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We all have enjoyed the delightful, soft comedy of the fictional character Chandler Muriel Bing, in NBC television sitcom “Friends”.  The humorous character gave numerous gigglebellies. The cheerful character of Chandler was played by an accomplished actor Matthew Langford Perry. He is an American-Canadian actor and comedian. He was born on August 19, 1969, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA.



Net Worth

The approximated net worth of Matthew Perry is $70 million. He earns $150,000 per episode. Handsome leading man Matthew Perry has managed to translate the fame and popularity he garnered from playing Chandler Bing in Friends into an increasingly successful film career as a romantic comedy lead.

Early Life

Actor and screenwriter Perry was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Ontario, and was enrolled at Rockcliffe Park Public School and Ashbury College. While growing up, he took a keen interest in tennis and became a top ranked junior player. His mother, Suzanne Marie, is a Canadian journalist and former press secretary to Canadian Prime Minister. His father, John Bennett Perry, is an American actor and former model. His parents divorced before his first birthday.

After moving to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to live with his father, he became more interested in acting. In addition to performing in several high school stage productions, he remained an avid tennis player. Perry ranked 17th nationally in the junior singles category and third in the doubles category. Upon graduating from high school, Perry intended to enroll at the University of Southern California. Perry also pursued improve comedy at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks while still in high school, quickly becoming a featured performer.

Breaking into Acting           

Perry got his first film part while still in high school. In “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon” (1988), he played a supporting role. In September 1987, Perry starred in his first sitcom “Second Chance”. The show was later retooled, dropping Martin and focusing on the teenage misadventures of Perry’s character. Despite its new direction and new title, “Boys Will Be Boys”, the sitcom failed to attract enough audience.

In the midst of his many continuing guest roles on television, Perry was cast as a regular on the 1990 CBS sitcom “Sydney”.  Perry landed his next starring role on the ABC sitcom “Home Free”. After a few months, the series was called off. Perry was cast in a pilot called LAX 2194, which was a futuristic look at an airport. It never aired though. But soon Perry won a leading role in a new sitcom about a group of young men and women in New York City.


Friends Stardom

Debuting in September 1994, “Friends” became one of the most prominent television sitcoms of all the time. Perry played the witty and sarcastic Chandler Bing. The program was a huge success and Perry, along with his co-satrs, gained wide renown among television viewers. The program also earned him “Emmy” nominations in 2002 for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series” along with Matt Le Blanc. His co-stars were: Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani), David Schwimmer (Ross), Courteney Cox (Monica), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe). The six actors proved to be a tight group both on-and-off screens.


During his years in Friends, perry simultaneously, tackled several film projects. He starred in several comedies, including “Fools Rush In (1997)”, “Almost Heroes (1998)” and “Three to Tango (1999).”

Perry found some commercial success with “The Whole Nine Yards (2000)” that earned $57 million and spawning the sequel “The Whole Ten Yards”.


Though Perry’s film career had reached the heights, but his series remained one of the top shows on American television. During the later season of the ‘Friends’, Chandler Bing developed a romantic relationship with Monica. The characters eventually get married, adopt twins and plans to move to the suburbs as the series come to an end in May 2004, after a decade on air.


Post “Friends” career                

After completing the most famous “Friends” series, Perry took on a range of roles. Perry also made his directional debut in an episode of the 4th season of the American comedy-drama “Scrubs”. He starred in the TNT movie, “The Ron Clark Story”, which premiered August 13, 2006. Perry received Golden Globe nomination as well as Emmy nomination for his performance. That same year, Perry returned to series television for Aaron Sorkin’s behind the scenes drama “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. Later on, he appeared in movies like “Numb”, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”, “17 Again”, “Birds of America”.

In 2010, Perry’s new comedy pilot, “Mr. Sunshine”, based on Perry’s original idea, was brought by ABC.


On March2012, it was reported that Perry had signed on to star on the NBC comedy pilot “Go On”, written and produced by former “Friends” writer/producer Scott Silveri. The project was picked up to series in May 2012. The pilot aired on August 2012. The series was cancelled by NBC in May 2013, shortly after the conclusion of its first series.


 Personal Life

During the run of the show “Friends”, Perry encountered personal challenges. He battled addictions to alcohol and prescription medications. He has had to attend rehabs to treat his addictions. His weight fluctuated drastically and once dropped to 66 kg.

Perry holds dual American-Canadian citizenship.


Perry has reportedly dated Julia Roberts, Yasmine Bleeth and Lauren Graham. He dated actress Lizzy Caplan from 2006 to 2012.


Charity Work, Events and Causes

Perry helped design and signed a pair of shoes for the Stuart Weitzman shoe auction benefiting ovarian awareness and research

Matthew Perry has supported the following charities

Clothes off Our Back

Feeding America

Lili Claire Foundation

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