Michael Dell- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth -$ 15.2 billon
Occupation- entrepreneur


Michael Dell is an American business magnet, he is an investor, philanthropist and author. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Dell Inc., company famous for the manufacture of personal computers. He is known for his remarkable work in the field of information technology, also known as one of famous titans of technology world. He was ranked as 41st richest man of world by Forbes magazine in 2012 with net worth of $15.9 billion.

Early life and Profile:
Michael dell was born on 23rd February’1965 to Jewish family in Huston, Taxes. Michael is the son of Lorraine Charlotte, who was a stock broker by profession and mother Alexander Dell, an orthodontist by profession. Michael attended Herod Elementary school in Huston, Texas. But from childhood he displayed intelligence and ingenuity, also due to little interest in school he decided to give High school equivalency exam at the age of 8. When he was twelve, he operated a mail ordered trading business for stamps and baseball cards, earning $2000. While in high school Dell also did the job of delivering newspaper for Huston post and with this genius mind he was able bank $18,000 that year.


Professional Career:
In 1983, when Dell entered his freshman year at University of Texas, his parents hoped he would become a doctor, but due to his intimacy towards computers, he laid his career in another direction. During graduation while examining the computers, Dell noticed an opportunity to sell assemble computer in less price than market. Soon In 1980’s Michael brought the revolution in computer business by providing the option of assembling of computer i.e. skipping the step of selling computer to dealers. Dell thus combined his knowledge of computers with his well-developed business sense and began his own business of assembling upgraded kits for PC’s in the dorm room of University of Taxes. His earnings soon reached about $20,000 per month. In early 1984, after one year at the University, Dell decided to focus more on business and dropped out college. In Jaunary’1984, Dell registered his company as ‘PCs limited’. He started manufacturing upgraded PCs, starting with parts from established company such as IBM and Compaq and add-on elements to make product unique. Dell hired three people with screw-driver as staff member and initiated the company with the venture cost of $1000. Within an year company sales went to $6 million. Dell was off and running, leading his company to enormous growth year after year.


At the age of twenty Dell had thirty workers working under him. Soon company started manufacturing their own computers rather than a customized version of another company’s machine. In 1987, Dell changed the name of company from PCs limited to Dell Computer Corporation. Soon he came with another innovative idea of providing service of repairing their customers PC at home.
By 2000, Michael Dell was a billionaire and his company had offices in 34 countries and more than 35,000 were employed under him. Dell computers grew at an astronomical rate; he was running the most profitable computer companies in world with an annual sale of $50 billion and owns the company of worth $100 billion. The following year Dell computers surpassed Compaq computers as the world largest PC maker.

Michael dell’s story is so compelling that, in 1990 he published his partly autobiographical book, “direct from dell: strategies that revolutionized the Industry”. This book was the bestselling book which explains how the company that started with $1000 turned into mega cooperation of $100 billion.

Personal life:
Michael dell got married to Susan dell on 28th October’1989 in Austin, Texas. They have 4 children. Susan was also the co-founder of Dell Inc. she also owns a fashion label Phi, and conduct fashion shows across the world. They both together run a charitable trust name “Michael and Susan Dell foundation”, which helps the poor children to study and help the natural calamities victims.


Wealth and Assets:
Michael dell resides in a luxury house in outskirts of Austin other than this Dell also has three more mansions across the world where he likes to spend his vacations.
• Michael residual house is named as “the Castel” which is located 33,000 ft. of hilltop at the outskirt of Austin. It is one of most expensive, luxurious and beautiful castle in USA. It contains 8 bedrooms, conference room, pools and Austin lake view. This castle is known for his high walls and highly security system.

• His another mansion is located at Caribbean island of Anguilla, this mansion was built in 2001 with a neo classical style. He often uses this mansion as his holiday home.
• Michael has magnificent Raptor Residence situated in Hawaii, with wide space of 18,500 square foot. Dell uses this luxurious oceanfront estate as his private gateway.

• He also had one 6D ranch which is sited at the meadow of Lake Austin, Texas. This ranch is spread over 6000 sq. foot of area. It was built for built for modern reinterpretation of the Lake house.
With the interest in real estate he also possess much interest in cars, he has some of most amazing cars in the garage ; like Hummer H2, Porsche Carrera GT and 2004 Porsche Boxster. Dell also has one of finest and most luxurious private air jet; gulfstream 500. Michael also has an interesting hobby of raising the Arabian horses from bask lineage at his 6D ranch in Austin.

Quotes by Michael dell:
• “A bunch of guys sitting around trying to decide what we want to have done with our money after we’re dead, that’s not very good idea. Forget all that. We’re going to do this while we’re still here and get it right.”
• “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.”

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