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Net Worth- $17 million

marie osmond

Marie Osmond was born on 13 October in the year 1959. She is a popular face as she is a renowned actress, a famous personality and a successful businessman. Not only this, she has tried her hand in many other professions as she is also a known doll designer and a screenwriter. She has been successful as a solo artist but she became popular because of her singing duo with her brother known as Donny and Marie. This singing duo was known for TV series and many music albums.


early life

Marie gave birth in Ogden in Utah to George Virl Osmond and Olive Mary. She is the only girl out of the nine children of George and Olive. From childhood, she knew she has to make a carrer in the musical world as her family was involved in show business and from very young age her brothers started their musical group which was managed by her father. They sang and performed on the national TV. Osmond Brother’s group reached new heights and gained popularity when in the year 1962, they performed on The Andy Williams show. At the age of four, Marie also made an appearance with her brothers on this show. She has said that she and her siblings didn’t have the usual childhood but they kept busy all the time in memorizing the lyrics, script and spending their time in learning to dance, sing and play musical instruments. She started working with her brothers after their success in late 1970’s. She was more oriented towards the country music rather than the pop music which was the style of her brothers. Her first solo record was the “Paper Roses” which became a hit and it was placed on the number fifth position in the Billboard magazine pop chart. That was a successful start for Marie and this made it clear to the world that she will soon be going to be one of the successful music artists.


marie and donny

After her successful start, Marie’s next two singles titled, “In my Little Corner of the World” released in 1974 and “Who’s Sorry Now released” in the year 1975 were not so popular and hit among the music fans. She teamed up with her brother Donny in the year 1974 to give the two popular hits, “I’m Leaving It All Up to You” and “Morning Side of the Mountain”.  In the year 1976, when Marie was just sixteen years old, the brother sister pair got their own one hour program called “Donny and Marie Show” which had skits and songs and was aired for three seasons. They together did a talk show in the year 1998 called “Donny and Marie” which had two seasons


marie's house

Being a successful singer and actress, she has earned a lot of money and popularity. Her net worth accounts to be around 17 million US dollars. She has done talk shows and musical shows on television with her brother Donny which accounts to be the major source of her money. Since a very early age she has worked as a singer and is holding strong till date. Her length career in which she switched between different works made her rich and one among the richest singer. Her six bedroom luxurious house in Orem is on sale for around 1.2 million US dollars. She is currently living in Green Valley area of Henderson.


other interests

Apart from her singing career Marie has other interest too which are:

  • Dancing:

Marie with Jonathan Roberts appeared on the fifth season of “Dancing with the Stars” in the year 2007. She secured the third position on the show.

  • Doll Designing:

In the year 1991, Marie started her doll designing line on the QVC. She also maintains her distribution of dolls through internet sales and through retail stores. She has made many dolls which have made collectible records till date like “Baby Adora Belle”, “Remember Me”, “Olive Marie” and “Kissy and Huggs”.

  • Crafts and embroidery:

In the year 2006, through Bernina, she launched a sewing machine and an embroidery line. She was also on the cover of the famous magazine “Designs in Machine Embroidery. She published a handcraft book called “Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving: Sew for Family and Friends” in the year 2010 which have around 20 projects with instructions to make  bags and items for friends, babies and pets.

  • Charity:

Marie has co-founded some non- profitable organizations and she also donates generously for many organizations. Some of the causes she works for are Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Gibson Girl Foundation, MedicAlert Foundation and STOMP Out Bullying.


personal life

Marie Osmond is currently married to her first husband with whom she got divorced in the year 1985. In the year 2011, she got re- married to Stephen Lyle Craig, her first husband. Stephen and Marie have a child born in the year 1983, Stephen James Craig. After getting divorced, Marie got married to Brian Blosil in the year 1986 with whom she has two biological children and five adopted children. She has written a book titled “Behind the Smile” with Dr. Judith Moore and Marcia Wilkie.


  • “If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.”
  • “Depression doesn’t wait till Monday.”
  • “Tragedy plus time equals humor”

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