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Net worth: $1.8 Billion



Peter Thiel was born on October 11, 1967 in Farnkfurt Main, West Germany. He is an American entrepreneur, venture, capitalist and hedge fund manager. Talking about his occupation he cofounded the PayPal with Max Levchin. He is the CEO of Elon Musk and also co-founded Palantir for which he is a serving as a chairman. Not only this, he is a president of Clarium Capital which is a global macro hedge and he is a managing partner in Founders Fund which is a $275 million venture capital. He launched Founders Fund along with Ken Howery and Luke Nosek in the year 2005. It is reported that he is the first outside investor in the Facebook Company. He acquired 10.2% stake of Facebook in the year 2004 for $500,000. On the list of Forbes he is ranked #293 in the year 2011. He resides in San Francisco, California.

Early life

early life

He was born to the German parents and moved to United States when he was a toddler. He grew up in Foster City, California. He is very well known Chess Master and have received a lot of appreciation and winnings. Not only is this he ranked in the top 21 players in the country. He did his undergraduate program from Stanford University and completed his BA in the year 1989. Later he received the J.D degree from Stanford Law School in the year 1992. He founded the Stanford review ion the year 1987 along with the other friends Keith Rabois, David O. Sacks and Reid Hoffman.

Personal life

personal life

It was reported that Peter Thiel is a gay. Besides this he is playing chess since he was in the 5th standard. He loves chess so much that he carry it all the time with a sticker “Born to win”. He is a US rated Chess master and ranked in the 21 best players of the Country. Talking about his other interests he is a super duper fan of the book Lords of the Rings series. He has read this novel a number of times and read novel whenever he finds a time. The PayPal founder keeps a iPhone though do not find the phone much revolutionary or breakthrough and consider it just a innovation. He won a number of awards and honors, in 2006 he Thiel won Herman Lay Award for Entrepreneurship. In 2007 he was honored as a Young Global Leader by world Economic Forum and was awarded an honorary degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in the year 2009.



Peter Thiel, the rich personality of the era is involved in good causes a like to spend part of his money in several causes like Seasteading. In this he turned his dream into a reality and unded for the utopian society which he always dreamt of. He was the first person who invest in the Seasteadinf institute which was founded in the year 2008 and is a non-profit organization. It was founded by Patri Friedman. It was basically a made on the floating platforms of the International waters. He has poured $1.5 million till now. In the Methuselah foundation he poured 3.5 million dollars whose aim is to reverse human aging aiming ultimately at immortality. Another one, the Thiel Foundation which aims at initiating radical reforms in every possible dimensions. Thiel gave scholarships to 20 students of $100,000 who are willing to drop the college and pursue a breakthrough idea that can help to change the world into a better place.



Peter Thiel’s net worth is $1.8 billion. Peter never left a chance in spending and living a splendid life. He regularly sits with his friends for a discussion in his $70 million house that exist between the Presidio and the bay in San Francisco. He takes a long drive in Mercedes SL500 and loves to hang out in the coffee shops and to watch his favorite movie. Star Wars. It is reported that he dreams of a utopian world where everyone can live up to 150 years and everyone owns a robotic car.

Talking about his property, he own three homes and several luxurious sedan. He owns  a Maui home, which he snatched this massive oceanfront mansion for $27 million. It is spread in 1.7 acre area in the Hawaii Maui County. Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii and is a major tourist attraction. He owns another luxurious property Dave Chasen Residence in Los Angeles. It was built in the year 1950. The place is spread in 6000 square feet area which has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It is $11 million worth and has all the facilities one need to live a splendid life.

The story is not over yet, he also owns a San Francisco home which is worth $6.5 million and is a four-storey mansion which he bought in the year 2009. This property faces the beaux art-style Palace of Gine Arts on one side and has the beautiful and gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge on the side of the mansion. The beauty of the house directly touch the heart and mind and keep the eyes wide open. It has five bedrooms along with two car garage. The modern interiors inside make the house perfect

Now moving on to the cars and autos section, he owns a Mercedes SL500 which is a master piece from the manufacturer, Mercedes. It has V8 engine with a top speed of 155mph and attains 60mph speed in just 5.4 seconds.

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