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NET WORTH: $ 6 Million



KRS-one is a famous rapper from America. KRS-One stands for Knowledge reigns Supreme over nearly everyone. KRS also represents the Hindu god, Krishna. He is a follower of Hinduism. Regarded as a legendary rapper, KRS-One was awarded the Lifetime achievement award at the BET. He is in support of a vegetarian diet. His real name is Lawrence Krishna Parker.


Around a Boogie Down Production Graffiti.

Around a Boogie Down Production Graffiti.

KRS was born on 20 August 1965 in, the Bronx, New York. He left his home at the age of 14 to become a rapper. He lived in a shelter and was deeply influenced by the ‘Hare Krishna’ chanting people. He was given the Krisna by his inmates. He then met DJ Scott and they created Boogie Down Production and they released their classic album ‘Criminal minded’ in 1987. He thus began his rapping career as one third of the Boogie down productions. Their album Criminal Minded Is considered to be a classic. It is included in the Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest artists of all time. The album pioneered east coast Gangsta rap. KRS-One is considered to be the first rapper to start dissing. KRS-One is considered to be the first MC to introduce Jamaican music into Hip Hop. Scott La Rock was killed later though KRS was determined to continue Boogie Down productions. ‘By all means necessary’ was released in 1988. With this album, KRS-One changed the criminal vibe in his music to more socially conscious messages. They later released albums,- The Ghetto music, Edutainment, Live hardcore worldwide, and Sex and Violence. The albums were well received and had more political messages in them. 50 Cent in an interview regarded KRS One as one of his favorite rappers. After 5 successful albums, KRS One decided to pursue a solo career. His solo album, Return of the Boom Bap was released in 1993. It received an acclaim from the critics.  It was a mainstream success as well. His second self-named album was a hit as well. He even appeared in the song of an alternative rock group, R.E.M. KRS-One pioneered the ‘Stop the violence’ movement in Hip Hop. This movement raised voice against violence in Hip Hop and African communities. In 1997, KRS One released an album named, I got Next. The album was a mainstream success. Though, KRS One surprised his fans by appearing in a commercial video along side Puff Daddy. In 2002, KRS-One released a gospel oriented album, Spiritual minded. The album received rave reviews among critics. Although, it came as a surprise since Kris had earlier denounced Christian beliefs. In 2006, he released the album, Digital. In 2004, he released ‘keep right’. In 2006, he released ‘life’. He then founded ‘the temple of Hip Hop’. It was an organization formed to promote the culture of Hip Hop. ‘Hip Hop lives’ was another album by KRS-One. It was historical since KRS One collaborated with Marley Marl. The two had a beef around 20 years back. KRS-one has collaborated with many artists through out his career. He performed in the event ‘Rock against racism’. He travelled by a cruise to Australia for a concert. KRS-One does not fly.


KRS One and 50 cent at a talk show!

KRS One and 50 cent at a talk show!

Kris has a net worth of $ 6 Million. He is undoubtedly a legend. He pioneered east coast gangsta rap. He introduced reggae into raping. He was among the first very few rappers to introduce social messages in hip hop songs. Despite music, he is quite in other fields as well. He has authored 3 books. He has lectured in many universities across America. He has raised his voice against many important issues in the world. He made a song named ‘Self destruction’ which raised these issues. He has a very large fan base solely because of his lyrical prowess. KRS-one has authored a book named ‘The Gospel of Hip Hop’. The book addressed issues such as spirituality in Hip Hop. Kris has never been afraid to  speak his mind and that has landed him into controversy, a lot of times. In 2009, he received the living legend award at the Urban Music award. He was the narrator of the movie, 2pac forever.


“You know something, it’s best no to have what you need because then, you start looking for what you need and make it what you need.”

“The God of your understanding, has chosen you and you’ve agreed to be here in this space and time to do something, that only you can do. Now I won’t stand here to try and tell you what it is.”

“Instead of picking up our women, ready to mistreat them, you better get yourself a wife and kid and never leave them.”
“You grab the microphone and talk a good ramble, you the hardcore outlaw, criminal, vandal. Burning emcees like a candle, but you frontin’, you aint got nothing”
“So you think that hip-hop had it’s start out in Queensbridge, If you popped that junk up in the Bronx you might not live.”
“You don’t want no man sleepin’ cheatin’ freakin’ behind his wife. There’s no such thing as make love, it’s really make life.”







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