Montel Williams-Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $10 Million


Montel Williams was born on 3 July 1956. He was born in Baltimore, Marvland ,U.S. His birth name is Montel Brain Anthony Williams. Talking about his career he is an American television personality, radio talk show host and an amazing actor. He is a multi- millionaire of the era. For his acting, he is best known as host of the long-running The Montel Williams Show. He is the most recent speaker for the partnership for Prescription Assistance called PPA. He founded the non-profit MS Foundation after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the year 1999. Tis was his inspiration for opening up the foundation.

Early Life

Montel attended the Andover High School in the neighboring place Linthicum, Maryland. His father was Herman Williams who was a firefighter and in the year 1992 he became Baltimore’s first African- American Fire Chief. During his education, in both his junior and senior years, he was elected president of his class. He was not only a good student, decent, punctual bur also a very good athlete and musician. He is active in county-wide student government issues in Anapolis, Maryland. Montel Williams has five siblings.

Personal Life


Montel was married to Rochele See. Montel Williams has two daughters named Ashley Williams who was born in the year 1984 and Maressa Williams who was born in the year 1988. Later he got married to Grace Morley who was a burlesque dancer on June 6, 1992. He gave birth to a son Montel Brain Williams in the year 1993 and also a daughter named Wyntergrace Williams in the year 1994. Surprisingly, this couple divorced in the year 2000. But life never meant to be stopped and Montel Williams again proposed to girlfriend Tara Fowler who was an American Airlines flight attendant. This pair got married on a beach in Bermuda on 6 October 2007. Not only is this, he was featured in Making Music Magazine.



Montel after completing his high school joined the military line. He was the only black Marine to attend the Naval Academy. He was a very talented man and was only one of the fur who graduate from Nava Academy. Montel was graduated from school in the year 1976. He completed his training in Naval Academy very well and later graduated in the year 1980. In the year 1989, Montel resigned from his active-duty commission and start his career in a new direction. He became the motivational speaker and started working while he was still in Navy, this is not the only things he did in life, he also found a no-profit group called Reach for the American dream whose main aim is to deliver scholarships for the college students to afford the higher education in case of low money.

Talking about the Acting career, he was the gust-starred in episodes television and the lays. In the TV series only he portrayed the role of NAVY SEAL lieutenant called JAG series. He worked in so many TV series that are famous around worldwide. For this he received a lot of appreciation and awards throughout his career and won the Emmy Awards for his outstanding performance. In the year 2002, he played the judge presiding over Erica Kane’s murder trial on the ABC soap opera All My children. Not only is this, he was the guest starred on Touched by an Angel and Guiding Light. Talking the movies work, he appeared in a Perry Mason in the year 1993 which is called “The Case of the Teltale Talk Show Host”. In this character he played a role of a football player that appeared on the radio talk show whose owner found murdered.


Other Ventures

Apart from these Navy and television shows. He also worked on radio show and began working on the radio show on 6 April 2009 on the show, Montel Across America on Air America Media. Unfortunately on 21 January 2010, Ai America ceased broadcasting which left William without a radio outlet. Not only is this, he started hosting an info metical for the Living Well Health master which is a blender product and he started hosting this on May 2009. This show was actually presented under the title: Living Well with Montel. One can visit the site also, Living Well with Mintel which is worth and make us a learn some inspiring things. His site includes tabs like About living well, healthy living, living well marketplace. His blog is full of inspirational quotes and one really found it happy once visited. Apart from these, the last episodes of Living Well with Montel advertised a home pressure cooker and also the mind blowing identity theft protection service. In the year 2010, he began working infomercials for Life Lock which is a security fraud company.



Montel Williams is one of the rich personality on the planet. His net worth is $10 million. He is a multi-millionaire and his main source of wealth is by hosting the show: The Montel Williams Show. The William show ran for nearly 17 years in which 4325 episodes were aired. He has very fine orating skills and is work on his own radio talk show. His show gained higher ratings. Not only is this, he received many awards and achievements like he won The Daytime Emmy Award for the Outstanding Talk Show host which has contributed to his wealth.


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