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Net worth : $4 million


Born on 3rd March 1981, Wesley Eric Weston also known as Lil flip, began his career as a rapper in 1997 He is an exceptional American rapper with his world famous best known singles “Sunshine”, “The way we ball”, “Game Over” and “Rollin on 20’s” which was from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. He completed his education from Worthing High School which is in Houston, Texas. Flip was well known for his freestyle ability and he had claimed about 1000 mix tapes during his schooling. Flip was engaged in music since the beginning of his early school life.

Lil Flips net worth of $4 million dollars is expected to be a outcome of his great dedication towards rapping and from his single hits which were released and were a great work of rapping. Game Over was one of his high audience loved raps. IT is also said that when flip was in grade 6, his English teacher awarded him with an A grade because of the rap he performed in the class. Weskey Eric Weston is called Lil Flip because of one of his very peculiar ability to change that is flip scripts for any song that he performs on.

Lil Flip, gained a much acclaimed reputation after his recordings with the SuckaFree Records of his 2000 album titles the leprechaun. This was released in Houston Texas where underground rapping had increased multi fold due to which one of the highly repudiated DJ Screw added flip to his loose knit rap group which was well known as Screwed UP Click better known as (S.U.C.). His association with the screw up click rap group brought him instant respect throughout Texas and the greater south was also chanting about him .He was pronounced “The Freestyle king” by DJ screw before his death. Robert Earlwell was well known as “DJ Screw” he was a Hip hop American rapper who was also based in Houston Texas which was the same hometown as lil flip. He was famous majorly because of his Chopped and Screwed DJ techniques because of which he was also titled “The originator”. DJ Screw played an important role in the fame of lil flip in his early career and to bring him to the charts and numbers he is today.

The album Underground Legend, which was the debutant album of lil flip was rocking the Billboard charts with #12 on Billboard 200 and the album sold about 68,000 copied in the first week of its release adding net worth and money to the accounts of Lil Flip. The album had made a record of 646,000 copies being sold in the complete United States after its release. Underground Legend was produced by LiL Flip along with Joe Rax, Young Sears, Big Tyme, and Tommy Granville Jr.

Flip stated “We felt that they not only respected what we’d already accomplished on our own, but they also saw the big picture of what me as an artist, and Hump and I as Suckafree’s CEOs were all about.” This was when Columbia Records in 2002 offered a contract to flip and Suckafree a deal for distribution. Flip’s debutant album, Underground Legend, was released on 27th August 2002 which was also certified and declared as platinum in 2002 December.

The scheduled date of release of Ahead of my  time , featuring Eden and Sean Thomas, was in the Early 2007 which was pushed back twice for the release of two other albums. It was said that the delay was to promote the album with the other two albums name “Respect me “and “Underground legend 2”. Lil Flip also acted as a protégé to Damienn Jones in 2006 till ate 2013. He also crowned Damienn as the prince of Texas. Damienn is now a business partner and a very great friend of Lil flip. Warner Brother Records signed Damienn Jones and he was also associated with Clover G’z. It is said that Damienn Jones who is now a songwriter, rapper and a singer is discovered by Lil Flip.

In 2004 Lil flip founded the Clover G Records which is a home to various talent artists in the United States and its subsequent was also founded by lil flip which is known as Clover G La Familia Crew. The genre in which this recording venture works in arena Hip hop, pop, Crunk and R&B. Clover G La Familia Crew and Clover G Records serves the talents of 15 artists as of 2013 on its rosters. Flip has not only boosted his musical career as a rapper but also helped other budding artists take a worthy position in the industry.


Wesley was accused of driving at a speed of 86 miles per hour in a 75 miles per hour zone due to which he was behind the bars. At the time of the incident he is said to be in possession of firearms and drugs. Flip was also accompanied with Olanza Sandeer who is a Shreveport resident during the high speed rash driving. The officials claim to have found Bushmaster AR-15 rifle and marijuana on stumbling upon of his vehicle. Reports say that he was fine with $35,500 and Sanders was also released on a bond of $25,000.

The net worth of lil Flip is not only because of his raps and other musical bouts but also through real estate businesses and the glooming fashion industry. The A Grade of class 6th took him what it takes to be a rapper and one of the true talents of Houston.

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