Rachael Ray Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth: $60 Million

 Introduction to Rachael Ray


The full name of Rachael Ray is Rachael Domenica Ray. She was born on 25th August in year 1968. Glens Falls in New York is her birth place. Her husband name is John Cusimano.  Rachael ray is a very talented woman. She is not just a TV host but is also a businesswoman and an author. She has also build up her career in cooking and so she is a well known chef also. She hosts the shows of America. She has hosted three very famous cookery shows named 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day and Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels. She has started with her career in year 2001 and has achieved a great success in her career. She has even written many books which are based on her cookery show named 30 Minutes. One magazine is also launched, which is named as Every Day with Rachael. The television shows of Rachael were even graced with Daytime Emmy Award.


Life History of Rachael

life history

Rachael was born in New York City. Her mother was a Sicilian American named Elsa Scuderi. And her father was from French named James Ray. At the age of 8, Rachael migrated to Lake George in New York. In Lake George her family had a restaurant and her mother used to manage the work of restaurant. In year 1995 Rachael got her first job at candy counter in Macy’s. There she used to handle the department of fresh food. Later Rachael got the opportunity to manage the pub in the hotel at Lake George named The Sagamore. Through her experience she came with the concept of 30 Minute Meals. The show was basically for the people who had very less time for cooking. In her show she taught how to prepare meal in thirty minutes. And so the name of the show is 30 Minute meals. Her show got very famous and she got highly appreciated. After the success of her show she got the invitation to appear in the weekly news segment of WRGB. This success graced her with the Food Network Contract which was given to her in year 2001.

Cooking Skills

cooking skills

Rachael teaches the art of making meals in just 30 minute. The techniques used by her were quite simple. She uses garlic, chicken stock and fresh herbs as ingredients in her cooking. These ingredients provide a different texture and flavour to the food. She never measured any ingredient to cook a meal. She just used approximation in her cooking. She said approximation is something which brings creativity in your hands. According to Rachael she cannot cook anything which requires measurement of ingredients and so she never bakes anything. In her cookery shows she specify the amount of ingredient with help of her phrases like “E-V-O-O” which meant extra virgin olive oil and “G.B” which meant Garbage bowl. Her phrases in fact got a place in Oxford American College Dictionary. In year 2007 her famous phrase “E-V-O-O” got positioned in Oxford Dictionary. The set of 30 Minute Meals was quite unique it consisted of super insulated oven, Thermo-well; top opening broiler and a chamber stove. Rachael even defeated the famous team of Giada De Laurentis and Bobby Flay on the show of Iron chefs America. On that episode of Iron chefs America, cranberry was the ingredient which was hidden.


Career in Television

career in television

Rachael Ray is a well known host. She has achieved a great success in this field too. Rachael is not just a great cook but is also a fabulous host. In year 2005 she stared with her television career with a day time talk show. She endorsed this deal with King World Productions and Oprah Winfrey. Rachael came into sight on many shows like The Today show, The View, Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight show with Jay leno, Cake Boss Nightline and many more. In year 2008 the famous food network named Viva Daisy assigned Rachael as a television executive producer. Rachael was a philanthropist too. In year 2009 she emerged for charity on Million Dollar password.

Glossy magazines


Rachael posed for men’s magazine named FHM in year 2008. The magazine got to face many issues. She even shielded her decision of posing for that magazine on a television show.

Private Living

private living

Rachael Ray got married to an American Lawyer named John Cusimano on 24th September in year 2005. They got married in Montalcino, Italy. John was also a multitalented man. He was not just a lawyer but was also a Lead singer in very famous rock band named The Cringe. She has two houses of her own, One in Lake Luzerne, New York and another in Greenwich Village of Manhattan.

Awards and Recognition


In year 2004 she was placed in the list of top 100 sexiest women of FHM-U.S.’. In year 2006 a very famous magazine put the name of Rachael in the list of top 100 most influential people. In year 2009 the Forbes magazine titled her as the 79th most powerful celebrity with the total earning of $15 million in a single year. She was even graced with the people’s choice award for best chef. she is also indulged in charity work.  she initiated an organisation call “yum-o” which helped the kids and their parents to develop a healthy and strong bond with cooking and food.

Favorite brands and Southampton house


Rachael has a very stunning dressing sense. She just prefer to wear some selected brands like Randall Christensen, Missoni Avril Buckle, Stella McCartney, and Marc Bauwer. Rachael owns a very huge house named as Southampton house. the total area of the house is about 2800 square feet. it has 3 huge bedrooms with huge attached bathrooms. there is a beautiful pool in the center of the house. for guest she has a separate house which has two bedrooms with bathrooms. The separate house for the guest even has kitchen and sauna.


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