Rolex Oyster- Most Expensive Watch

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Price: Upto $75,000



Rolex is a watch manufacturing company. It was founded in the year 1905 in London, England by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Its headquarters are located at Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. Rolex SA and its subsidiary montres Tudor SA design, manufacture are soled under the Rolex and Tudor brand. In the ranking of Forbes, it is ranked no 57 in the list of the year 2012 as the world’s most powerful global brands. It produces about 2,000 watches per day and is the single luxury brand. It is estimated that 2012 revenues are of approximately US$4.5 billion.



Earlier the Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis founded the company Wilsdorf and Davis. This Wilsdorf and Davis Company later converted into the Rolex in the year 1905 in England. Earlier the wristwatches produced by the company is sold to the jewelers and who usually put thei own brand on the dial of the watches. The earlier watches were sold with the hallmark of “W&D”. Later in the year 1908, Wilsdorf was registered with the hallmark “Rolex” on November 15, 1915.

Rolex produces very stunning watches and is possible for the rich people to afford this happiness. It is available in various varieties all over the world. In the year 1914, Rolex was awarded a Class A precision certificate by Kew the year 1919 Wilsdorf left England due to the wartime taxes on luxury imports and exports and relocated to the Geneva and established The Rolex Watch Company which later changed to Montres Rolex,SA and finally to Rolex, SA. In the name of his wife who got dead in the year 1944 he left all his shares of Rolex in the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation hoping that the money will go to the charity.




The first waterproof “Oyster” wristwatch was released in the year 1926. In the year 1945, the first wristwatch was released which can automatically change the date on the dial. In the year 1953, the first wristwatch with waterproof case was released, Rolex GMT Master ref 6542. In 1956, first wristwatch was released with an automatically changing day and date on the dial. Wilsdorf was the first watchmaker ever on this earth who earned chronometer certification for a wristwatch. Rolex is the time keeper of various championships and grand slams. It is the official time keeper of Wimbledon and the Australian Open tennis grand slams.  In 2013, it became the official time keeper to FIA Formula 1 motor racing championship. Rolex is the title sponsor of 24 hours of Daytona along with the Rolex sports car series.



Montres Tudor SA has manufactured Tudor brand watches since Mrach 6, 1946. It is sold in most of the countries including Australia, South America, Brazil, Venezuela Argentina Canada, India, Mexico, South Africa and other countries of Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. Some of the Cellini models are: Quartz ladies, Quartz Mens, Cellinium, Cestello Ladies, Cestello Mens, Danaos Mensuj and the prince.

Rolex Oyster



  • Rolex Oyster is s stunning watch with fine art and design. It is crafted from the finest raw materials available and is assembled with scrupulous attention. This is just to describe the Oyster perpetual watcjhes from the Rolex’s cutting edge technology and extensive expertise.
  • With the extensive expertise and each individual watch undergoes the testing and stringent examination.
  • This is a world famous brand because of the epitomizing values of the watch.
  • The elegent watch case made it unique. The case is waterproof and robust. It is crafted in 940L steel, 18ct gold and 950 platinum.
  • Winding Crown: the little crown is an integral poart of the watch and is made of about 10 parts and is mounted onto the tube. This water resistant crown is an interface between the wet, wild outside and the sealed inside world of the watch. The crown not only seals the watch but also provide access to the key functions like if the crown is pulled the date, time of the watch.
  • Cyclops Lens: there is a lens embedded inside the watch which makes it easier to see the time. The Cyclops lens actually magnifies the date two and half times in many of the models of the Rolex watches. This Rolex invention came out in the market in the year 1950s. it has now become the signature feature of the brand. Earlier the lens was made up of Plexiglas.
  • Bezel: the company introduced a component that is highly scratch resistant and is not influenced by the UV light.
  • Chronometers: in the year 2005, Rolexes were responsible for more than half of the annual production of COSC certified watches. It is believed that Rolex is the largest manufacture of Swiss made certified chronometers. Today also after so many years Rolex the title of most used chronometers certified watches.



Rolex watches vary in prices according to the models and materials. Those watches in which the diamonds are embedded inside are considerably the rich ones. Rolex is ranged between $650 to $75,000 and for Tudor between $250 to $9,000 as published in the book “Vintage Wristwatches” by Antiques Roadshow’s Reyne Haines. It is note that the most expensive Rolex watch ever produced was GMT Ice reference 116769TBR whose retail price is $485,350. Forbes magazine compared the prices of the Rolex with that of other famous brands like Corum, Universal Geneve and IWC.


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