Notorious Big Net Worth Money and More

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Net Worth: $160 million

Profession: American Rapper, songwriter, singer, Record Producer, Composer, and an artist


The birth name of Notorious is Christopher George Latore Wallace. He is also known by many other names like Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa, Frank White, and King of New York. He is born on 21st May 1972. New York City in United States is the birth Place of Notorious. He is an American Rapper by profession and he started his career in 1992. Apart from a rapper, he is also a songwriter, singer, record producer, composer, and an artist. In 1994 he released his debut album named Ready to Die. He became quite popular through his debut album. In 1997 he was killed in Los Angeles. He has worked under many famous labels like Bad Boy and Uptown records. In 1994 he got married to a very famous R&B singer named Faith Evans. He met Evans at the photo shoot of Bad Boys. After three years of his marriage Notorious died.

Life and Career

Notorious BIG Portraits

Notoriuos was born in St. Marry’s hospital, which is located in New York City. Voletta Wallace and George Latore were his parents. He was the only child of his parents. His mother was a preschool teacher whereas his father was a welder. His father was also said to be a small time politician. At the age of two, he witnessed the separation of his parents. After his father left the family, his mother took care of Notorious. He has done his schooling from Queen of All Saints Middle School. He was a brilliant student and has won many awards in his school times. People started calling him ‘Big’, because he was overweight. In the school itself, he involved himself in illegal activities like selling drugs. His mother was unaware of his involvement in such illegal activities. He went to George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School to complete his graduation. At the age of 17, Wallace was thrown out of the school, because of his involvement in illegal activities. He was sentenced to five year probation for weapon charges in 1989. He was also arrested for selling crack Cocaine. Form his childhood itself; Wallace has developed his interest in Rapping.


Awards and Nomination


Sutherland is a very talented personality. His success can be tracked by the number of awards he has won. The national Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences have awarded Notorious with Grammy Awards. Twice he nominated for MTV video music awards for best R&B/ Soul Album Male. In 1998, he won the Soul Train Music Awards. In 1995, he won four Source Awards in different categories. He also won two Billboard Music Awards for two different categories in 1995. He has released two studio albums. His first studio album was released in 1994 and was named as Ready to Die. In 1997 his second studio album was released and the name of his second album was Life after Death. He has released three posthumous albums. The names of the posthumous albums are Life after Death, Born Again, and Duets: The Final Chapter. He has also worked in collaboration and has released an album named Conspiracy. There are two compilation albums released by him. The names of the compilation albums released by him are Greatest Hits and Notorious: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. In his childhood he used to earn money by entertaining people through his raps. He even performed with many local groups like the Techniques and Old Gold Brothers.


notorious house

He is a very rich personality. His leads a very luxurious and lavish lifestyle. His profession has made a lot of money for him. His estimated net worth is said to be $160Billion. He has performed quite well in his career. He owns many properties and expensive assets. He is considered to be one among the highest paid rappers in the world. He is a multitalented personality and he earns a lot of money from all his professions. He has a very huge and beautiful mansion. The estimated market price of his mansion is $11 million. His mansion is located in the Water Mills of New York. The beautiful mansion is covers 9 acres of land. His mansion encompasses 7 huge bedrooms, 6.5 well equipped bathrooms and a well furnished kitchen. Many of his albums are diamond certified. Notorious is very particular about the brands he wear. He always wears a NY Yankees cap. He has a very bulky and luxurious car named Chevrolet GMC Suburban. Rapping is not just the profession of notorious but it is also the hobby of notorious. He also has a former house at Miami Beach. The estimated market price of this house is $9.9 million.

Quotes written by Notorious

  • A typical biography relying upon individuals’ notorious memories and the anecdotes they’ve invented contains a high degree of fiction, yet is considered ‘nonfiction’.
  • Nationalized industries are notorious for their inability to operate at a profit
  • Fox is notorious for having a very thick skin about taking shot at themselves.
  • I was incredibly unpopular in high school but also extremely notorious.
  • I’m Crazy about Shakespeare, who was a notorious word inventor. And my wife is an English teacher, and she’s hilarious

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