Mukesh Ambani – Net Worth, Money and More

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Net worth : $19 billion



Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the richest man in India is the chairman of the famous Reliance Industrial Limited. Not only this, he is also the managing director of this company and holds the maximum share for this company. Reliance Industrial Limited is the second largest company in India according to its market value. This company mainly works in the petrochemical, refining, gas and oil sector. Though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but it is through his hard work that he has turned the silver spoon into a golden one.



Mukesh Ambani was born on 19th April in the year 1956. Before acquiring a 14 floor building in Mumbai, he used to live with his parents and siblings in a small two bedroom house in Bhuleshwar. He has done his BE in chemical engineering from the University of Mumbai and went to Stanford University to complete his MBA, which he later dropped out from so as to help his father in the business. When he was twenty four year old he started helping his father in the textile business and as soon as he joined the company people saw the change in the profit the textile industry made. It was his genius business mind that helped the company to reach to new heights.


mukesh ambani family

Mukesh Ambani was born to the famous business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. He has three siblings- two sisters named Nina Kothari and Dipti Salgaoncar and a younger brother, the famous billionaire Anil Ambani. He got married to Nita Ambani and is a proud father of a daughter, Isha and two sons, Ananth and Akash. His elder son who is also the twin to Isha is following his father footstep and is taking part in the signing of many important deals by the Reliance Company.



Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian and the second richest man in Asia, who has a net worth of 19 billion US dollar. Before the split between him and his younger brother, Ambani family was the richest family on the earth. He is the founder and the director of the biggest petroleum industry in the world which he built in Jamnagar. His annual salary is fifteen crore. He owns three private jets- Falcon 900 EX, Boeing Business Jet 2 and Airbus 319 Corporate Jet. Among all his cars, the most luxurious ones are Maybach 62 and Mercedes S class.



Yes! Mukesh Ambani owns the most expensive 27 storey house in Mumbai. The house occupies an area of 40,000 squares per feet and it is 570 feet above the ground. The house is built like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and it is counted among the largest buildings in Mumbai. This is the only house whose net worth is one billion US dollar.  There is a total staff of 600 people in the house and a garage which can take in 168 cars. The roof is big enough to accommodate a landing space for 3 helicopters. There is every kind of facility available in the house with a movie theatre that can accommodate 50 people, yoga room, spa, health club and even ball room in the house. The house became the talk of Mumbai with its extravagant features and lavish architecture. This house is one of the most lavish and beautiful house in Mumbai.



The richest Indian certainly deserves awards for his great work which helped to enhance the Indian economy. The various awards received by him are-

  • In the year 2000 he was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
  • In the year 2010 he got Global Vision Award at the Awards Dinner, Business Leader of the Year, Businessman of the Year award, School of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Medal and Global Leadership Award
  • Harvard Business Review ranked him on the fifth position in the list of top Global CEO.
  • He is ranked on the 22nd position in the list of richest men in the world.


Mukesh Ambani is a true Indian and he believes in bringing new technology in India which can help India to grow and compete with the developed countries. As our nation has moved forward to using oil and petroleum as a source of energy he has helped the country by opening the largest oil refinery. He has made a promise to distribute the wealth concentrated in the rich cities of the country to the rural areas by opening more than 700 food stores for millions of Indians. These grocery shops have inspired many of the farmers in different regions to increase their productivity.



In 2002, when Dhirubhai Ambani died without leaving a will for the brothers a war broke out between the two brothers to divide the vast empire among them. Their mother helped them to settle on a deal in which the younger brother, Anil Ambani was given the reign of all the Reliance Telecommunication industries, entertainment and the assets management while the elder brother was given a control of all the textile, refining and oil assets held by the Ambanis.

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