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NET WORTH: $ 275 Million




Fantasia Monique Barrino was born on June 30, 1984. She is an American R&B/ soul singer and popular with the name of Fantasia. In 2004, she rose to fame as the winner of the American Idol third season, when she was just 19 years old. Following her victory she released her debut single ‘I Believe’ which secured number 1 position on ‘Billboard Hot 100’, due to which she became the first recording artist in history who had achieved first place with a debut single.  Subsequently, her first debut album ‘Free Yourself’ was released, which was certified Platinum and received four Grammy nominations.


Child History

Life had never been easy for Barrino but she was not a quitter. She belongs to a musician family, who traveled and performed in the Carolinas and elsewhere in the American South and recorded the CD ‘Miracles’ for a local label. She is born and raised in High Point, North Caolina, with her mother and father named Diane and Joseph Barrino. She has got precious gifts of singing, so she began to sing in church at the age of 5. The young Fantasia had an astonishing talent that become the center of attention whenever the family band performed. Her mother is proud of her daughter’s unbelievable singing gifts, but her father opinion was opposite of her mother’s. Perhaps the great influence on her was of her grandmother, Addie (Loretta Devine), a preacher who sternly lectured her about taking responsibility of the family and pursuing her dreams.Despite her travels, she had done her schooling from Andrews High School at High Point, where she had a rough year. She was once raped by a classmate and thus dropped out of the school. At that time she was only sixteen years old when she got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.  So decided lead a life of single struggling mother.


personal life 

Her life has seen lots of ups and downs. In September 2005, In September 2005, fantasia published a book, titled ‘Life Is Not A Fairy Tale’. The Book became very much popular in no time and became the selling book according to New York Times. The book was then turned into a film directed by ‘Debbie Allen’, which had also became famous. Due to some financial crisis, Barrino’s 6,600-square-foot,lakefront home in Charlotte’s was put for auction. In her family, her uncles, The Barrino brothers, were a 1970’s R&B band and her brother is Grand Hustle recording artist ‘Ricco Barrino’. In 2010 she had some court issues related to her long relationship with ‘Antwaun Cook’. And in mid of 2010, she was hospitalized due to overdosing on aspirin, though the injuries were not life threatening. In August 2011, she announced a second pregnancy during a charity, but she did not reveal the name of the father. And in December she gave birth to a boy ‘Della Xavier Barrino’. Her father and grandfather were gospel singers. Her brothers Ricco and Jojo formed the Infinite 3 group and her cousins Cedric and Joe Hailey had founded the group ‘Jodeci’.


Career Life

Despite having lots of struggles, she had achieved lots of success in her life. After winning the American Idol season 3, her life had boarded into the train of success. She had achieved instant success on the R&B and pop charts, though she was a single teenage mother. Her first single “I Believe” ranked number #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  Her first album ‘Free yourself’ when released, broken all records of success and millions copies of it were sold within 2 months. In 2005 she had given her autobiography ‘Life is not a fairy tale’, which had earned a lot of praise and had become the bestseller within no time. This book was then turned into a film directed by ‘Debie Allen’ and became second most watched shows on television. She  had created 3 top 20 R&B singles, and also nominated for 3 Grammy awards. In December appeared  the Barrino’s second highly popular, self titled, album which had contribution from many other singers also. Another production of hers was “Hood Boy” which is a R&B hit.


American Idol

American Idol, season 3 was the turning page in her life. Fantasia Barrino made a starting impact on the judges and the audience of the show. Later in the shoe she performed ’Summertime’, which was so emotional that it left her in tears. On the finale, over sixty-five millions votes were casted, and in the end Fantasia defeated first runner up ‘Diana DeGarmo’ by 1.3 million votes. Thus at the age of nineteen, she was the youngest American Idol.


General views of singer Fantasia Barrino's house near Charlotte, NC

Fantasia Monique Barrino, who is known as the Fantasia has an estimated net worth of $275 million. Her richness not limited to substantial things, but she owes profit to smart stock investments and many offers of Cover Girl cosmetics. The American singer-actress has several restaurants like the ‘Fat Barrino burger’ chain in Washington, a football team, the ‘High Point Angels’, has introduced her own brand of Vodka, ‘Pure Wonderbarrino’, dealing with the junior markets with a top selling perfume, ‘With Love from Fantasia’, and have a fashion line called ‘Fantasia Barrino Seduction’. She also has many substantial property holdings and a several no of bungalows but one of them was recently put to auction. According to “People With Money’s”, she(29 year old) has spotted no.1 position in top 10 highest paid singers for year 2014 with an estimated combined earnings of $96 million.


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