Sean Penn Net Worth, Money and More

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Net Worth : $150 million.

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Sean Penn is an American actor, activist, director and politician. Two time academy award winner is worth $150 million.


Early life And career

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Sean Penn, born Sean Justin Penn was born in Los Angeles California in 1960. Sean was born the family connected to the film industry. hence since childhood he has remained in close connection with Hollywood and always wished to become an actor. Penn first faced camera in 1974 as an extra in one of the episode of “little house on the prairie” when is father directed some episodes. Penn’s path to Hollywood was far more easy as compared to others because of his parents. His passion for acting and film making made him travel to New York to pursue career in the industry.Most ferociously talented actor handsome bad boy of Hollywood Sean Penn debut in film in 1981 in “Taps” sharing the screen space with Tom Cruise and Timothy Hutton. The handsome lad got his breakthrough role in 1982 comedy “Fast times at Ridgemont High” in which he played the role of a stoned surfer. Penn has been nominated for the Best actor award for five time and has won three best actor award out of five. Penn later appeared in several movies doing major roles. He worked in films like “Bad Boys”, ” The Game”, ” The falcon and snowman”, “The thin red line”, “U turn ” to name a few. These films made a mark in Hollywood and cemented Penn’s reputation as the exceptional artist of Hollywood. Penn made his directorial debut in 1991 after taking a year long break from acting citing dissatisfaction. His debut film as a director was ” The Indian Runner” and since then he also directed “Into the wild”, ” The pledge” and ” The crossing guard”. Sean also directed several music videos like “The barry Williams show”, “North Dakota”, and “Dance with the one that brought you”. Penn has keen interest in politics. He has been politically active since early 2000. Penn has evidently criticized then president George Bush on several occasions. He protested against Bush’s plan for military strike in Iraq. he also placed an advertisement in Washington Post asking president Bush to end the cycle of violence. Apart from this socially Penn also helped hurricane Katrina victims and supported Same sex marriages. In all Penn has starred in over fifty movies and won over 15 Awards for his work combined. Penn has worked in several movies like “She’s so lovely”, ” Dead man walkinh”, “Hurlyburly”, ” up at the Villa”, “Sweet and lowdown ” to name a few. Apart from being a successful actor, the Oscar winner has served the industry as a successful director, producer and writer.



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The heart throb of Hollywood Sean Penn attracted vast female attention. Penn first got engaged with Elizabeth McGovren. He met her on the sets of “Racing with the Moon ” and started dating. but things soon became sore and they broke the engagement the same year. Penn’s personal life gained a lot of media attention when he got married to popular singer Madonna. The relationship was much talked about relation after Madonna dedicated her album to Penn and described Penn as the coolest guy in the universe. The couple got married in 1985 and decided to part ways after 4 years in 1989 citing a violent and abusive relationship. Soon after divorcing Madonna, Penn started dating actress Robin Wright with whom he had his first child Dylan Frances. Their second child Hopper Jack was born in 1993. six years after courtship, Penn and Robin Wright got married in 1996. The couple filled for divorce in 2007, but later requested to dismiss the request after reconciliation. In 2009 Penn once again filled for divorce and was finalized in 2010. Currently Penn is dating Charlize Theron.



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Sean Penn earns his high wealth by acting, and directing. He has a net worth of $150 million.

Sean Penn owns a 10,000 square feet home in California. Penn bought home in 1996 for $2.1 million. Two stored home features five bedrooms and five bathrooms with a personal gym, a three car garage and a gourmet kitchen, a tennis court and a marvelous outdoor swimming pool. The home is currently worth over $10 million.

The Oscar winning actor owns a huge mansion in Malibu. He bought the house for $3.8 million. The pricey home has a stunning sea side view and marvelous exterior design. The house has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The home is a luxurious accommodation for eminent celebrity. The home is currently worth $ 13 million.

Penn also owns a San Francisco home which spread over the area of 6000 square feet and has six bedrooms and six baths with outdoor pool and fantastic view of large garden. The home is worth over $10 million.

Penn owns a custom Ford Mustang and is often spotted driving in pricey car around Los Angeles. The car features matte- black exterior and spacious quality interior. the car is worth $100,000.

Sean loves his vintage muscle cars. and 1987 Black Buick is an edition to his collection. the car is worth over $50,000, however the car got stolen.

Penn also owns a BMW Z3 convertible a stylish and fun ride for the actor is worth over $150,000.

Apart from all these cars he also owns a Nissan Titan worth $45000.

Apart from spending his wealth on living life luxuriously, Penn also believes in donating money for several causes. He is closely associated with “Believe in Dreams” organisation, “Artist for Peace and justice”, “urban zen foundation”, and “Kelly Slater foundation”.


Quote: “There’s a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful stuff being ignored or discouraged.”

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