Koch Brothers Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $ 80.6 Billion (Combined)

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David Koch the executive wise president of Koch Industries and Charles Koch the chairman and CEO of Koch industries, better known as the Koch brothers has a combined net worth of $80.6 billion, splitting to $40.3 billion each as of March 2014 according to Forbes. The two share the position of being World’s sixth richest person.


Early Life and Career

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The Koch brothers were born in very popular and rich, The Koch family. This family of businessmen and industrialist is widely known for its control over Koch Industries which is the second largest privately owned Company in the US. The two brothers from Koch family, David koch and Charles Koch is still associated with Koch Industries. The company has an estimated revenue of $185 billion annually.
The brothers, David Koch and Charles Koch were both born in Wichita Kansas to Fred chase Koch and Mary Koch. Charles received a Bachelor of science degree specializing in general engineering and a master of science specializing in mechanical engineering and a second master degree in chemical engineering. After completing his studies Charles worked in Arthur little industries for some time and later moved back to join his father’s Rock Island oil and Refining company. six years after joining the company in 1967 , Charles become the president of the company and the same year he renamed the company to Koch Industries.
Whereas David Koch graduated from Deer field Academy and later attained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. nine years after his brother Charles joined, David joined the company in 1970, and nine years later he became the president of Koch engineering. David has a keen interest in politics as well. in the 1980s presidential elections, David was the Libertarian party’s vice president. David elected promising abolish of Federal reserve board, and corporate taxes and all the price supported subsidies for business and agriculture. David gave $100,000 a month for being chosen a running mate. however, he broke with the party after 4 years when the party supported in eliminating of all taxes and since then David has remained a Republican.
Charles Koch received several awards from different universities and organisations. he has also made financial support fro many charitable organisations like ” Bill of Rights institute”, ” American civil liberties union”, ” institute for humane studies” to name a few. David Koch also donated millions to his “David Koch charitable foundation”. and made a contribution of over $750 million for cancer research.
Both the brothers, David and Charles Koch are included in the TIME magazine list of most influential people.



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Charles Koch has been married only once. He has been married to Liz Koch for 38 years and the couple has two children together. Charles lives with his wife and children in Kansas

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Brother, David Koch is married to Julia Koch. The couple together have three children. David resides in New york with his wife and children.



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David Koch:
David Koch the sixth richest man of the world owns a lavish home in Palm Beach. the property is in spread of 30,000 square feet surrounded by a cover of vegetation. The interiors of the mansion are fully furnished luxuriously and downs expensive art pieces and crafted staircases. The home has a big pool and personal gym. The home is worth of over $40 million.
Yet another property in David’s list is magnificent Southampton Mansion in New York where he currently lives. The home is spread over the area of 10,000 square feet and has seven bedrooms and nine luxurious bathrooms. the home has a marvelous huge rectangular shape swimming pool in the open space. the property is worth over $25 million.
The business tycoon owns yet another property in his list in New York. This New York apartment spread over the area of 5000 square feet and have five edgy bedrooms and five very classy bathrooms. The home features a huge living room with supreme quality furniture. the interior dazzles with hanging lamps, table lamps and wall lamps and red and white shades on the walls. The home is worth over $15 million.
Another property owned by David Koch is in Aspen, Colorado. The house has a fully furnished gigantic rooms, the home is surrounded by vegetation on the outside and luxurious and majestically crafted art works in the interiors. The house is worth over $20 million.
David Koch Theater is a place to be for Opera and ballet performances. Originally the Theater was named as ” New York State Theater but David donated $100 million to the Theater in 2008 and later the theater was renamed as “David Koch Theater”.
David Koch also runs an organisation called David Koch foundation to which he has made donation of over $750 million for cancer research. Apart from this David Koch has made donations of over $500 million to several art institutes and Cancer research institutes.
David owns several cars including Maybach, limousines and Mercedes.

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Charles Koch:
The CEO of Koch Industries, Charles Koch owns a plush home in Palm desert. The home features stunning exteriors and spacious and fully furnished interiors. The road facing mansion offers marvelous landscape view. The home is in spread of over 10500 square feet and is worth over $40 million.
Apart from this Charles Koch has philanthropy with Charles Koch Foundation for $40 million, George Mason University of $1 million and Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas of $1 million. He is the CEO of the country’s second largest private company with sales of $115 billion. He and his brother owns 84% of Koch industries.
Charles Koch like his brother owns several cars like Maybach, and Mercedes.
Combined the Koch brothers owns 84% share in Koch industries with revenue of $115 billion.



Quote : ” When our bodies are violated by this horrible disease of cancer, we’re in total shock because it’s so unexpected.”

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