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Net Worth : $27 million.

Once a famous sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe was an American model, Singer and Actress With an Estimated net worth of over $27 million.


Early life And Career

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Born on June 1, 1926 in California, USA as Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marilyn spent much of her childhood in foster homes. Monroe started her career at a very young age as a model which let to film contracts and eventually led to becoming the famous sex symbol of Hollywood of that time. Marilyn signed her first film career in 1946, with Twentieth Century- Fox. Her early film appearance were small but her performance in ” The Asphalt Jungle” and ” All About Eve” drew attention. Within 2 years after the release of the films she had her first leading role in 1952, ” Dont Bother to Knowck” and 1953 “Niagra” a film that dwelt her seductiveness. Her dumb blonde persona was used in many films such as ” How to Marry a Milllionaire”, ” The seven year Itch”, and ” Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. In 1956 she learned acting at the Actors Studio to broaden her range. The same year her performance in ” Bus Stop” was critically acclaimed and also got her her first Golden Globe Nomination. The Same year She opened a production company Marilyn Monroe productions and released ” The Prince and the showgirl”. For this performance she got nominated for BAFTA Awards and also won David di Donatello award. Throughout her career, Marilyn Monroe appeared in more than 20 movies, and the most famous ones were “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “How to Marry a Millionaire”, “There’s No Business Like Show Business”, “River of No Return”, “Seven Year Itch”, “Bus Stop”, “The Prince and the Showgirl”, and “Some Like It Hot”.One of Marilyn Monroe’s most memorable performances took place in 1962. She sang the “Happy Birthday” song to President John F. Kennedy in a breathless and sensual way at the Madison Square Garden. This resulted in rumors that she was romantically linked to the president. A few months after the performance, she overdosed on pills and passed away.In 2009, she was named by TV Guide Network as #1 on its list of Film’s Sexiest Women of All Time. Furthermore, she was named by the American Film Institute as its sixth greatest film of all time.


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Marilyn Monroe Rendezvoused With Jack Kennedy in a $12 million mansion.They occupied the 10,000-square foot area , four bedroom main house, which touts 16 foot walls of glass curtains and a 50 foot swimming pool just outside.The estate also boasts a 1,000-square foot, one bedroom guest house with a small pool of its own.
In 2013 Marilyn Monroes vacation home sold for $14.8 Million.The 3.85 acre 15,000 square-foot waterfront estate located at the Lake Arrowhead’s “Hilltop” was built in 1927 and was formerly owned by late Music Corporation of America (MCA) co-founder Jules Stein. Several Hollywood icons have also frequented the vacation home such as Cary Grant and Rock Hudson.It has 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a conservatory and a study caretaker’s quarters, car-collector’s showroom, tennis court and dock house.
Marilyn was relatively poorly paid. Jane Russell was paid around 10 times as much as Marilyn when they co-starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Her salary for her final unfinished film, Something’s Got to Give, was $100,000. Compare that with Elizabeth Taylor, who was getting a million dollars for Cleopatra; or even Marilyn’s co-star in the film, Dean Martin, who was on $500,000. Today, her estate makes around $5 million a year.
she was Playboy’s first Sweetheart of the Month, in 1953. Marilyn had been paid $50 to model for the picture in 1949; Hugh Hefner bought it for $500.
Several of the burial vaults near to Marilyn’s have been put on sale. When Elsie Poncher, the widow of the man in the vault above Marilyn’s, put his space up for sale on eBay, she received dozens of bids, including one for more than $4 million.


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Monroe had three marriages, all of which ended in divorce. The first was to James Dougherty, the second to Joe DiMaggio, and lastly to Arthur Miller. It is claimed she was briefly married to writer Robert “Bob” Slatzer. She is alleged to have had affairs with both John and Robert Kennedy. Marlon Brando, in his autobiography Songs My Mother Taught Me, claimed that he had had a relationship with her, and that they remained friends until her death. She also suffered two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy during her three marriages.Monroe was in love with President Kennedy and wanted to marry him; she called the White House frequently in 1962; and that, when the married president ended their affair, Monroe became even more depressed, and turned to Robert Kennedy, who reportedly visited Monroe in Los Angeles the day that she died.


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Marilyn Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her Brentwood home by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson after he was called by Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray on August 5, 1962. The funeral arrangements for Monroe were made by her former husband, baseball player, Joe DiMaggio.Many questions remain unanswered regarding the circumstances and timeline of Monroe’s death after her body was found. Many elements of this timeline have often been brought into question. Most notable are the discrepancies in exactly what time Monroe either made or received her last phone call and at what time during the late night and early morning hours of August 4 and 5 her body was discovered.[4] It was also discovered that on August 3, Marilyn had filed a prescription for twenty-five Nembutal tablets which is a strong barbiturate which was prescribed to her for the purpose of inducing sleep on many of her sleepless nights prescribed to her by her personal physician, Dr. Engleburg. This pill bottle is found empty at the scene of death when the police arrived in the early hours of August 5.

Quote: I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
Marilyn Monroe

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