed the algorithm they realised that this algorithm can also be used to develop a superior search engine that does not yet exists. They developed a search engine as a research project which displayed results according to the most used pages. They made an initial version of their search engine in the year 1996 and later in the year 1998 they developed the most popular and advanced search engine “Google”. They named their search engine after “googol” which is a mathematical term which means the number one which had hundred zeroes after it.



Larry Page is the co-founder of the most widely used search engine and in the year 2004 when his website first became public his net worth rose to 12 billion US dollars. His current net worth is 31.2 billion US dollar. Larry owns a house in California and this property has historic values. He bought the valuable piece of property at a total worth of 7 million US dollars. His property covers a land of 10,000 feet. He has built a posh house on this property on a land of 6,000 feet. Larry is a environment friendly person and so he has built a very environmental friendly house. This modernized house has three floors and the roof garden also have solar panels. In the year 2011, Larry added another expensive commodity to his list by buying a pricey yacht for which he gave around 45 million US dollars. The yacht is a luxurious piece which consists of 10 lavish and classy suits, helipad, multi-level sun decks and a gym. Larry along with his partner Sergey also owns a private jet which is known as the “Google Jet” which they got in 15 million US dollars. As an environment friendly person it is no surprise that Larry owns a Toyota Prius which is a gasoline- electric hybrid car. Google also gave 1.65 billion US dollars to purchase the most popular video streaming site, YouTube.

Personal Life and other Interests


Larry Page got married to Lucinda Southworth, a research scientist in the year 2007. Larry and Lucinda were dating each other for a year and after that they decided to tie the knots together on the Necker Island. Page and Lucinda are proud parents of two children.

Larry has an exclusive interest in renewable energy technology especially in renewable energy vehicles. He and his partner have made investment in Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors is a known company which makes vehicles that run on renewable sources of energy. One can see Larry riding on Zero X Electric dirt bike and driving around in an electric sports car from the company he has made investment in, Tesla Motors.

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