Rob Zombie Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth $ 40 Million

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Robert Bartleh Cummings, popularly known as Rob Zombie A.K.A White Zombie is an American Musician, Screen writer, director and producer he has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

Early Life and Career

download (97) Rob was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts to Robert Cummings and Louise Cumming who worked in carnival but later quit due to a riot that took place after the tents of the carnival were on fire. Rob since childhood has fascinated about Horror films. He was always attracted to Weird and strange looking objects and horror stories. Rob had witnessed a lot of violence in his neighborhood while growing up. He got into lime light when he formed a band with his friend Sean entitled White Zombie in 1980s. The band debut with the album called Soul crusher in 1987. Soon after the release Rob managed to generate a huge fan base and were on the peak of their stardom and fame in the early 90s. They reach the highest of success and stardom after the release of their third album entitled “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music,Vol.1” in 1993. The album’s lead single song “Thunder Kiss 65” was exceptionally successful and most of their work reached to be certified multi-platinum by RIAA. In spite of band’s success, Rob decided to pursue solo career in 1997. After working on his solo career for a year Rob released his solo album called “Hellbilly Delux” in 1998. The album gained commercial success and opened with number five position on Billboards. His first solo album went on to become highest selling album of Rob’s career. Over three million copies of the album were sold worldwide. After the success of his solo, Rob made a directorial debut with “The crow 2037” However the movie was never released. Rob’s initial directorial career faced failure. He took his failure as an inspiration and made his second studio album entitled “sinister Urge” the album features Music legends like Kerry King and Oozy Osbourne. Following the success of his second solo album, Rob bought the rights of “House of 1000 Corpses” the movie which he initially directed. Rob re-shot several scenes and released the movie under Lion gates Entertainment in 2003. The movie was commercially a success. the film frequently got listed as one of the best horror movies. Rob’s Directorial career took a kick start since then. He also made a sequel to the film entitled “Devil’s reject” the film yet again was appreciated by the viewers, however the film got mixed critical review. After the success of Devil’s reject, Rob released his third studio album. The album however failed to achieve commercial success like his other two albums. In 2007 Rob’s remake of 1978 horror classic Halloween was released. The film was an exceptional hit. The film broke the box- office records of transporter 2 surpassing the total of $20.1 million. Rob made a sequel to his hit “Halloween” entitled “Halloween 2” in 2009. This film was once again a hit, and Rob’s directorial career reached sky high. He has directed, produced and well as written, both “Halloween” and “Halloween 2″. Recently Rob’s fifth record album called Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” was released.


images (33) Rob Zombie apart from his fascination with horror gets attracted to beautiful women too. He initially began dating Sean Yseult when he moved to New York City. He met her at Parsons School of Design. Rob moved with her in her apartment and together formed a band. Soon the relationship went sore and the band broke and so does their relationship. Rob met his now wife Sheri Moon Zombie in 1992 at Toad’s place, a concert venue in New Haven. After dating for over 10 years, the couple got married on Halloween of 2002, ten days before their set wedding date. The couple currently live happily in Wood bury, Connecticut.


download (98) Rob Zombie earns his tremendously high wealth from his music career and by directing and producing horror films.He has an estimated net worth of over $40 million. Apart from this Rob earns his wealth by producing program, albums and by performing at live concerts. Rob charges over $250,000 for each concert. He often travel around the world for live concerts. Rob loves everything to spooky. His fascination for horror is evident in his movies as well as his music videos. Rob’s successful movie House of 1000 corpses grossed $16,829,545 spurting his wealth high. His other commercially successful movies like Halloween and Halloween 2 grossed over $22 million and $ 39 million respectively. Not only in his work, Rob’s fascination with spooky things and horror is visible through his home too. Rob owns a 7000 square feet spooky home in Los Angeles California, USA. The home dawns two bedrooms and four baths. At the entry of the house their is an Armour. The home features a fireplace, a pirate theme bar, dinning room, an outdoor infinity pool, a Halloween boot closet , a modern gourmet kitchen, a TV room, a DVD room and a living room. The living room is decorated with various antique and weird artifacts, an electric chair, mummified animals and an original polar bear from Adam family. The house is said to have many secret compartments. The home also has a huge garden and Jacuzzi. Rob’s spooky home is estimated to be worth over $10 million. Rob owns another home in Wood bury, Connecticut where he currently lives. The house if in spread of area of 5000 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This house like his LA home has several spooky things and strange interiors. The home is worth over $6 million. Rob loves to ride in his May Bach, Mercedes, Cadillac and Porsche GT with combined worth of over $500,000. Apart from this Rob has been a vegetarian for over 30 years and is a active supported of PETA organisation.

Quote: “Once you feel like you’re being dictated by other people’s expectations, it usually backfires.”

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