Quincy Jones- Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $ 310 million



Quincy Jones was born on 14 March 1933 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His full name is Quincy Delight Jones Jr. he is an American record producer, conductor, arranger and trumpeter. Not only is this, he is a television producer, film producer and instrumentalist. Moreover, he is magazine founder, record company executive, humanitarian and jazz trumpeter. Quincy has received a lot of awards and appreciation from all over the world. In the year 1968, he along with his songwriter partner Bob Russell became the first African Americans to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original song. T e song was “The Eyes of Love” for the Universal Pictures film Banning. Moreover, he is the African American who twice got nominated for Academy Award for the Best Original Score. Also, in the year 1971, he named as the musical director/conductor of the Academy Awards ceremony. In the year 1995, he received the Academy’s Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and he was the first African American to receive this. He produced many albums in his career which are famous all over the world like Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad.



Quincy was born to Quincy Delight Jones Sr. who was a semi-professional baseball player and carpenter form Kentucky and mother Sarah Frances Jones who taught him music. Her mother always sang religious songs and when Quincy was just six, he started playing piano. Though he was born in Chicago but his family moved in Bremerton, Washington in the year 1943. In the year 1951, he won a scholarship to Schillinger House in Boston, Massachusetts. Talking about is personal life, in the year 1974, he suffered a life-threatning brain aneurysm and spend this time with his family and friends. Quincy married three times in his life and has total of seven children. He married to Jeri Caldwell for the period 1957 to 1966 and had a daughter named Jolie Jones. For the period 1967 to 1974, he married to Ulla Andersson who was a Swedish actress and had two children Martina and Quincy Jones III. For the period 1974 to 1990 he married to Peggy Lipton who was also an actress and had two daughters together named Kidada and Rashida Jones and became actress later on. He had also affair with many beautiful girls like Carol Reynolds and had a daughter with her named Rachel Jones. He also dated an actress Nastassja Kinski for the period 1991 to 1995 and had a daughter named Kenya Julia Miambi Sarah Jones in the ear 1993. Though he had a very romantic life but he is always dedicated towards his work and did a large number of stage shows.

Awards and Honors:


Quincy has won many awards in his lifetime career. His work is appreciated all over the world. In the year 1977, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series “Roots”. Talking about the Emmy awards, he won The Best Instrumental Arrangement award in the year 1964 for the track “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. Also, in the year 1968, he won the Best Instrumental Jazz Performance-Large Group or Soloist With Large Group for the track “walking in Space”. In the year 1972, he won Best Pop Instrumental Performance award for the album Smack water Jack. Moreover, in the year 1974, he won the Best Instrumental Arrangement award for the track “Summer In The City”. Moreover, he won this award again tin the year 1979 for the track “the Wiz main Title”. In the year 1981, he won this award for the track “Dinorah Dinorah”, “Ai No Corrrida” and the album “The Dude”. In the year 1982, he won the title of “Producer of the year”, in the year 1983 he got the title of Album of the year for the album “Thriller” and the record of the year for “Beat it”. This is not the end of story, he won many other awards consecutively.

Now about some Grammy awards, he won Trustee Award in the year 1989 and The Legend Award in the year 1992. Also, he won The Special Academy Award in the year 1994 for the category of Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. In the year 2002, he got the Best Spoken Word Album or his autobiography.



Quincy is a very kind hearted man. He is involved in many charitable organizations. Quincy is one of the founders of the Institute for Black American Music (IBAM), which aims to raise enough funds for the creation of a national library of African-American art music. Moreover, in the year 2004, he helped launch the We Are The Future (WAF) project, which aims to give children in conflict-ridden and poor areas a chance to live their childhoods and develop the sense of hope. Not only is this, he support many other organization like NAACP, GLAAD, Peace Games, AmfAR and the Maybach Foundation.


Quincy Jones is a rich personality with a net worth of $310 million. He owns a very luxurious house which is located at a very beautiful place located in Los Angeles, CA USA. The outside view ferom his house is extremely relaxing and there is greenery all around.His Friedman residence is reported to be worth $1.65 million. Not only is this, he loves driving expensive automobiles. He owns a an ultra luxurious Tesla Roadster. Tesla gives an amazing driving experience. This electric car is known to be owned by famous celebrities.

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