Richest Family in Asia! FORBES

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Resulta ng larawan para sa lee family samsung

Resulta ng larawan para sa lee family samsung

Top 1 in the recent list from Forbes is none other than the Lee Family. I think you’ll know them more by their company, Samsung. Yep. That’s right. They own that huge mobile company. No wonder they’re literally swimming with money. They are worth a whopping $29.6 BILLION. Even up to the fourth generation of their family, I doubt they’d  run out of moolah!

Resulta ng larawan para sa samsung note 7

The storied family of the Samsung Group derives 35% of their fortune from Samsung Electronics, whose chairman remains in a coma after suffering a heart attack in May 2014. His only son and heir-apparent, Lee Jae-yong, is facing his biggest test yet amid the global recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and the subsequent decision to permanently discontinue the new smartphone. Which was a necessary move because of the sudden-exploding risk it gives to the mass. This model of the phone reportedly explodes or burns for no reason at all. Like, it could be lying down on a table turned off and out of nowhere, it would explode. Imagine if you’re holding it and worse, holding it to your ear because you’re talking to someone and it suddenly explodes.

Founder Lee Byung-Chull started a modest trading company in Daegu nearly 80 years ago; his empire has evolved into the world’s largest maker of smartphones and TVs. The conglomerate split into 4 independent entities during the 1990s: Samsung, CJ, Shinsegae and Hansol. Altogether the businesses, led today by second and third generation Lees, bring in around $340 billion in annual sales from electronics and retail to food, entertainment and paper.

Truly the power and richest family not only in Korea, but in the entire Asia!

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