Rolls Royce- Net Worth, Money and More

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Phantom Net Worth :$470,000

Ghost Net Worth: $400,000

Wraith Net Worth : $300,00



Purchasing a Rolls-Royce, with its combination of visionary engineering and hand-crafted build, should always be an exceptional experience, regardless of its age. That’s why only the finest previously-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars attain the coveted tittle Provenance title, Rolls-Royce is one of the finest and extraordinary cars in the world. Rolls-Royce Limited is a renowned English car manufacturing company which later transformed into the aero-manufacturing company founded by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce. The company was founded in the year March 15, 1906 as the result of the above mentioned partnership. In the year 1971, in 1971, Rolls Royce developed the advance jet engine. RB211 and later the car division was separated from the Rolls-Royce Motors in the year 1973.



In early times, 1884, Henry Royce started his small electrical and mechanical business where he made his first car called a two cylinder Royce 10 in his Manchester factory in the year 1904. This car was later presented to Charles Rolls at the Midland hotel on May 4. Seeing this Rolls was impressed as the car was made up of only two engine s and later got ready to take all the cars that Royce could make. There were four models a 10 hp, two-cylinder model, a 15 hp three-cylinder model, a 20 hp four-cylinder model, a 30 hp six-cylinder model. These all cars were labeled as Rolls-Royce and later sold by Rolls. Rolls Royce Limited was formed in the year 1906 and a premises were required to start the production of the cars. They got the offer from Derby’s council of cheap electricity and they bought the 12.7 acres of land to start the production in the year 1908. Now the investment for the new company Is required to raise the further capital and they introduced their shares in the market. In the year 1907, they launched a Silver ghost car that was a craft of legendary smoothness and completed a 14,371 mile virtually non-stop run. Thus car later proved to be a best legendary car in the world.


Charles Rolls


Talking about his education, he studied the mechanical engineering at the Cambridge College. He is known to be a first undergraduate who own a car and soon began racing. To raise money he sat up a dealership by the selling the foreign cars. Therefore, his search for a supplier of reliable English Car held to the person Henry Royce. He was killed in the cars at an air show in the year 1910.

Sir Henry Royce.

henry royce

This man was known for the pursuit of perfection and the attention to the detail. Henry registered his first patent in the year 1887 for the bayonet lamp socket. His company manufactured dynamos, electrical motors and cranes. Dissatisfied with his Decauville, henry decide to bring a change and he turned his attention in building the cars. In the year 1903 he completed his first design of an engine. And he took to the road on the year 1904.


1933 was the year when Rolls-Royce change the color of the logo from red to black because it was not the color of respect and red color sometimes clashes with color of coachwork.




Worth $470,000. Phantom 4 door sedan was launched in the year 2003 at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. It was the first car model from the Rolls-Royce Motors Cars Limited. Talking about the features of the car. It is 6.75L V12 engine sourced from BMW. The unique parts if the car was sourced from Europe and UK. The new factory in Goodwork near Chichseter, Sussex handled the assembly work, leather work, wood work and the finishing work. In the year 2005 the Rolls-Royce Phantom extended Wheelbase which is 250 mm large was introduced. In the year 2007, Phantom Drop-head Coupe was launched. In 2008, Phantom Coupe was launched.



Worth $400,000 and up. in the year 2010, a four door Ghost sedan was launched. This car was announced by Rolls-Royce in September, 2006. The Ghost was seems to be smaller than the previous car Phantom and it was positioned below Phantom also only 20% of its parts were sourced from the BMW F01 7 series.



Worth $300,000 and up.Rolls-Royce launched the Wraith in the Geneva Motor Show on March 5. 2013, recently. This new car named in the name of the original launched by the Rolls Royce, 1938-1939. It is a long luxury coupe with a long bonnet and a sleek roof line. It is actually the coupe version of Ghost. Talking aout its features, it has 623 bhp, twin-turbined V12 engine connected to an 8-speed gearbox. Rolls-Royce is the most powerful sedan launched till the date. It was expected to launch in the market in the end of 2013 but has not launched yet. It can be in market at any time in 2014.


Now let’s have a look at the sales of Rolls-Royce. In 2012 it sold 3,575 units of cars beating the record of 2011, where it sold 3,538 units of cars all over the world currently the growth has been increased to recognized percent level to 3,630 units of cars in the year 2013. Rolls Royce employs around 1,300 staff, may be more than that and it recently in the year 2013, it hired 100 more workers. the rocketing sales of Rolls Royce is increasing every year.

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